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How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?

How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?
Как аюрведа терапиите подобряват тонуса и настроението?

Ayurveda is a mystical and exotic Indian system  for health, happiness and longevity. It is gaining popularity in the Western world. Some people turn to it for prevention of their health and others for  treating diseases. Ayurveda massages are affected in two ways at once – by physically impacting certain areas and points on the body and by deeply penetration of medicinal oils.

Certain herbs can be rubbed  not only with hands, but also by  tapping with bags. They are filled with various healing ingredients and the technique helps with joint diseases, arthritis, muscle aches  and more. In addition to certain diseases of certain organs and systems, massages have an overall health effect for the body.

Ayurvedic therapies affect many diseases

The greatest success has been in diseases of the joints, the excretory system, women’s problems such as cysts, irregular cycles, infertility, skin diseases,  motor disorders. They even help with childhood illnesses such as low immunity, cold cough and malnutrition. Mental problems can also have a therapeutic effect, such as depression, addiction, anxiety  and more.

In addition to relieving pain, there are also therapies that improve tone and mood. Among them is a treatment with radiant mud for radiant skin and tone. With it, over 20 minerals and trace elements contained in the Dead Sea mud, restore the body and give pleasure to the soul. The sticky and unpleasant sludge has great analgesic, anti-inflammatory, immunoregulatory and circulatory action  Helps a lot in rehabilitation and for many ailments.

How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?



Among the most famous therapies for relaxation and better mood is a headscarf

It works on three levels – body, mind and spirit.  Marma points are located where two or more organs meet. In the human body there are  107 such major points, some of which are directly related to the chakras.

By touching and gently massaging the marma, the points stimulate and improve the flow of vital energy throughout the body. This eliminates the accumulated stress, eliminates toxins and releases blockages. Therapy also helps muscle relaxation, reduces tension, eliminates stress and fatigue.

Ayurvedic Abeanga Massage  covers the entire body, using warm natural herbal oils. It soothes and restores mental and physical strength and successfully relaxes the nervous system. Regular application balances organs, helps to eliminate toxins, nourishes and rejuvenates tissue cells. Also, Abyang helps with headache, joint and back pain.

Reduces the imbalance that causes dynamic daily life, digestive problems and bloating. This massage helps a lot to renew the skin, strengthens the immunity and tones the muscles.

Its beneficial effects do not end here. It soothes the mind, nourishes the heart and strengthens the bones and nerves. In ancient texts it is described as a massage that maintains beauty, youth and represents longevity.

How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?

Shirodara is called another type of very interesting Ayurvedic therapy

Here, the scalp, forehead and the area where the third eye is located are massaged with a thin stream of warm oil. It is the third eye that is the center of emotions, feelings, and the mind. It is the place where stress, anxiety, and tension gather and hold.

How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?

Therefore, this method has a good effect on everyone who performs mental work on a daily basis, stands on a computer, is subject to stress and prolonged stress. Shirorodara is suitable for people with mental health problems who are sad, suffering from depression or hypersensitivity.  It is used for purification, which helps one to get rid of stress.


After the treatment, there is complete relaxation and bliss.  In addition, the method is quite effective for headache, high blood pressure and tinnitus. It also helps treat eye diseases, sinusitis, neurological disorders, allergies, memory loss, insomnia, hair whitening or dripping, dizziness, skin diseases and more.


Most massage studios also offer a combination of these massages at the client’s choice. For example,  shirred cloth or shawl cloth.  When combined, the effect is much deeper, experts say.


For the improvement of muscle tone and stress, the face massage called Mukha Abyang works very well. It is a traditional Ayurvedic lifting massage with natural oils.


In addition to the face, the neck, shoulders and neckline are also covered. This has a very effective effect on reducing wrinkles and slowing skin aging. Stimulates microcirculation and lymph flow, activates metabolism of skin tissue, which contributes to a radiant complexion.


