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Ayurveda – The ancient Indian health science

Ayurveda – The ancient Indian health science
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Knowledge from an ancient Indian health science is known as Ayurveda.  This ancient health Science is considered as about at least 3000 year old. The word is a combination of two words: ayus (life) and veda (knowledge). Guru Charakachraya has comprehensively defined ayu (human life) as unified state of physical body, cognitive organs, mind and soul. It does not separate man physical, man psychic, man spiritual. The holistic view of integrating all these elements of human life together is a success behind treatments and sustainability of this ancient health science for last 3000 years.

аюрведа клиник лъки банско

This science has been laid on strong foundation of philosophies and theories like tridosha so that even after 3000 years we can experience the same results as explained in classics in our present day today life. It states that honey causes decrease in kapha (feeling of heaviness) and we experience the same note after using honey even today in 21 century. Practice of ayurveda is becoming more and more popular all over world due to its simple herbal formulation and invasive technique of panchakarama.

Western understanding and ayurveda

As a science of life and health it has evolved certain basic principles or theories which are original and germane to philosophical concept of panchmahabhuta, prakruti-purisha, etc. Concept of  tridosha and mala, agni  ect, are so peculiar to the understanding of human body and its functions that they cannot be any synonyms or terminology of any other language or terminology developed in relation to any other science. Attempt to correlate in modern term and terminology instead of seeking comparison of principles from their basic principles has adversely influenced the understanding of ayurveda in a European mind.  For example the modern science may understand kapha,pitta and vata as a physical entities bet essentially they represent both energy and matter and help to constitute a state of balance in the body in harmony with nature. As the understanding of basic concept or principles different, any attempt to correlate or to explain on common ground would be futile.

Ayurveda and Panchakarma Clinique Bansko | a prayer before therapy


For example- enema is most commonly used as medical procedure in modern medicine for purpose of cleaning colon. Procedure of enema shows similarity with ayurvedic concept of Vasti. Bet if you carefully observe and study the vasti procedure then you will note that concept of vasti has much deeper values and understanding as compare to enema, it is not just limited with a view of cleaning colon. Ayurvedic vasti has great role in balancing human energies to correct many body functions on root level. It has potential to treat in conditions like blood pressure, arthritis and not just the mange the condition temporarily without correcting root cause from body.

Advantages of Ayurveda

  • It is health science that has been time tested with procedure and formulations. It is safe and equally effective.
  • It gives us guidelines according to individual consideration of constitution. We all are different entities with a different strengths and qualities from each other. This difference plays important role in a selection of our choices for food, diet, medicine, cloth, seasonal variations etc.
  • E.g honey is good for Kapha type of personalities bet if I am not Kapha type that clearly means honey is not good choice for me even though it is consider as good food form others point of view. Such type of understanding can be developed with help from knowledge from this health science.
  • Advices and treatments are based on concept of correcting root cause of imbalance of energy rather than just suppressing the symptoms of disease.
  • Ayurveda has many great advantages and offers you long healthy and balanced life.

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