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Allergic reactions after bites from poisonous animals, insects, bees etc.

Allergic reactions after bites from poisonous animals, insects, bees etc.
Ужилване от отровен скорпион

Many insects or animals living in human habitat can be harmful if they release venom, or poison. Ayurveda has described visha (poison) in to two types, sthavar and jangam.

Bite from a poisonous snake


Snake bite is considered to be the most fatal out of them. According to Ayurveda it is explained under danshastara visha(poison induced by teeth).

There are two types of snakes savisha(poisonous), and nirvisha(non-poisonous). Poisonous snakes are of Darvikar, mandali,rajman:

  • darvikar-These snakes have been described according to their skin colour, tone, stripes features on their head. When they bite skin become black in colour. Clinically the symptoms of bite are, dryness, joint pain, joint weakness, shivering, hoarseness of voice, heavy ness, cough, high-ups, thirst, foam from mouth etc.
  • mandali-it has round patches on its body. Clinical features-after bite skin turns yellow, urine, nails ,stool turn yellow, Thirst, giddiness, bleeding from mouth nose , fever, etc…
  • rajman-it has different lines and colours. Clinical features-skin becomes pale, fever, swelling on site, itching of eyes, breathlessness, cough.

Chikitsa(treatment types according to Ayurveda)

Mantras,bandhan,nishpidan,chusan,agni karma,parichan, raktamokshan, vaman,virechan,anjan,nasya,dhuma,avaleha,aushad,prasham,prati vish,saugnya staphan, lepa, mrut sanjavani.(ayurvedic names)

  • After the bite of the snake tight pressure should be applied at a distance or 4 angulas from the bitten sight, which prevents the spread of poison in the body.
  • Removal of blood should be done from sight.
  • Agnikarma should be done.
  • If venom is spread in whole body veins can be cut to let go the poisonous effect.
  • Kwath of Shirish, mandar, dhatur should be applied on bite sight.
  • Lepa of jamalgota,vatsanabh,Shirish,snuhi kalka should be applied at site.
  • Anjan of chandradayovarti should be applied.
  • Nasya of kathifal choorna should be done.
  • Later to remove the toxic effects all other karmas can be done according to symptoms.

Sting of poisonous scorpion


  • Its venom is very tikshna, like fire.
  • It increases vata dosha.
  • Clinical features– burning sensation, breaking pain, effects central nervous system, shivering in upper part of body, weakness, saliva secretion, vomiting , cramps.


  • Tourniquet should be applied on the part of body.
  • Raktha mokshan should be done from site of body.
  • Sarshap oil should be applied for pain relieving.
  • Washing of wound should be done with herbs such as turmeric, Himalayan salt, dry ginger, black pepper, pimpali, Shirish,
  • Lepa of tulsi patra (holy basil) and gomutra should be done.
  • Dhupan (smoke) of peacock feathers and ghee should be given.
  • To drink milk should be given.
  • Lepa of apamarg and aparajita herbs can be given.
  • Eye drops of rose water is given for burning eyes.
  • Nasya of katfal choornam can be given.
  • Pitta reducing drugs like nishotar can be given.
  • Immediately after bite oil from vidarigandha should be applied.
  • Poltis of saindava and jiraka can be applied.
  • Small cuts should be make around the area of bite and lepa  of turmeric, saindava, trikatu, Shirish, can be done.
  • Milk and ghee can be taken for food.
  • Anjana of hing and hartal mixed in mahalunga swaras is helpful.
  • Flowers of karanja, arjuna, kutaj, Shirish  paste can be applied as lepa.
  • Lepa -of dry ginger, hartal,saindav,mahalunga can be applied.
  • Arka ksheer,Shirish beej, pimpali choornam is use ful.

Bite from poison spider


Some spiders bites  show slow poison effects but can be treated ,some bites are life taking. They can be divided accorging to dosha as per symptom of dosha. Spiders spread their venom in many ways by bite and body secretions.

And accordingly, we can divide the symptoms according to the doshas symptoms found.

Initially there is itching, little pain, pus, fever, red colour around wound, pricing pain, bleeding from hair follicle, swelling are the symptoms that usually occur.


  • Nasya,anjan,abyang,dhoom,kavalgraha, vaman,virechan,siraved.
  • Agni karma can be done at the infected site if kapha dosha is prominent.
  • Do not do agnikarma on marma.
  • Honey and saindav can be used as lepa.
  • Rakta mokshan should be done.
  • Washing of infected site and lepa should be done with ,pimpal,bibitak.
  • Priyangu, turmeric, darvi, nagkeshar, tagar, manjista, geru, yasti madhu, lodhra, musta,Chandan, kamal, padmakasta, bilwa, ghee should be given as medicine according to need for internal treatment, and for lepa, anjan, nasya .
  • Vamana and virechana can be given according to need.
  • Triphala and trivrit can be given as virechana.

Biting from an infected rat

Mushaka (rat)

It poison spreads all over the body and is difficult to treat. Because of its reoccurrence

Clinical symptoms

  • Rakta dusti
  • swelling
  • mandala
  • giddiness’s
  • aruchi
  • pain
  • kampa
  • joint pain
  • bleeding fainting.


  • Agni karma at the bite should be done with herbal stick.
  • After cuts given lepa of Shirish, turmeric, tagar, saffaron, guduchi, manjista, bilwa  should be done.
  • Vamana should be done with nili , Shirish, madanphala.
  • Virechan with triphala, nissotar ,nili should be done.
  • Anjana with trikatu can be done.
  • Tandulja root, turmeric, manjista, yasti madhu, guduchi medicated ghee can be given.
  • Kwatha of nirgundi,tagar,shigru, bilwa root, punarnava,gokshur is good.
  • Sharapunka beej with takra can be used.

Abrk/alarka visha

It is the visha that spread from farm animals like,dogs cats, etc….


Kapha increaseas, salivation, disturbance of mind, head ache, fever, thirst, kandu, priking pain, oozing, swelling, abnormal behaviour, paranoia, terror, hallucinations, coma, hydro phobia.


  • Agni karma with gritha.
  • Champadi agad should be given.
  • Lepa of Shirish, turmeric, tagar, guduchi.
  • Purana gritha(old ghee more than 5 – 10  yrs should be used)
  • Virechan can be done.
  • Arka kshira can be used.
  • Kalka of dhatura, punarnava with warm water is helpful.
  • Water medicated with useful herbs should be used.
  • Khadira, rai, gojiva, hanspadi, turmeric, gairak, should be used as internal medicine and lepa in venom of nail and teeth of these animals.

Bites from small insects should be treated according to symptom of doshas and needed lepa, internal medicine, panchakarma can be done.

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