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[:bg]Лечение на болестта гонорея[:en]Treatment of gonorrhea disease[:ru]Лечение болезни гонореи[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

Reasons for gonorrhoea and risks of its development 

Gonorrhoea is generally a sexually transmitted disease – contamination happens with a vaginal, anal or oral sex. So the infection apart from the genitals may affect the rectum, the throat mucosa, the eyes.

Treatment of gonorrhea disease

Although rarely, gonorrhoea may be caught from contaminated underwear as well or contaminated objects. The causer of the disease, also called gonorrhoea, is bacteria which, in an external environment, or after the mucous gets dry, survives for a 24-hour period, if still, it is in a humid environment.

The symptoms may appear two to three days after the infection, but the incubation period may be for more than a month. Generally, the infected ones begin to feel weakness, infirmity, the temperature rises etc.

Men receive burning sensation and pain during urination, discharge appears, similar to pus; the prostate gets inflamed. At the opening of the penis swelling and redness appear.

Women get pruritus and burning sensation, white discharge appears. After a while, the symptoms go away and do not suggest that the disease is developing. So, all the reproductive organs might be affected and that may lead to infertility.

At the same time, adjacent organs might be affected, and through the blood and the lymph, the bacteria could be spread everywhere around the body – the brain, the joints, etc.

How Ayurveda approaches the treatment of gonorrhoea

No infections or disease would be able to develop in the body, if its systems work optimally in the manner set by nature – then it copes with the “attacking” diseases by itself.

Ayurveda herbs for gonorrhea

For the body systems to operate fully, the equilibrium of the three energies, called Doshas, which are responsible for all the body processes and for the man’s actions and health, must be preserved.

These energies are interrelated and are in a specified-for-everybody, unique proportion. The most important is Vata – the energy of the movement – because the other two – Pitta and Kapha, without it, will not be able to act as energy flows in the body.

At the same time, the changes in each of the energies lead to deviations from the equilibrium in the other two as well, and complex disorders in the energy balance occur. So, both the specific body organs and body systems start to work inadequately as a whole and “open the doors’ for the appearance and development of diseases.

In practice, behind each disease, stay different balance disorders that have occurred in the three energies. That is why the treatment is directed toward the restoration of the energy proportions. This is done with the diet, also with herbs, with spices, oils, and massages, purification from toxins.

This complex of natural resources, procedures, different therapies, is specific for each patient and is according to the identified imbalances. Through the complex measures, the various Doshas may be reduced or increased, to reach their naturally set equilibrium. This process is complex, as, whatever is appropriate for one Dosha, maybe counter-indicative for another. Therefore, each Ayurvedic therapy for treatment of gonorrhoea must be assigned or at least consulted with an Ayurvedic doctor.

Treatment of gonorrhoea

The ayurvedic doctor will assess what to include in the treatment of gonorrhoea, but in principle, for each Dosha, there are soothing foods.

  • For Vata, these are the sweet vegetables, cereals, consumed boiled, nuts. The raw, dry and cold food must be avoided.
  • Pitta is balanced with sweet-fruit juices, bitter vegetables, dairy products. The hot food, the salty, and the acid one should be avoided.
  • The Kapha balance is restored with broths, bean soups; raw food must be less. The food must be very freshly prepared. For each Dosha, there are numerous appropriate spices, herbs, and oils.

For Vata, could be mentioned, for example, ajwain, asafoetida, nutmeg, ginger, sesame oil. For Pitta balance could be used, let’s say, dandelion, rose oil, oil from sandal-wood. The clove, the juniper, the rosemary, are suitable for Kapha.

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