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Ayurveda Dosha

Ayurveda Dosha
Ayurveda Doshas

The three doshas in Ayurveda

Ayurveda has developed many theories to analyze, to understand human life. The logical explanation behind different functions of body and mind can be well understood with the help of these theories mentioned in classical ayurvedic text like Charaka Samhita. The theories like panchamahabhuta, tridosha etc are most popularly used in ayurvedic studies. 

The Word Tridosha means three different types of dosha

Tridosha theory is one of important theory that explains to us to find, how does the normal function of body and mind get disturbed to initiate the disease process in human body.

The body functions are influenced or stimulated by three main energies or forces mainly known as vata, pitta and kapha in Ayurveda. All these three energies have their own a typical identification characterstics. They have power to execute different functions. This power helps the energies to put their own influence over the different body systems and functions like digestion, sleep, circulation. 

All these energies are considered to be an action force in different areas of body to stimulate normal body functions. For examples, movements of joints are stimulated by vata energy, while nourishment of joints are done by kapha energy. 

Due to many different reasons if these forces (vata, pitta and kapha) failed to act properly to carry out normal body functions then such a disturbed state of energy is identified with term Dosha. This is one of the definitions of dosha.

We can try to understood this concept of dosha with few more examples. 

To keep the moisture in the respiratory system is function of energy kapha. Balanced kapha energy maintain the softness, moisture in the lungs by stimulating the secretion. 

Googul treatment in Ayurveda

Because of different reasons like extra intake of dairy products which stimulates excessive productions of unwanted secretions which body don’t need then such condition causes disturbed function of lungs. Now this new state of body imbalance with disturbed function of body is known as a KAPHA DOSHA.  Person with imbalanced kapha with this extra secretion develop the disease known as KASA or cough. 

Maintaining the normal structure of body cells or tissue is the normal function of kapha energy. With the help of sthira guna, kapha carries out this function bet when it fails to do so then body develops many kinds of structural deformities like enlarged prostate gland or hepatomegaly or cardiomegaly. All these conditions are known and identified as a kapha dosha.

To understand the dosha one has to have clear understanding about natural state of body functions in associations with the three energies i.e vata, pitta, and kapha. Person should be aware about normal physiological functions of body to pass the urine with regular interval is the normal function bet to urinate more often or to be unable to urinate is an abnormal function of body. To catch the concept of dosha from ayurveda, person must have to be aware about normal body function and structure.  

We will take one more example of in case of Vata Energy. Vata is energy that maintains body movements. All kind of body movements are governed, maintain and influenced by that energy. Due to reasons like incorrect diet and life style when persons start to develops uncontrolled movements in hands like in parkinsonism, then such impaired state of body function is identified as vata dosha. Body sensitivity is governing by vata energy. When this sensitivity is more like in condition of pain then the reason for imbalance is known as vata dosha.

Hypo and hyperfunctions of body are recognized with term dosha. Ayurvedic concept of healing is to balance energies in order to restore the health. This restoration can be achieved by various methods like detoxification, pacification treatment.      

Determination of Ayurveda dosha

We can try understand concept of dosha in connection with Pitta energy i.e pitta dosha. Pitta energy has power to transform or to digest the things. When this transformation is not the correct form or direction then the occurred issues are understood as pitta dosha. For example, person suffering with high acidity problem has weakness in digesting certain kind of food. Due to this weakness he may developed other issues like burning sensation in stomach, blotting stomach etc. in such a case final conclusion can be done as condition of pitta dosha.   

All three energies i.e vata, pitta and kapha are assign for certain body function bet when they failed to do so the term used is DOSHA to identify to described the body condition.

One cannot see physical form these body energies bet can experienced them from their work with different body functions like movements from vata energy, digestion from pitta energy. It is just same like you cannot see the electricity bet can experienced its presence with working state of lights, computers or other electrical appliances. 

When body energies vata, pitta, and kapha are in rhythm, complimenting each other they carry out all functions of body smoothly. If there is imbalance in the action of body energies, then body fails to keep the balance with normal function and we can see as the result in to developing of disease or disorder. 

Depending upon hypo or hyperfunction of body system one can easily identify which body energy is behind the problem and named it DOSHA. 

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