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[:bg]Лечение на анорексия с аюрведа[:en]Treatment of anorexia with Ayurveda[:ru]Лечение анорексии аюрведой[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

A serious problem with all three Doshas 

The anorexia is a severe unnatural condition of the organism, which has led to imbalance of all three Doshas. What is the exact degree of the respective deviations of Vata, Kapha and Pitta, have to be identified by Ayurveda therapist, who will prescribe a complex treatment to restore the energy balance.

The disease anorexia | Ayurveda Bansko

This treatment is complicated, because in the complex energy disorders of anorexia, are affected practically all organ systems. The organism doesn’t develop, but “eats itself” and poisons itself.

The drastic and unhealthy reduced weight is only the visible part. The patient with anorexia have not only lost their appetite – they feel food intolerance, if they eat it often leads to vomiting. The taste of food for these people doesn’t matter anymore, they have “turned off” the activity of the receptors, and have lost their ability to enjoy the taste.

Besides the unnaturally low weight, the anorexia has other visible manifestations. The skin starts to shrivel and peel, it gets very pale, the hair becomes weak and dry. The nails start to break and with time begin to fall, and as the disease progresses, the tooth enamel becomes thinner. The kidneys and liver are damaged from the toxins. The body temperature goes below the normal, the pulse slows down, blood pressure goes down, insomnia starts.

In addition to all this, there are also strong psychological problems. The patients live in a constant fear that they will get fat. Their image of their body is inadequate, so even if they are with low weight, they think of themselves as fat. Very self-critical, with low self-esteem, these people live with a feeling of desperation.

Anorexia is mainly associated with the Vata imbalance. It is the energy of moving, including of the thoughts and feelings, it is responsible for all physiological processes, as well controls the nervous system. From all the anorexia manifestations, it’s very clear that the main ones are related to the functions of Vata.

In this case, however, there is an imbalance also of Pitta.  Due to the starvation, the digestive fire is suppressed, the digestion is disturbed, as well the matabolism. The same is with Kapha, one of its functions is to liquefy the food in the stomach, so the digestion and  absorption of substances can be made properly.

How Ayurveda treats anorexia

Part of the Ayurveda treatment for anorexia is the careful food supply. The food should be light and fresh, in order to be easily digested and absorbed by the organism.

Treatment of anorexia with ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

A suitable meal is Kichari, which is very delicious – and especially the most important in this case – nutritious. It is mostly prepared of red lentils and basmati rice, but there is also an option with mung bean.

In addition to the fact that it’s very easy to digest, basmati helps to balance the Vata, as well it cleanses the stomach and intestines. It is prepared with ghee – the traditional clarified cow’s butter of Ayurveda and water. The spices for the rice and lentils are seeds of cumin and mustard, turmeric, hot pepper. The chicken soup is also suitable for this condition.

Against the vomiting and for improvement of the digestion process, are used fresh ginger, dill, cardamom. Soothing effect have the nutmeg, valerian and other. As well the Brahmi herb, which balances all three Doshas, and its varieties have a strong soothing effect respectively on Vata and Pitta.

To soothe the nerves can be used a tea spoon of brahmi on an empty stomach twice a day. In the morning, it is good to be half an hour before breakfast, and in the evening – an hour or two before going to bed, and consumed with milk. According to the same schedule and with the same effect can be used aswaganda.

Massage of the legs and head with sesame oil is also applied, as well soothing effect has oiling the head with the healing sandawood oil.

It is also important if the patient is taking synthetic drugs to suppress the appetite – many of them take such drugs secretly – so these drugs have to be stopped immediately, because they impede the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins and prevent the building of cell membranes.

Of course, the specialized ayurvedic treatment by an ayurvedic doctor includes numerous complex measures, and at a certain stage – after gradual improvement, a full dietary and daily regimen will be prescribed according to the Dosha of the patient.

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