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[:bg]Мазила против абцес[:en]Masks against abscess[:ru]Маска против абсцесса[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

Abscesses – types and causes for their appearance 

An abscess is a suppurative inflammation where the pus is in a type of capsule formed in the tissue cavity. The place is swollen, redden, warm and painful, especially when touched by the suppurative capsule. It may also cause a rise in body temperature in general. Abscess may occur anywhere on the body – on the back, chest, abdomen, groin, etc.

Abscess - Disease and Treatment in Ayurveda

There are also internal abscesses that affect the organs – liver and lung, brain, kidneys, etc., and the suppurative inflammation can also develop between organs. In general abscesses are associated with metabolic disturbances and decreased immunity.

The practice is to treat it through pus drainage, especially in internal inflammations. Along with it, for Ayurveda, the abscesses point to an imbalance and respective correction of two doshas – the fiery Pitta and the water Kapha.

Pitta related to all body transformations – from digestion and absorption of substances, metabolism, through temperature, to blood processes and sweat.

Abscesses are a manifestation of an elevated Pitta

Fluids in inflammations, swellings and edemas point to Kapha. This dosha is related to the regulation of fluid in the body, growth and immunity.

Nutrition is especially important for balancing doshas. Cooling, dry and soft foods are needed for Pitta. Spices should also be cooling – spearmint, mint, dill, cardamom, parsley, cumin, saffron, turmeric, etc. In terms of flavors, sweet, tart and bitter should be emphasized.

Masks and oils against abscess

For Kapha, the intake of warm, cooked foods (excluding fried foods), spices with warming effect, warm potable water should be increased. In terms of tastes, it is necessary to emphasize on the spicy, tart and bitter.

Another possible reason for the appearance of an abscess is that toxins have blocked the srotas – microscopic ducts in the tissues for energy transfer. The solution is to cleanse the body from toxins while stopping the consumption of meat, dairy products and eggs.

Do not risk self-treating the abscesses

Treatment of abscesses – not only internal but also external – should be consult with an Ayurvedic doctor because delay or mistakes can cause serious complications.

Especially dangerous are the internal abscesses. They are not visible, and one can have symptoms that are not related to suppurative inflammation. Therefore, medical advice should be sought in case of a more permanent discomfort. For example, shortness of breath and cough may be caused by a lung abscess; headache, vomiting, dizziness may signal an abscess in the brain, which may even lead to speech disorders when the treatment is delayed. Liver abscess can cause jaundice. External suppurative inflammation may extend its range or begin to appear frequently.

Apart from treating the inflamed area with herbs, ointments, drainage, Ayurveda, the doctor must determine the general condition – the disturbances in the energy balance that led to the inflammatory process. Abscesses can be related to a variety of problems – disturbed metabolism, the functioning of the fat and sweat glands, lack of vitamins, weakened immunity. Recovering the original energy balance will eliminate the cause of the inflammation. According to the detected deviations, complete treatment may last for different periods. Self-medication without prescription is not advisable because, for example, turmeric that Ayurveda uses extensively against abscesses should not be used if blood thinners are taken or, for example, the patient has problems with the bile ducts. Against the inflammation, turmeric can be taken dissolved in water or applied on the spot as a paste. You can also use turmeric powder and green ginger – a teaspoon of each is mixed with a spoonful of honey and a little salt, the mixture is put on the gauze and applied as a compress on the spot.  

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