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Ayurveda will give you еnergy, health and longevity!

Ayurveda will give you еnergy, health and longevity!
Тайладара терапия


Кшира Дара | Ayurveda Bansko

Do you suffer from high blood pressure? We hope you don’t have? But you most probably know two or three people  that has. And they don’t suffer only from blood pressure. Someone has stomach problems, the other one has kidney problems, or  gall-bladder, liver, stress, depression…

With the ancient Indian medicine Ayurveda which is over 5000 years old people are not only able to get rid of all these diseases but they will forget what it means to have a disease.

Everyone can be convinced of this, if they visit the luxurious Ayurveda clinic in Bansko where highly qualified Indian team of doctors and therapysts works.

As a medicine, Ayurveda has found a treatment to all diseases. And if a person leads a lifestyle according to Ayurveda, they will avoid getting diseases because there aren’t any existing factors for their cause.

It often happens that we don’t realize the bad diet’s important influence to the diseases. We simply percieve it as a weight gain cause.

In fact, by consuming poor quality food and eating chaotically we accumulate in our organism different toxins, heavy metals, free radicals. They accumulate over time residue in the body that form thick sticky substance.

In this way, we poison our organism and disturb its natural functions at the same time. And that’s the way we get sicknesses.

Ayurveda medicine explains this disturbance as a wrong balance between the energies Vata, Pitta, Kapha. In fact, it’s not difficult, or „far off„ , a connection can be made too with the Western culture’s terms  which are traditionally accepted in our country.

In Ayurveda these energies belong accordingly to blood flow, breathing, metabolism and immune system. They are also connected with the body’s growth process. Kati Vasti

Consequently, in Ayurveda diet is really important – it’s a ritual. During the food preparation the cooks should not have bad thoughts, they have to be in a good mood. The food should be prepared to be tasty, otherwise it won’t be healthy, despite the fact that healthy products are used.

The eating process itself is also done in special conditions. The dishes shouldn’t be eaten too quickly, a person has to eat in a peaceful state of mind and focus their attention towards food. That’s because food gives the energy  for the organism’s existence.

The Ayurveda healthy treatment in Bansko is based on a special diet, procedures and body detox therapies, yoga, relaxation, different activities prescribed by the Ayurveda doctor.

This program is strictly individual for every patient. Everything is applied in a particular combination according to the type of disease, its stage, the overall body condition and body type.

The body purification happens according to Purvakarma and Panchakarma methods.
Purvakarma includes outside influences that activate the zones with stored toxins – massages and thermal procedures with healing oils and herbs. They remove from the body some surface toxins and prepare it for Panchakarma – internal purification through diuretic and cleansing therapies.

The chief doctor in the Ayurveda clinic in Bansko – Dr. Mahesh Garje recommends 7-day course when it comes to prevention and disease symptoms. The  10-day to 14-day periods are appropriate for mild disease stages. The 21-day therapy course is recommended for the treatment of advanced disease stage and a longer period may be needed.

The treatment is combined  with professional advice and lectures about the Ayurveda principles as a path to longevity.

Don’t you want to take the road to longevity?


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