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[:bg]Болест депресия при Аюрведа[:en]Depression disease and Ayurveda[:ru]Болезни - депрессия[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

The Risks of depression

Depression is a psychic disorder with serious consequences. With it, the overall behaviour of the personality is changed, which is seized by indifference to relatives, friends, work, etc., the motivation for life is lost.

Depression disease in Ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

The reason for this condition most generally speaking is the internal discontent with the missed opportunities, sense of uselessness, guilt, helplessness, hopelessness. The feeling of frustration and hopelessness may appear from undesirable-for-the-individual changes in certain situations, including a development of health problems. The heavy forms of depression often cause outbursts of crying and person’s thoughts to put an end to his life.

The three main types of depression

For Ayurveda, the depressions are three basic types – Vata type, Pitta type and Kapha type. It should be made clear, however, that whichever type we speak about, in the energy imbalance participate all the three Doshas with certain deviations. So, the treatment is according to the leading Dosha, but usually, to a certain extent, the other two should be balanced as well, which is assessed by the Ayurveda doctor after having carried out the diagnostics.

Vata depression is characterized by irritability, anxiety, insomnia, easy and permanent. The fear without apparent reason, the sense of mental devastation are typical for Vata, which has gone out of balance. This Dosha is vulnerable to depression due to inconsistency, frequent change in th emood, strong emotions and a tendency for the problems to be exaggerated. Vata is characterized by strong sensitivity to external influences such as change in climate, for example, or a loud noise, crowdedness, etc., which also easily make it go out of balance.

To Pitta depression leads the fear of losing control of the situation, the work done not to fail, the efforts not to be wasted. This is accompanied by constant worries about errors in decisions. People of Pitta type are in a strong dependence on the success in love and business, and the failures in these two areas are a substantial reason to fall into depression. For Pitta imbalance, natural factors have an effect as well, such as spicy or hot foods, long exposure to hot sun, etc.

In Kapha depression, drowsiness is observed, boredom, heaviness in the head and in the whole body is felt. In Kapha, there is a strong and durable affection for people and situations; the changes make the Dosha go out of balance.


To balance Vata, warm, greasier and more liquid foods such as soups, must be consumed.

Ayurveda herbs for depression | Ayurveda Bansko

Rice cooked with vegetables is also appropriate, the raw food like salads, cold drinks, and pulse should be avoided. A more active communication is also recommended because the depression in Vata becomes complicated with the loneliness. Of the herbs and spices, effective are cumin, anise, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, valerian, sesame. Also, a daily massage of the head and legs with sesame oil is also effective.

The treatment of the depression in Pitta includes cool but not cold food and beverages; recommended are cereals, vegetables, sweet fruits. From the dairy products, the yogurt and the cheese must be excluded. It is necessary to avoid fish and meat, vinegar, alcohol. Good herbs and spices are coriander, aloe vera, peppermint, burdock, coconut, cumin, chrysanthemum, sandalwood. Recommended are massages with coconut oil, useful is the meditation as well.

For the treatment of Kapha type of depression, the food should be hot, spicy, but light, such as soups, cereals as millet, buckwheat, barley. It is necessary to reduce the intake of fats, rice, wheat, dairy products. Of the fruits, more appropriate are pears and apples. The sweetener must be honey instead of sugar. The herbs and spices must be warming up – turmeric, pepper, ginger; very good is the ginger tea. In depression, for Kapha, more physical activity is needed, yoga can be practised, cycling, swimming, jogging. Walks in nature are good, without a lengthy stay in direct sunlight. In Kapha depression, it is beneficial to drink natural unfiltered apple juice – it is taken on an empty stomach for three to four days. It is mixed in equal parts with spring water.

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