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Intestinal worms

Intestinal worms
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How and why intestinal worms appear

Intestinal worms are parasites that live in the body and feed on substances intended to nourish the cells. These parasites develop from eggs that have entered the organism with the food. They might be from infected meat containing eggs of intestinal worms, they also might come from fruits and vegetables, for the cultivation of which was used a natural fertilizer, and then they weren’t well washed.

glisti i lechenie

Intestinal worms are different types and can move and change the habitat. They usually live in the intestines, but under certain circumstances parasitic worms can enter theliver, lungs, kidneys, even in the brain. The digestive fire Agni is responsible for the destruction of the intestinal worms. When it is weak, the eggs of the worms survive and develop, and the worms can reach up to 40 centimeters.

The weakened fire Agni is a sign of imbalanced Pitta – the vital energy that is responsible for the degradation of food and metabolism. The disturbances in Pitta lead to parasites in the blood, and through the blood they can get to different organs. At the same time, the deviations in the balance of one of the three vital energies/Dosha susually cause imbalances in the other two energies.

If the parasites are located in the intestines, they are associated with imbalances of the Vata energy, and if they are in the mucous membranes and in the mucus, then the imbalance is in Kapha. This connectivity and interdependence of the three doshas is completely natural. They are determined for every person upon his birth, as their ratio is unique for everyone. In each one of us, one or two of the Doshas are predominant and this defines the Dosha type, on the basis of which the energy deviations of the balance and the required treatment are determined.

The aim is to help the organism to overcome the “crisis” / in this case, to destroy the worms and to remove them from the body/, and to restore the natural energy balance. With it all processes in the organism start to run optimally and there is no room for parasites or other diseases.

Treatment of worms

In addition to removing the specific health problem, in this case – the worms, Ayurveda aims at the complete healing of the organism, which is possible only if the energy balance is restored. After diagnostics, the physician prescribes nutritional and overall daily regimen. Agni has to be strengthened, the digestion should be improved. Moreover, cleansing therapies for the accumulated toxins are being prescribed, because the toxins also cause imabalances of the doshas. The overall treatment includes also healing yoga and meditation.

glisti i lechenie

For the removal of parasites from the body, Ayurveda uses numerous herbs. They can be consumed separately or as a spice to food, in teas or with water. There are various combinations, including healing oils such as the Ghee butter.

In some cases, the consumption of the healing agents of Ayurveda can be combined with enemas. The type of the herbs, the mixture of the proportions, however, must be specified by the Ayurvedic doctor, because the overdose with some ingredients can lead t stomach pain, nausea, fatigue, headache.

Very useful measure against worms is the mixture of asafetida, cumin seeds, turmeric and red hot pepper. It can be added to dishes, also it can be consumed dissolved in hot water. Another combination is of triphala, neem leaves grounded to powder, black pepper, ginger, Indian long pepper.A mixture of lightly-fried asafetida, ginger, black and red hot pepper, rock salt, Ghee butter, also can be used but before breakfast.  From this mixture you can also prepare a homogenous mass with lemon juice and make tablets from it. The onion water is also very effective against intestinal worms.The onion has to be cut the night before and then covered with water. In the morning, the water must be strained and consumed on an empty stomach, as the effect is present after a few days.

Once the parasites are eliminated, you have to maintain a lifestyle that is complied with your Dosha, in order to restore and keep your energy balance.

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