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How the Ancient Ayurveda Medicine Helps Us Be Healthy

How the Ancient Ayurveda Medicine Helps Us Be Healthy
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Ayurveda and the Laws of Nature

Ayurveda treatment is entirely compliant with the laws of Nature and Cosmos. It even takes into account the cycle of the seasons, the location of the planets, etc.

Love your health | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

It is important, for example, when an herbal remedy or ointment is to be prepared, how to store it and when to apply it to maximize its effect.

Ayurveda’s healing remedies are derived from natural forms in nature. Mainly herbs and healing oils are used as well as bee honey.

By the way, honey is quite indicative of Ayurveda’s deep knowledge of nature. Thousands of years before the New Age, this medicine already distinguished the curative properties of honey for certain diseases depending on the species of bees that gathered it, from what plants it was gathered, the geographic and climatic features of the area – cooler or warmer, flat or foothill area and so on.

Basically the herbs used are countless. In ancient texts written long before the New Age, 50,000 medicinal herbs have been identified, and there are formulas for combining them in certain proportions. They depend on the type of the patient, type and degree of the disease, age, possible other diseases, etc.

Ayurveda and Metals

Ayurveda also uses metals – lead, quicksilver, iron and others. It is believed that they are a form of Divine energy like everything else in nature. This energy, if used properly in certain formulas, can enhance the effect of the remedies and ointments applied.

The use of metals in Ayurveda can also be called a school in this medicine. In their millennial practice ancient ayurvedic doctors have found special ways to purify the metals in order to extract them in pure form and add them to the combinations of drugs and ointments. Similarly, a number of minerals is used.

Ayurvedic remedies may be in tablets, powder, oils and can also be taken as a meal in which they are contained.

Ayurveda and Negative Emotions

If today we often say “Don’t get angry about silly things”, Ayurveda has long ago put it into an orderly system the reason why not do it.

Negative energy from conversations | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Man is created to live by the laws of nature in which balance, equilibrium is a basic principle. As particles from Nature and the Universe, the balance in humans is between the physiological and the spiritual beginning. The spiritual beginning includes the mental activity and the emotions.

All this is set for each person in a unique combination and balance. If this balance is “disturbed”, diseases are provoked. If the negative emotions “come out of control”, they break the overall balance and lead to diseases.

These are more prolonged states: envy, hatred, sadness, anxiety, jealousy, etc., although even the momentary anger can lead us to a heart attack.

For Ayurveda every prolonged negative emotion provokes specific diseases. Sadness for example leads to dementia, jealousy is a “path” towards epilepsy, anxiety provokes kidney stones. The solution is not to bottle-up feelings because it gets words, it is to set them free.

Today there are specialized therapies to combat anger, say, and famous companies in various ways allow employees to pour out their dissatisfaction with the boss, salary, tension due to a personal problem, and so on.

Already in the distant past Ayurveda staked on realization. One should become aware of life as it is and should learn from life situations rather than consider them fatal shipwrecks. A person can analyze each of his or her negative emotions – where it originates from, how it develops, how it’s expressed, what can be done in order to set themselves free of it.

Anger, for example, is far from related only to heart attacks and strokes. Angry people most often suffer from  injuries to the bile and liver, joint diseases.

Long-held hatred can cause brain damage and paralysis, epilepsy, even a tumor. Irritable people suffer from characteristic diseases of the stomach, intestines, skin, etc.

Prevention is the Best medicine

Ayurveda can cure all diseases. For Ayurveda the best cure is prevention. One must lead such type of life so that diseases would not be allowed in. This type of life is again related to nature’s laws – with the biological clock set in a person by nature.

Family walking in nature | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Diseases appear because the rhythm of this clock has been broken. Therefore, after the healing course at след лечебния курс в Ayurveda Clinic Bansko, for example, the Ayurvedic doctor gives an individual plan to each patient for his or her lifestyle from now on. Because it is important to eliminate the causes of the diseases: A wrong combination of work and rest, eating, neglected spiritual activities, and so on.

