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How can Ayurveda affect the symptoms of chickenpox?

How can Ayurveda affect the symptoms of chickenpox?
Как Аюрведа може да повлияе на симптомите на варицела?

Chickenpox / hazelnut / – characteristics and symptoms

Chickenpox is an infectious viral disease that mainly affects children. They get sick mostly in preschool age and due to the strong contagiousness of the disease, it often passes almost simultaneously in whole children’s groups.

Chickenpox is caused by the zoster virus, which is characterized by a very high percentage of contagion, reaching up to 90 percent in contact with a sick person. Once ill, a person builds immunity and is therefore protected from re-infection.

Medical statistics show that there is a regularity in the seasons, during which the number of people infected with chickenpox increases dramatically. It is believed that children are more susceptible to the virus during the cold months. Usually most sick girls and boys in preschool age are reported in winter and early spring.

A characteristic symptom is the specific skin rash that chickenpox patients get . It can be accompanied by malaise, fever to 38-39 degrees , loss of appetite and other unpleasant sensations such as body aches, headaches and others.

The first pimples appear as early as 1-2 days after infection, then the size of the rash increases.

Как Can Ayurveda affect the symptoms of chickenpox?

The incubation period can last up to 20 days or the duration is one to three weeks. Skin problems most often affect the whole body and initially affect mainly the child’s abdomen and back.

Pimples can also be on the thighs, arms, face. They themselves cause an unpleasant sensation, which is expressed in severe itching. However, they should not be scratched, as the wounding of the pimples can lead to skin inflammation and complications in the course of the disease.

Chickenpox poses more risks in older patients . Danger exists from the occurrence of concomitant secondary bacterial infection. Then additional medical treatment is required, sometimes hospital treatment , because in the absence of timely measures, the disease can be fatal.

The zoster virus, which is characterized by its strong infectivityis spread by airborne droplets. It is transmitted by direct contact with a sick person, through his infected secretions.

However, the infection can begin before the patient has visible symptoms of the disease – that is, before the appearance of the first pimples, and ends only after they begin to heal and are not like open wounds. In more severe forms of chickenpox , blisters may appear in the patient’s oral mucosa.

Diagnosis and classical treatment

To help diagnose the disease are its specific characteristics. Diagnosis is mandatory , however, to be determined by a physician who, in addition to the physical examination, may prescribe additional medical examinations.

Serological methods give certainty whether the characteristic rash and other clinical manifestations are caused by the chickenpox virus.

Self-medication is completely contraindicated and dangerous. The GP, pediatrician or infectious disease specialist is the one who can give the most accurate assessment of the condition of the patient, as well as to carry out his adequate treatment to the end. Medications mostly treat pimples on the patient’s body.

For the rash prescribe powders and ointments, to relieve unbearable itching and protect existing wounds from inflammation. If necessary patients take antipyretic drugs and general anti-inflammatory drugs.

In the absence of complications chickenpox infections are treated at home and quarantined, until the infection passes.

Childhood chickenpox

The disease mainly affects children up to school age , although exceptions outside this period are quite possible. Most often kids get chickenpox in kindergarten . Whole gardens or individual groups are quarantined en masse during the cold months of the year.
Как Can Ayurveda affect the symptoms of chickenpox?

With timely detection of the disease and appointment of adequate treatment by a medical specialist, chickenpox passes without special risks in young patients.

The biggest challenge for them is not to allow the pimples to hurt. This can complicate the healing process and have aesthetic effects on the skin. And yet in the general case, the disease lasts from a few weeks to a month, without permanent damage.


Immunity after encountering the Zoster virus lasts a lifetime , although there are rare cases of re-infection at an older age . In the elderly, the disease is more severe.

Therefore, they may require additional antibiotic treatment and admission to a health facility. There is a risk of secondary infection due to a rash on a person’s mucosa. Then it is dangerous to develop diseases of the respiratory system such as bronchitis or pneumonia.

Older people sometimes have comorbidities that also carry additional risks . Among those most at risk are those with compromised immune systems.

Is it possible to influence chickenpox through Ayurveda?

Along with the classic treatment of infectious diseases , including chickenpox , many of these diseases are positively affected, for the patient, by non-traditional methods.

