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Spinal disc herniation

Spinal disc herniation
[:bg]Аюрведа лечение на дискова херния[:en]Spinal disc herniation[:ru]Gryzha diska[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

Recovery without surgery 

The disc herniation is of the spinal diseases and is one of the most common. In addition to the pain that appears, it also may lead to insensitivity and even immobilization of the legs and arms. Ayurveda doesn‘t exclude as an option the surgical intervention in some advanced cases, but most patients recover without surgery.

Ayurveda treatment of spinal disc herniation

Essentially, the disease is a deformation of the discs that serve as springs between the spinal vertebras – the shell cracks, breaks, the nucleus goes out of the ring and presses the nerve. This causes the pain and troublesome movements. It most often occurs in the waist area where legs are affected and, more rarely, in the neck area, where the hands are affected.  

The disease may be caused by trauma, but usually it is caused by wearing out of the discs, which could be avoided if observing healthy and proper lifestyle.

Ayurveda connects the disc herniation mainly with imbalance of the Vata energy, for all movements including the transmission of nerve impulses. In addition, the dry Vata causes “drying up” and cracking, unlike the liquid and oily Kapha that combines the molecules.

In practice, where there is a cracking, there is a strengthened Vata. Actually Kapha may be related to the back pain. One of its sub-types – Avalambaka Kapha which is in the chest, when there is imbalance, may cause pain in the back.  

Moreover, the energy imbalances usually are complex, triggering one another as chain reactions. The beginning may be from every dosha – from Vata, from Kapha and from Pitta, regardless of their place in balance. Therefore, when there is a disc herniation the Ayurveda doctor should determine exactly what imbalances in which Doshas have appeared.

Each Dosha can be boosted or reduced by certain foods, herbs, oils and this is applied in the treatment. The healing process is individual because there is never a coincidence of the Dosha type, respectively of the specific deviations and the general health condition of the different patients.  


Ayurveda treats in a complex way. It uses both therapies for specific problem areas and for overall effects on the organism,  in order to activate its functions and assist it in dealing with the disease. This includes several things. For example, changes have to be made to the nutritional and daily regimen according to the Dosha of the person and to the energy deviations found, in order to restore his energy balance.

Kati Vasti therapy | Ayurveda Bansko

Special Ayurveda massages are also applied, they include effect through rubbing herbs in the skin or pouring with natural oils for deep penetration. This has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, the muscles lose the tension and get relaxed.

The tissues are nourished which helps the process of their recovery, the nervous system gets stimulated, the energy blockages get unblocked. For this purpose are very effective also the yoga exercises and asanas. Cleansing of toxins is also made because they are harmful for the organs and systems, for example the skeletal system, as well they cause clogging of the channels through which the energy passes.

For the disc herniation are very effective Kati Vasti which is intended for the waist area and Manya Vasti, which is applied in the neck area. A healing oil is placed in a well that is made of dough. Its effect is to remove the pain and stiffness, to help build up vertebrae and discs, to eliminate the muscle spasms, and to improve the blood circulation.

The treatments should be applied every day for 30-45 minutes, and its duration will be determined by the Ayurveda specialist. For the treatment of degenerative deformations of the discs between the cervical vertebrae, it is very useful to apply Griva Pichu in the area of the neck and shoulders.

The effect of the therapy, with duration of 40 minutes, is the relief of pain and stiffness, restoration of free movements. The oiling is made through infused with healing oil cotton compress. For the waist area should be applied Kati Pichu.

Majal Kizhi has effect on the spinal cord. It is performed with bags filled with herbs, causing sweating and removing toxins in the area. It stimulates the tissues and nerves, it opens the energy channels.

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