For Ayurveda, people have to order things in life for themselves according to importance. And the most important of the important things is for a person to be healthy; it is then that a person can fully follow their life goals. And the contrary – each “success” is pointless if it leads to diseases or untimely death,

Even if we are not able to adopt exactly the rules of the Ayurvedic people, we can take the main things that will maintain our health in a good condition.

The activities must be consistent with the structure and arrangement of the body. Many people, however, confuse them even with getting up late in the morning. The Ayurveda followers get up at sunrise and are “charged” for the day with positive thoughts. In the morning, the mind is fresh, receptive and positivism will have an impact throughout the day.

Not having breakfast is the next rhythm breaker. Breakfast should be light. When the Sun is most active – at 12 p.m., it is the time for lunch. In practice, however, there is an acceptable interval between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The work is most full of value from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., afterwards the body and the mind “ask for a rest”. Dinner must be not later than 7 p.m and be light because the digestion is starting to slow down. The night’s sleep is most useful between 9 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Eating – Not Only What But Also How

Eating is a very important moment in Ayurveda treatment and in understanding lifestyle. Food gives energy with which the body can live and develop. This gives it an exceptional place in the Ayurvedic beliefs.

It’s not just what you eat, there are a number of requirements regarding how to eat. Incorrect eating can remove the properties from the healthy foods and even turn them into harmful ones. Thus for example the food must be consumed up until 3 hours after it’s been prepared. After that, even if correct products have been used, it loses its energy.

Ayurveda firmly considers semi-finished and preserved foods as foods of ignorance, same as alcohol. Only fresh and freshly made products should be used. The food itself must be cooked with thoughts directed at something positive; the room and clothes must be well cleaned. Because food can absorb the negative energy and become harmful.

Ayurveda Eating and the Negative Energy

The serving of the dishes must be cleaned from bad energy; this is accomplished when the mood is bright and pretty.

Patrapotali sveda panchakhizzi therapy | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Again because of the bad energy, while eating one should not listen or watch negative news. In fact, no other activities should be taken during the meal – the thoughts should be directed entirely to eating.

One of the effects from this is very practical – one can feel when they’ve had enough and avoid overeating like it usually happens when you are watching TV.

In terms of its composition, Ayurveda food is mainly vegetarian and includes also dairy products. Here a basic requirement must be emphasized – the dishes should be delicious and there must be something sweet, salty, bitter, hot, sour and tart in the cuisine. Otherwise even if the dishes are made with the right products, they would not be beneficial.

Ayurveda as a complete knowledge

Ayurveda is not only medicine. It is a way of living, a philosophy and a complete conception for the structure of the Cosmos. This of course includes planet Earth with all its forms of life.

Man and cosmos | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

To Ayurveda the Universe, Nature and man are in harmony; their existence is based on the same elements and laws. There is of course movement, development but everything is in a dynamic balance.

Man is in fact a microcosm. This doesn’t mean the man is being “overlooked” as some insignificant particle. On the contrary, for Ayurveda each person is unique and its goals are focused on them so that one can self improve following the laws of the Universe.

By realizing oneself as part of the cosmos and as its projection, one finds his/her place in the common harmony and lives in accord with it. In its search of this accord Ayurveda that is over 5,000-years-old, has accumulated huge knowledge in astronomy. There are descriptions of Earth, the Solar system and the Universe in the ancient Vedic texts.

Cosmogony in Ayurveda has built up a complex system. For example, ancient texts speak of parallel worlds and forms of life. There are groups of planets described with 8,400,000 types of life forms of which 400,000 are similar to the human. There is also talk of beings which can „travel“ in time and space, entering different dimensions.

The concept of infinity and cyclic recurrence of time is covered. Space cycles and their duration are described, alternating destruction and revival. According to this conception, Earth is 2.3 billion years after the last destruction.

This cycle of billions of years has been projected into human life as well – the bodies age and fall apart over time. The soul however is eternal.

Ayurveda has gained tremendous knowledge in all spheres of life – the plant and animal world, human anatomy and organ functions and systems, chemistry, physics, and so on.

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