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Natural treatment of some gynecological problems in women

Natural treatment of some gynecological problems in women
Природосъобразно лечение на някои гинекологични проблеми при жените

There is practically no woman who has not encountered at least once in her life some kind of gynecological problems. No matter what they are and how intense they are, we should never underestimate them. There are situations in which timely diagnosis and treatment are extremely important for successful coping.

Природосъобразно treatment of some gynecological problems in women

For this reason doctors insist that we be responsible for our health , as often and on time we do all preventive examinations and undergo preventive care. Let’s learn more about this.

The causes of gynecological diseases can be very different – starting with viruses, going through bacteria and reaching fungi. Some of these infections are sexually transmitted, while others are associated with malignant changes.

Classical medicine in the West fights these problems through various methods and therapies. Gynecological diseases are most often prescribed drugs, and in some cases surgery is required. Cancer often requires even more invasive treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation .

Природосъобразно treatment of some gynecological problems in women

Five gynecological problems that can be influenced by Ayurveda

Menstrual disorders

Usually the cycle in women lasts about 28 days – just as much as and the lunar cycle. Of course, for some of us it is shorter, and for others it is longer. The bleeding itself lasts about 4 – 7 days. If your cycle does not fall within these limits, or comes irregularly, Be sure to seek medical advice.

Menstruation can be disrupted for a variety of reasons . Sometimes the reason for this can be more harmless, such as stress, fatigue, or the use of certain medications.

Usually, if everything is within normal limits, interference occurs once and does not occur again. Above all, however, this is a sign that something in the body is not working well. If your cycle is persistently irregular, there is often a hormonal or other health problem behind it.

Changes in the duration of bleeding should not be underestimated, as they are often accompanied by an increase in its intensity.

Although as women we are used to losing a certain amount of blood every month, it should not be too much. As it intensifies, fatigue deepens, and low blood pressure and even anemia can occur.

Ayurveda views menstruation as an indicative factor for the state of the three driving energies of existence – pita, coffee and vata doshas. To deal with such imbalances, different therapeutic methods have been developed depending on the specific condition.

Ancient Indian medicine recommends in situations of irregular cycle to apply an appropriate diet to help the body to restore and strengthen your defenses. The easiest way to achieve this is to include the right herbs and spices in your daily menu.

Often menstrual problems occur due to disturbances in the balance of the vata dosha, which is responsible for circulation in the body. Ayurveda emphasizes pepper, turmeric and cinnamon to improve metabolism and blood circulation, as well as eliminate toxins. Garlic and ginger also have great properties in this regard.

Products such as: are recommended for the women’s menu in such cases

  • fish
  • legumes such as lentils and mung beans
  • oranges
  • peas
  • honey and others

Abnormal vaginal discharge

It is possible in some cases to notice disturbances in the normal state outside the bleeding period . These may include bleeding outside the normal days of the cycle.

Such a condition is necessarily a sign of some deviation in the life processes of the organism and it is necessary to discuss it with a gynecologist. Depending on the severity of the course, specialists can decide what treatment should be.

The cause of such problems may lie in hormonal imbalance, cyst formation, inflammation and even a tumor or ectopic pregnancy. But whatever the diagnosis, the female body at such a time needs mostly detoxification and strengthening of the resistance forces. 

Indian traditional medicine offers various decoctions and oils that may be helpful in such situations.

Regular meditation and yoga classes are also important for restoring healthy harmony .

White Current

White discharge is part of a woman’s normal menstrual cycle. It does not have to be associated with any disease. Basically, this is how our reproductive system cleanses and maintains a normal bacterial environment.

However, it is necessary to pay no less attention to the daily white secretion than the bleeding. Any change or abnormality in its rhythm, density, odor or color can also be a sign of an infection.

Causes of pathological white flow can be sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes simplex, gonorrhea and others. These conditions need immediate treatment.

In Ayurveda, white flow has a decisive role in the diagnosis of gynecological diseases. Its characteristics can be an indicator of which of the doshas is unbalanced, which manifests itself in one state or another.

When it comes to finding out what kind of pathology it is, Indian healers recommend an intensive course of cleansing the body in accordance with it.

We must keep in mind that most of these problems cannot be solved at once , and the genital herpes virus, for example, stays in our bone marrow forever. Therefore, it will be necessary to apply a comprehensive treatment with regular therapeutic procedures, herbs, yoga practices and diet. 

In case of genital infections, it is forbidden to eat fatty or fried foods, and also red meats and eggs. Hydration of the body and release of accumulated toxins are a priority.

It is recommended to consume as many red fruits as possible as blueberries , blackberries, raspberries, pomegranates and strawberries. Especially the consumption of cranberries is extremely useful.

Very good effect has washing with herbal decoctions with antibacterial action. Keep in mind that it is not good to take baths with a decoction, as this can spread bacteria that are not inherent in the genital system. The only way to do the rinsing is with top-down watering.

Reproductive Medicine

Природосъобразно treatment of some gynecological problems in women

Despite the advancement of modern medicine the inability to conceive continues to be a serious challenge for affected couples and gynecologists.

These problems are related not only to physical but also to emotional health. Despair from prolonged attempts can create extra stress and make it even harder for us to achieve our dream goal.

The problems are not always with the woman. Sometimes a man has a reproductive problem, and sometimes both partners have difficulty in their own way. That is why, in both classical medicine and Ayurveda, examinations are performed on both.

Against infertility, Indian medicine uses steam baths, therapeutic massages, detox regimen, therapeutic gymnastics. If the imbalance causing the problem is hormonal, adherence to a nutritious diet is key . The most important thing, however, is to achieve harmony on a mental and psychological level.


Another problem that every woman faces is menopause. This is a period in life when many changes occur. Therefore, this pushes all the underlying health problems.

But even if we are completely healthy, we will certainly experience more or less discomfort during this phase of the female life and reproductive cycle.

Ayurveda offers various therapies for women in the so-called critical age, with which they can alleviate their symptoms and get through the challenges more easily.

Natural treatment of some gynecological problems in women

One of the most important herbs in menopause is shatavari . With its cooling and moisturizing action, this herb can be our hidden trump card against hormonal changes.

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