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Increased thirst for water

Increased thirst for water
[:bg]жажда за вода[:]

What is the increased thirst for water indicative for?

Increased thirst is a signal for decreased liquids or increased content of certain substances in the blood, plasma, cells. There might be internal and external reasons for that.

High blood pressure

The internal ones most often are:

  • poor digestion and metabolic disorder.
  • liver problems
  • problems with the internal secretion
  • impaired excretory functions of the kidneys
  • inflammations, etc.

External reasons are incidents – wounds, burns, poisoning with smoke let’s say, or from snakes, etc. Dehydration is a serious problem for the body.

The water content in the human body varies with the years but reaches up to over 65 percent. This content has a minimum, under which it must not drop. The greater part of the liquids is in the cells, and they are vital for them – they can contribute to their maintenance and development, but if impairments occur, they can destroy them.

It is indicative that a person can live without water for about a week, then he dies from self-poisoning. With this permanent sensation of thirst, medical help, by all means, must be sought for diagnostics and treatment. It is understood by itself that here we do not refer to the thirst that appears for instance after consumption of too salty or where for any reason during the day we haven’t had water.

In Ayurveda, the permanent sensation of thirst is related todisorder in thevital energies in the body. Most often it is due to Pitta-energy imbalance, which controls the breaking down and transformation of food to substances suitable for absorption, and the metabolism respectively. It is directly connected with the digestive tract, the liver, and the gall.

At the root, however,could be the dry Vata energy, which is associated with the wind. It is responsible for the movements – from the penetration of the substances into the cells through the blood circulation, the movements of the muscles, the nerve impulses, to the flow of the other two energies – Pitta and Kapha, which, without it cannot run throughout the body.

The increased Vata energy can block Kapha, canlead to “drying-up” of the body, andcan intensify too much or suppress the fire Agni connected with Pitta.  The increased Kapha in its turn may lead to conditions of raised temperature – e.g. flu or liver problems which can result in thirst.

Ayurveda treatment

After it diagnoses what the disorder in the balance of energies / Doshasis, that led to increased thirst, the Ayurveda doctor administers a complex treatment for the restoration of the balance. The objective is that the body should regain the natural flow of life processes, restore its functions and deal byitself with the disease problem.

High blood pressure

Combined are a daily diet and a therapeutic body purification from the toxins, and this is accompanied by meditation and healing yoga practices. The treatment is strictly individual because the ratio of the energies in everybody is unique,  so are respectively the Dosha deviations.

Each Dosha increases or decreases with certain types of food. Pitta, for example, which is hot, lightweight and liquid, is balanced with cooler and dry food; warming-up tastes like the spicy one should be avoided. The cold, lightweight and dry Vatais reduced by warmer and more liquid food, and the increased Kapha, which is heavy, fatty, cold, returns into balance with light, warmer and meatless food.

Purification is necessary because the toxins, formed with poor digestion, are spread by the blood circulation all over the body and poison the cells, and also they block the fine channels of the energy flows. It is carried out externally – pouring with vegetable oils all over the body, massages, herbal rubbing-in, herbal steam baths, etc. The internal purification is carried out with laxative and purification procedures.

The meditation is effective because, forAyurveda, the emotional, as well as the spiritual health are directly linked to the biological one. At the same time,yoga poses and exercises help against various specific diseases. After the cure, the patient must adhere to the diet and daily routine, suitable for the relevant Dosha – types of food, diet style, work, sleep, rest.

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