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Discover how you can cure yourself and feel great all the time!

Discover how you can cure yourself and feel great all the time!
[:bg]Аюрведа клиник Банско загряване на билково масло[:en]Ayurveda Clinique Bansko heating up herb oil[:]


If someone tells you that Ayurveda heals all kind of illnesses and then prevents the risk from new ones, then they will be right. But this is not some kind “magic” that will happen to you unexpectedly without your knowing. Ayurveda helps, but the person should understand in general its meaning and principles in order to follow them.

Otherwise, this ancient medicine will heal you now, but if you do not follow its prescriptions  for your way of life, after time sooner or later you will get health problems.

Ayurveda is in fact a whole Indian science for the human health – as a body and mind. Its science is more than 5000 years old and it is based on the laws of nature, the natural processes in the human body, systems, functions. It regards the body as a combination of and balance between three energies – Vata/blood circulation, heart function, breathing/, Pitta/ the metabolic processes/ and Kapha / immune system and body growth. In practice this includes all physiological processes in the body. The disturbance of the balance between them  leads to diseases. But as we have said Ayurveda is a whole science, a science for health support. With its diagnostics about the disturbed energy balance it can discover a pending disease that has not shown yet its symptoms.

Moreover Ayurveda concentrates not only  on the specific medical treatment/ which naturally is the most important for the patients at the moment/, but there is a system about how to get rid of the factors that led to the disease. And they are many in the mass way of life. Let’s take for instance the busy everyday life – it is inevitable today, but the mind has to learn to “distribute “and balance it. Because  stress, which  taken alone is harmful, can lead to more heavy consequences and  create the need for depression treatment, for instance. Another big problem  is the sedentary way of life. Of course nobody says that everyone should dig with picks and shovels, but there are a lot of ways to make up for the lack of physical activity in the modern labor. Not only such ways exist, but also they have to be used because movement is inate in the human nature and necessary for the body. The third big problem of our modern way of life is the unhealthy diet – it doesn’t matter whether scanty or abundant – it does not matches the body’s real energy requirements.


And given all this how you can permanently get rid of your disease and prevent the risk of  getting new health problems? You will receive the answer to this question in Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko. This is the first Indian medical center in our country that works according to the Ayurveda system. There you can heal and achive a complete cleansing of your body from the toxins, rejuvenate and beautify yourselves. The two detox methods are Purvakarma and Panchakarma and their medical effect is approved by the World Health Organisation. Purvakarma includes massages with herbs and oils, different compresses and thermal effects to take out the toxic substances out of the body and prepare it for internal cleansing according to the  method Panchacarma. It is a complex of cleanisng and laxative procedures. The two methods are combined with a healthy and balanced diet.

In Ayurveda the diet is a very important part of the treatment and also part of the way of life after it. Being a source of healthy energy for the body, the food has to be tasty and prepared with good and clear thoughts, in a clean room, with clean clothes in order to be healthy. The diet plan is individually determined for every client depending on their condition and body type. Everything so far is combined with yoga, meditation, remedial gym again strictly individually for everyone.

Of course, there medical examinations too that can help you check the results. There are different treatment courses in Ayurveda clinic – 7, 10, 14 or 21-day courses. The 7-day and 10-day courses are recommended for symptoms or an initial stage of a particular disease. For advanced stages it is recommended to choose the 2-week course or the 21-day treatment. And here, as we have mentioned, are treated all kinds of diseases – cardiovascular, joint diseases, pulmonary diseases, disabilities, kidney diseases, digestive disorders, child and female diseases, stress, psychological problems, etc.

The staff consists of a licensed Indian doctor with rich practical experience – over 14 years and qualified Indian therapysts with more than 12 years of standing. During the course you will receive an individual consultation about how to keep your health and mind healthy in the future. In addition to this, in Ayurveda Clinic Bansko you will be in an amazing atmosphere – the clinic is situated in aparthotel Lucky Bansko and you will have all conveniences that can be found in this luxury hotel with an international fame.

So, Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko – heal now and keep your body and spirit in an excellent condition!


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