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Laryngitis treatment with Ayurveda

Laryngitis treatment with Ayurveda
Problems of the throat - laryngitis

Voice is the best form of our expression, it is our identity. Ayurveda has mentioned vak (speech) or vakindriya (organ of speech) as karmendriya (motor organ).It is explained as swara bheda in ayurveda.

Swara means voice, and bheda means split, modified, deformed voice, hoarseness or loss of voice. It can come as a symptom of other disease or as a disease itself. Our voice is easily affected by the daily wear and tear, and life style, habits like smoking and alcohol, infection, and injury.

Laryngitis or swelling of our voice box is a condition which puts our voice weak or even mute. It can be caused by over use, irritation or infection. It leads to hoarseness of voice, temporary loss of voice, complete loss of voice.

Disease of the throat - laryngitis


  • Caffeine, alcohol, smoking should be avoided in excesses.
  • Water should be taken according to need.
  • Too much spicy should be avoided.
  • Resting voice or keeping silent is useful.
  • Gargling with warm water helps.

Different types of swarabheda.

  • Heena swara means low voice and it is most common.
  • Kshama swara – tired voice.
  • Ksheena svara – decreased voice.
  • Svarapaghata – damage to voice.
  • Deena swara – pitiable voice.
  • Ghurghurata – sore throat.
  • Kanta koojana – supressed voice.
  • Antargata svara – depressed voice.
  • Kapota iva koojana – sound resembling to pigeon.
  • Bhinna svara – split or broken sound.

The above-mentioned types point towards elaborate study of laryngitis according to Ayurveda.


  • Atyuchcha bhashana – speaking loudly.
  • Visha – effect of poison
  • Adhyayana – reading loudly
  • Abhighata – trauma

The doshas, vata, pitta, kapha get violated due to the above reasons and cause swarabheda by destroying the voice


  • Vataja
  • Pittaja
  • Kaphaja
  • Sannipataj
  • Kshayaja
  • Medoja


  • Hoarseness of voice
  • Loss of voice
  • In vataj swarabheda there is bhinna swaram – split sounds and words when the person speaks.
  • In pittaja swarabheda there is burning sensation in throat while speaking.
  • In kaphaja swarabheda the throat of the patient is always obstructed by kapha,the patient speaks less and slowly with feeble voice ,especially on morning.
  • Sannipataj swarabheda has symptoms of all doshas.
  • Kshayaja svarabheda has a feeling there is a smoky feeling in throat.
  • Medoja swarabheda the words of the patient appears to be sunk deep inside the throat while he speaks, words spoken are not clear, burning sensation in throat ,and severe thirst.

Laryngitis treatment with Ayurveda

Treatment principles and medicine

  • Vataj swarabheda
  • Ghee should be given to brink before food after food ghee should be given with black pepper.
  • Oil containing bala (sidacordifolia), rasana (alpinia galangal) and guduchi (tinospora cordifolia) yasti madhu (glycyrhiza glabra) should be administered.
  • Mamsarasa (meatsoup) bird meat should be cooked in laghu panchamoola and given.
  • Kasamarda gritha, bringaraja gritha (eclipta alba), ghee and rice can be eaten, powders of bramhi, vacha, shunti, pipalli should be mixed with honey and can be given.

Pittaja swarabheda treatments

  • Virechana can be given as it is best in pitta disease.
  • Yastimadhu (glycyrrhiza glabra) mixed with honey should be given.
  • Ghee and jaggery can be given.
  • Shatavari choorna can be given with ghee or honey.
  • Tiktaka gritha, and vasa gritha is very helful.

Kaphaja swarabheda treatments

  • Strong nasya (shodan nasya ) should be given.
  • Virechana,vamana, foods that are pungent in taste, foods from barley, strong drugs like trikatu, (pippili,marich,sunti) are helpful.
  • Gargling with triphaladi choornam and curcuma with himlayan salt is very help full.
  • Sannipataj swarabheda treatment
  • Powders od ajmoda,curcuma, amalaki, chitraka can be used.
  • Other medicines that can be used are triphala, trikatu, yavaksara, chavyadi choornam.
  • Talispatradi choornam, karpooradi choornam,sitopaladi choornam, rajyanayadi choornam are help ful in many stages of swarabheda.
  • Kantakari kalp is useful.

Foods that help improve symptoms(patya)

Draksha, harataki, lashuna, saindavam, ardarak, tambulam, maricha, ghee .

Herbal medicines that are useful (kashayams)

  • Amrutottara kashayam
  • Dashamoola kashayam
  • Dashamool katutriya kashayam.
  • Drakshayadi kashayam.
  • Varanadi kashayam
  • Aristams.
  • Vasa aristam
  • Pippalyasavam
  • Jirakadhaya aristam
  • Gritham
  • Vasa gritham
  • Kantakari gritham
  • Vidrayadi gritham
  • Tiktakam gritham
  • Saraswatha grtham

Guti vati(tablets)

Khadiradi vati, lavangadi vati, ealadi vati, vyoshadi vati, vayu gulika, lakshami vilas ras, dhanvantaram gulika .


  • Haridra khandam, vyishadi vatakam, giloy satva, yasti madhoo choornam
  • Leham
  • Vasadi leham
  • Dashamoola rasayanam
  • Agyastahi harataki rasayanayam etc…
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