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Angina (hrid shool or hridaya roga)

Angina (hrid shool or hridaya roga)
Treatment of angina with Ayurveda

It is a clinical symptom to describe discomfort or chest pain. Symptoms include chest pain, pain radiating to left arm, breathless ness, palpation, sweating, nausea, dizziness, heaviness, in chest  upper abdomen and Squeezing etc.

Cause of angina could be obstruction, spasm of coronary arteries, anaemia, abnormal heart, heart failure, etc.. due to smoking, diabetes, family history, hypertension, obesity, stress.

Treatment of angina with Ayurveda

Ayurvedic aspect

    • Hrid shool means heart pain.
    • It could be due to agrevated kapha dosha, it is a heavy dosha, dense, stable, sticky, wet, cold in nature, in angina ama accumulated in hridya(heart) channels can cause blocks due to which vata increases due to obstructions, thus leading to pain.
    • Vata is dry, mobile, cool in nature and causes pain.
    • Cause of hrid shool
    • Ativayaam(over exersition of body)
    • Abhi ghat(mental trauma)
    • Ahita bhojan(unhealthy food)
  • Patan(sudden shock) stress
    • Ati vyavava(repeated course of physical contact)
    • Ati ushna(consumption of too hot food)
    • Too much heavy food– (adhyashana)
    • Eating one particular taste food/taste too much
  • Too much ama dosha
  • Karshana-emaciation
  • The hridaya gets contaminated of the above said doshas, individually, or collectively, leading to hrid roga

Due to exposure to above factors, the doshas get vitiated and contaminate the rasa dhatu that enters the heart, thus causing hrid roga, out of which one could be angina.

Common symptoms

  • Vaivarnya-discoloration
  • Murcha- fainting
  • Jwara-fever
  • Kaasa-cough
  • Hikka-hiccough
  • Shwasa-breathlessness
  • Thirst
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive flam in mouth
  • Aruchi-tastelessness

Types of hrid roga

  • Vataj-due to vata
  • Pittaj-due to pitta
  • Kaphaj-due to kapha
  • Sannipatik-due to all the above mixed doshas
  • Krimij -caused by worms(infection,microorganism)

Vataj symptoms

Expansion of heart, pricking pain, tearing pain, cutting pain.

Pittaj symptoms.

Thirst, excessive body temperature or heat, burning sensation(daaha), klama-tiredness, fainting, sweating, dry ness in oral cavity,

Kaphaj symptoms

Heaviness in chest region, extra salivation, tastelessness, stiffness in heart region,

Sannipitik(all doshas togeather)

All above symptoms are collectively present.

Krimij hrid roga

The person who is not self-controlled does a lot of over eating and consumes all oily products, jaggery, milk, due to which kleda or excessive thick fluid is formed. this helps to form krumis, or micro-organisms.


Nausea, excessive spitting, prickling pain, darkness in front of eyes, anorexia,

Herbs for the treatment of angina


According to doshas and symptoms the following medice can be given,

  • Charaka has mentioned hridaya maha Kashaya(drugs good for the heart)
  • Arjuna bark, pushkarmool, bala, nagbala, shunti, pippali, yasti madhu, dashmool, haratiki, curcuma longa, guggul, amalaka, jatamamsi, pippalayadi chpornam, trivrit, ealadi choornam, vidangadi choornam,eranda kwatham, etc…. are used according to need.
  • Panchakarma procedures, like vaman ,virechan, basti, hrid dhara, abyanga, swedan, are very beneficial.


  • Rice, green gram, barley, soups, bittergourd,pomogranet , garlic etc are helpful.
  • Formulations(medicine)
  • Dashamoola, drakshadi, punarnavadi, arjuna, kashayam
  • Vaishwanara choornam
  • Arjun,dashmool, draksha -aristam.
  • Hridayarnav rasa
  • Prawal, akiak, mukta, shring, pistis and bhasmas are used.
  • Arjun kshira pak is very good medicine.
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