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Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

Ayurveda treatment with precious stones
Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

The gemstone has two varieties – gemstone or semi-gemstone. It is a piece of mineral that is cut and polished to make jewelry or other jewelry.


Precious stones are called so because they provide the mind with a sense of heavenly happiness thanks to the beauty and special effect they give to our health and life. In the Indian yotish shastra and in astrology, the rays passing through these precious stones are thought to have a calming effect on the sun and peas.


According to Ayurveda, nine gems – or gems – find their meaning because they influence the mind and enhance the mental powers of the individual.

Gemstones have been used for centuries for therapeutic strengthening of the heart and brain, generally toning the body, increasing vitality and energy.


Ayurveda treatment with precious stones


The gemstone may also include certain rocks, such as “lapis” and “lazuli”.  Other non-mineral organic materials, such as amber and jet, are also considered gemstones. Most of the gems are solid, but there are so many. soft minerals that are used for jewelry because of their brightness and other physical qualities.


For thousands of years, Ayurvedic healers and astrologers in India and Tibet have prescribed specific gemstones to be worn close to the skin for treating certain diseases, chronic infection, and for improving certain cosmic vibrations.


Researchers have discovered the healing properties of gemstones and found that different stones have different effects on the human body. The color or vibration of the gemstones affect the human body by absorbing and reflecting the planetary rays and vibrations as a filter. Precious stones have specific energy waves. It is also found that every jewel on the planet has a different wavelength.


Each gemstone has specific vibrational qualities that can be used to alter and influence brain waves according to body type. They also affect the cellular vibrations in the body necessary for the healthy functioning of all major organs and glands.

Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

They are commonly used to treat illnesses such as pain, anxiety, depression, obesity, neurological imbalances, related to hormonal problems.

Health Benefits of Ayurveda Hemotherapy

According to Ayurveda therapy, gemstones are the virtues of health, beauty and energy of the body. Not only this, gemstones are recommended for elimination of many ailments related to the body and mind.

Precautions for Ayurveda Hemotherapy

The Ayurveda texts state that these gems are only useful if they are pure. This is because choosing the right gem will surely give you the desired effect.


Listed below are five major impurities that reduce the quality of gems and make them ineffective:

  • There should be no opacity or blurred spot in any part of the gem
  • It should not contain small highlighted dots of different colors
  • No other color should interfere with the natural color of the gem
  • The gem should be without lines resembling lines
  • Sometimes the stone in its middle may contain a bubble of water or air


Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

Advantage of nine meteorite gems

According to Ayurveda, nine ‘precious stones of the return’ are of great importance, as they affect the human mind and increase the mental powers of the individual.

Blue sapphire (Nilam)

This gem is chemically formed of aluminum and oxygen. Its appearance is stone blue, bright and transparent.


  • It is naturally hot and therefore used to revive fiery stomach upset anorexia
  • This gem is also useful in brain diseases such as mental tension, depression, epilepsy and others
  • It is said to bring joy and satisfaction to the heart and enhance brain activity

Diamond (Hira)

This is a gem made of pure carbon. It is white and transparent, very light and can be hexagonal or octagonal. Ayurveda recommends that the refined ash made from this gem be taken at doses of 3-8 mg under medical supervision.


The diamond is extremely valuable and beautiful and is known to be the hardest stone on earth. The rays of the gem reflect the colors of the rainbow. When milk, honey or oil in which diamonds have been immersed is taken, it acts as an aphrodisiac providing energy.

Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

It is used in a number of diseases because of its properties to suppress all aggravated doshas in the body. In addition, this gem is thought to act as ‘amrit’ or nectar, providing satisfaction and also treating chronic diseases.

Emerald (Panna)

The emerald is a green gemstone, transparent and shiny. It is useful in:

  • fever
  • vomiting
  • hemorrhoids
  • anemia
  • poisoning
  • in liver disease

Hesonite Garnet (Gomedak)

It is also called cinnamon stone or agate. As its name implies, “it” means cow and “medak” means fat. The color of this stone is similar to cow oil and therefore it is given this name. This light yellow stone is used more for skin related diseases and for improving complexion.

Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

Pearl (Moti)

This gem is popularly known as natural pearl. It is white and light in color and extracted from oysters in the sea or ocean. It contains the best form of calcium. It is believed that the pearl or the like. The pearl or so-called Moti Ratna is thought to create stability between the worsened dosha of Vata, Pita and Kafa.


  • The pearl is cold in nature and is considered to be best suited to sight
  • The anti-toxic properties of the pearl help to reduce the excessive heat of the body
  • This gem is especially useful for mental fatigue, insomnia, mixed-source fever

Ruby (Manick)

This gemstone is shiny, bright red and looks like a lotus flower. Its chemical composition is a combination of oxygen and aluminum.


In Ayurveda, therapy is used to:


  • toning the heart
  • increase memory
  • like an aphrodisiac
  • in Ayurvedic medicine it is included in preparations for the treatment of brain diseases such as epilepsy, psychosis, depression and anxiety


Ayurveda treatment with precious stones

Red coral (Lal munga)

These are red coral beads that form at the bottom of the sea from a specific type of worm, called Anthazoan polyps. It is reddish in color and looks like a pink, round and shiny flower.


Red coral is used in a number of diseases, including:


  • vomiting
  • asthma
  • heart disease
  • brain diseases
  • has a number of antitoxic properties that are effective in treating fever, both chronic and acute

Cat’s eye (Lehsunia)

This stone is bluish with a white stripe in the middle, like a cat’s eye. In Ayurveda therapy, it is used to treat diseases:


  • of the heart
  • the brain
  • the body as a whole
  • this gem is thought to provide resistance and is recommended for diseases such as anemia and lack of appetite

Pain Sapphire (Pukhraj)

This gem is also known as topaz. It is a gemstone of cream, white or pale yellow color, square in shape and slightly transparent.

Ayurveda treatment with precious stones


It is used therapeutically:


  • in digestive infections
  • diseases of the blood
  • nosebleeds


Besides these nine rattans, there are many others that can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Of course, they are not so beautiful, they are cheaper and therefore less effective. In ancient Vedic texts, such as Brhath Samhita, talks about the sources of energy and healing of various gems.


  • Citrine or yellow topaz can be replaced with yellow sapphire
  • Green tourmaline or peridot can be replaced with emerald
  • The red garnet can be replaced with a ruby
  • Moon stone can be replaced with pearl jade
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