Such therapies are mainly aimed at relieving general fatigue , discomfort, body aches, fever and other similar not so pleasant sensations that accompany the process of dealing with the infection.

The basis of the practices in Ayurveda is achieving balance in the body, which is related to the harmonious development of man. Many of the healing therapies are the result of thousands of years of experience and observations of how our body functions best.

D zealous Indian teaching helps a number of diseases as its approach requires finding and eliminating their root cause. One of the biggest advantages of Ayurveda is that only natural remedies are used.

The beneficial effect on the body is achieved by:

  • herbs
  • decoctions
  • bio oils and oils
  • ecologically clean fruits and vegetables
  • herbal baths
  • massages
  • proper breathing
  • therapeutic gymnastics

The idea is to achieve purification from the inside out , which frees a person from all harmful thoughts and toxic accumulations that are a prerequisite for disease states.

In the presence of chickenpox Ayurveda offers various options for relieving the patient’s illness . When he has a fever, it is a signal from the body that he is fighting the infection.

At lower thermometer values ​​that show a little above 37 degrees , it is not recommended to take anti-inflammatory drugs immediately, because this allows the body to fight the health problem only.

In such cases, some practices in Ayurveda have a positive effect by helping to restore tone, for example. Herbal teas respond well , which help lower body temperature.

Cold compresses on the forehead and limbs are also recommended. It is good to do with a cotton cloth, which is pre-soaked in a solution of water and vinegar in equal amounts.

There are many natural ways to relieve headaches and fever in Ayurveda. Some products that are fully accessible at any time and by anyone are recommended for direct consumption.

These are:

  • lemon
  • ginger
  • basil
  • turmeric
  • black pepper

They all have a proven anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect.

For example, Trikatu is called combining ginger with ground black and white pepper. It is taken against high temperature, and the ingredients themselves speed up the metabolism, have a good effect on the digestive system and make the body melt. This stimulation helps to get rid of harmful accumulated substances and healthy detoxification.

It has been found that taking spicy and bitter in moderate doses has an antiviral effect . Therefore, water with lemon is widely used, both during the disease itself and with preventive action.

As for the spicy ingredients, their consumption causes sweating and purification, and this is the main way to separate the various harmful substances and ingredients, especially after processing the food.

In his daily life, even if he leads a nature-friendly lifestyle, he is under the influence of many other harmful influences such as dusty air, automobile gases, industrial pollution and various other environmental problems.

All this accumulates in the body and additional measures are needed to to speed up the process of disposing of such unnecessary substances and ingredients.

The most common are types of detoxification that help for the normal functioning of individual organs and systems in the body. It is toxins that interfere with the normal life cycle and are the biggest enemy of the immune system.

How to boost our immunity with Ayurveda methods?

The possibilities provided by all environmentally friendly products used in Ayurveda strengthen the body’s natural forces and strengthen its resilience. With very few exceptions, most of the herbs used to make potions and teas are useful and suitable for children and adults.

Toning with lemon, ginger, honey, as well as drinks from mint, basil, chamomile, balm, rosehip, linden blossom and other useful plants can be taken several times a day . It is appropriate to combine most herbs and make tea from a bouquet of flavors.

The healing process responds well in the course of viral diseases, when take more such liquids. Tea is a mandatory part of healing therapies used in Indian medicine, but is also widely used in traditional medical practices.

A very typical therapy for increasing children’s immunity in Ayurveda is the so-called. Trifala. It consists of taking three specific fruits бибитаки, амла, харитаки. The secret lies in their useful ingredients , as they contain many vitamins and antioxidants. Therefore, they are recommended for disease prevention and faster recovery.

Because they are not so widespread, their use can take the form of drugs , for the mode of administration of which you need to consult a specialist in Ayurveda.

When we are sick, our eating is also part of the healing process , therefore, it must comply with it. The so-called fast foods, semi-finished products, fats, pasta and confectionery are rather the enemy of any therapy.

Consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, natural sugars, vitamin products and enough water are mandatory to overcome the sick person faster health problems .

Once the chickenpox has passed and the child’s skin no longer has a rash and pimples, it is good to take care of it. Coconut oil massages nourish the skin. After irritations, ointments containing calendula, chamomile, rose or lavender oil also help a lot. , aloe.

Photos: Pixabay


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