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[:bg]Аюрведа лечение при жълтеница[:en]Ayurveda treatment for jaundice[:ru]Аюрведа лечение желтухи[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

What causes jaundice 

In fact, jaundice is not a separate disease. The yellowing of the eyes and skin, which gave it the name, shows increased specific pigment, which in normal condition is processed in the liver and the gall, in order to be discarded through the feces.  

Ayurveda treatment for jaundice

So, jaundice is a result from impaired function of the liver, blocked or sore bilious passages. The liver is a transformation organ, connected with the metabolism of the fats and carbohydrates. Therefore, Ayurveda refers it to Pitta Dosha – the energy that is responsible for the transformation of the materials in the body.

These transformations are carried out by the fire Agni. It transforms the incoming into the body from the outer world and adapts it to the body needs so that it can live and develop. This fire carries out a huge number of processes and is 13 types – for the digestion, for the production of stomach acids, for the activity of the thyroid gland, Agni of each of the seven tissues, etc.

In the liver, it is Agni Bhuta, and its amplification or weakness leads to disorders in the transformational functions of this organ.  On the liver, the “fire emotions” exercise influence as well, which are characteristic of Pitta Dosha – anger, ambition, jealousy. With excessive duration and oppression, which leads to emotional imbalance, they do harm it.

Jaundice is a typical condition of increased Pitta, which has affected the liver and the gall. With the increase of this “fiеry” Dosha, the biliary secretion can increase excessively, the gall passages could inflame or ‚burn‘, obstruction can occur. Such inflammations appear in the liver as well.

Jaundice can often appear in small children, not as a result of Pitta Dosha deviations, which have brought to liver failure or problems with the gall passages, and then, it is not dangerous. If however, it appears in an adult, by all means, diagnostics is necessary, because the disease is dangerous; the reasons could be various, and their precise assessment will allow appointing an adequate treatment.

Ayurveda treatment of jaundice

Тhe treatment of jaundice in Ayurveda is related to the balancing of Pitta. This includes both the nutrition and the use of oils, herbs and special treatment therapies. Excluded from the menu are hot food, pungent food, sweet, yogurt, salty.

Ayurveda herbs in jaundice

Also one should not eat fried food, and, from the specific foods, meat, fish, oil, cheese, refined sugar should be stopped.

For purification, recommended are sprouted grains and green vegetables in raw form. Most restoring for the liver is the consumption of mung beans, Basmati rice, kichari. Active physical activity should be avoided because the intoxication exhausts the body and typically leads to easy fatigue, pain in muscles, etc.. The excessive physical work in this sense is counter-indicative.

The herbs have blood-purification effect and a slightly laxative effect. Herbs are applied as well which help the body to get rid of the excessive bile secretions. Of course, there are herbs that have a fast effect to relieve pain.

Oils are also applied – for example from olives, sesame, but the Ayurveda doctor assesses when, what oils, and how to include them in the treatment – for them, the liver should be in improved condition.

Particularly useful is the fresh juice from aloe vera combined with coriander and turmeric. Widely applied in Аюрведа is Guduchi as well. This herb has a detoxifying effect, as it is especially useful for the purification of the liver, as well as the blood.

Balancing Pitta, it is also suitable for the other two Doshas – Vata and Kapha. From the herbs, useful are the dill, the mint, the cumin, etc., which can be taken as a tea.

Good effect has the juice from sour cabbage– a glass in the morning, as well as 100 ml of juice from beetroot daily, to which, fresh lemon juice can be added.

For prevention, in addition to the food that does not activate Pitta, Ayurveda recommends strict hygiene: frequent hand washing, good washing of the products, cooking and eating should be in clean premises.


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