He is one of the most effective therapies for deep relaxation and toning at the physical and mental level

It is a whole system for deep tissue massage. Sesame oil is used, to which specific herbs are added. By applying pressure to some parts of the body, it contributes to the renewal of the muscular and nervous systems in the body, stimulates blood circulation and balances energy flow.


This ayurvedic massage eliminates the  deeply penetrated toxins in the joints and tissues  and this happens naturally – through the excretory system they are removed from the body and mind. Regular application of Udilic relieves  stress and pain, relaxes muscles, tones the skin, reduces anxiety and headache.


Another interesting massage with warmed herbal oil is Padabanga


This is holistic therapy that is applied to the feet. There are points designed on them that are connected to all organs and systems in the body. It mainly heals cracked heels, cramps and tingling of muscles, tendons, nerve endings and blood vessels.


Removes dry skin, fatigue and strengthens joints and soft tissues. It also improves eyesight, circulation, activates the immune system. Padabanga helps with  headache,  hypertension, anxiety and depression and activates metabolism.


How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?

A treatment called Shiro Abiang is also a calming effect on the nerves

It also uses warm herbal oil and treats the entire head, neck and shoulders through massage movements. This feeds the five senses by focusing on  Marma points. Massage relaxes the muscles and nerves, stimulates blood circulation and nourishes the head with oxygen-rich blood.

Toxin’s detox therapy also contributes to the positive effect on the mind and body

It rejuvenates brain cells and improves nervous system function. In this method, herbal oils are taken through the nose. This is quite suitable for treating problems with the brain, eyes, ears, nose and throat. Nasi  cleans the ducts, removes toxins, stimulates the mucous membrane of the nose and circulation in the head. It also helps with asthma, migraines and chronic sinusitis.

There are several other therapies that affect the nervous system and help detoxify the body

The average duration of one therapy is 30 to 60 minutes, requiring preparation time. In some studios that offer them, the price of the oils is not included in the announced massage.

It is important to know that 2 hours before therapy, a person should not eat or drink alcohol, coffee, black tea, or a car. It is also recommended that no tobacco or drugs be used.

If on massage day you feel unwell or fever, it is better to postpone it, experts advise. In order to have greater effect on specific diseases  it is advisable to consult with an Ayurvedic specialist.

Thus, after conducting a pulse diagnosis, he will recommend appropriate therapies. This type of consultation is available at centers and Ayurvedic clinics in the country. They are most often employed by Indian therapists and use original products. There are some massages that are good to do in the morning, others in the evening.

Therefore, it is best to judge this by a specialist. Also, before complete therapy, it is necessary for a person to diet and exclude meat and dairy products for one week from their menu.

It is also recommended to drink warm water in the morning in the morning for purification. It is also advisable to leave the body at rest for another 15 minutes after the massage and then take a shower or bath without using any detergents.

Specialized Ayurveda clinics have at Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax aparthotel.  Several Indians are employed in it, using over 30 types of oils and 120 environmentally friendly therapeutic agents. It offers a complete program for the treatment of various ailments and problems with full information on prices, enrollments and what preparation is needed on their site.


How Does Ayurvedic Therapy Improve Tone And Mood?


According to Ayurvedic medicine, the balance and interaction of mind, spirit and body are guided by the inner strength of a person. It is through Ayurvedic therapies and massages that one strives to achieve a common well-being and harmony. Because the skin is the largest organ in the body, when applied to oils, they penetrate the bloodstream.

This nourishes and eliminates the accumulated toxins. Massage is not only for the relief of pain, but also for preventative treatment, which increases blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system and revitalizes the body.

A ritual can be relaxing and relaxing and at the same time recharge the body with a lot of energy. If administered daily, there can be many benefits to the body.

Increased circulation is achieved, especially at the nerve endings, muscles are toned, the nervous system is calmed, and concentration is increased. Skin becomes softer and smoother, sleep becomes deeper and endurance is greater throughout the day. Increases concentration and stimulates longevity.

For the best overall effect, it is advisable to visit a specialized place where Ayurvedic therapies are done. This will allow each person’s personal complaints to be judged on which massage is best for him and what to combine with. for greater effect.

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