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Natural treatment with Ayurveda

Natural treatment with Ayurveda
[:bg]Маня Васти процедура[:en]Manya Vasti procedure[:ru]Маня Васти процедуры[:] | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Why choose Ayurveda treatment?

Successful Ayurveda treatment of all diseases has been in place for over 5,000 years. This ancient medicine, born in India, is part of a complete science about man, his place in the universe, and the life that she has given him.

Manja Vist procedure | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Treatment with Ayurveda means recovering the initial energy balances in the body. When treating Ayurveda, procedures and therapies focus not only on the disease in question, which is a consequence, but also on the causes that lead to the disease.

The “secret” of classical Ayurveda treatment is the proper combination of natural remedies for each disease. There are specific procedures and remedies for Ayurveda such as asthma, chronic allergies, psoriasis, obesity, joint problems, or digestion, diabetes, migraine, cardiovascular disease, etc.

Authentic Ayurvedic treatment aims to normalize the disturbed balance between the three energies in the body – each of which is responsible for a certain kind of system in the body. Vata refers to heart, blood circulation and breathing. He asks for metabolism, and Kafa for growth and immunity.

The human body is usually the leading one, it can be more pronounced and two. This leads to numerous possible combinations in balance and imbalance, which also determines the many combinations for Ayurveda treatment. Ayurveda uses hundreds of herbs and formulations to combine them, curative oils, various therapies and treatments.

According to the Ayurveda treatment methods, eight areas can be mentioned: general medicine, treatment of children, surgery, ears, eyes, teeth, noses, methods of microorganisms or alcohol diseases, antidotes, rejuvenation, reproductive health. In practice, this covers all diseases.

Diagnosis with Ayurveda treatment is also specific – through general appearance, pulse, language, way of speaking, touching certain points. It can predict the approach of a disease for which there are no signs yet.

Role of the applied detox of the organism

A basic principle in ancient Ayurveda is the body’s dictation. It is advisable, even if there are no clear signs of disease, that the detox of the organism should be done at least twice a year as a prophylaxis. Why does this detox of the organism need?

Ayurveda clinic Bansko Shindarova procedure

Many people do not live healthy. They eat in an unimaginable way with harmful foods – too oily, bakery, sweet, and so on. Motion is very limited, and work is not properly matched with complete rest. The environment is contaminated in many places with various chemicals and other elements – air, soil, water.

All this accumulates in the body toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, free radicals from which the body fails to get rid of itself. These poisons as slags are deposited in the intestine, liver, bile, kidney, and skin. They not only stutter the functions of the systems in the body, they also poison every single cell. So they lead to illnesses.

Symptoms that need a detox of the body are overweight, frequent constipation, dry skin or hair, and so on. When a prophylactic detox of the body is done, consult a doctor. At low pressure, for example, making a detox of the body can cause problems.

When the detox of the organism is for medical purposes, it must be under full medical supervision according to the particular general condition of the patient, the type and extent of the disease, etc. The detox regime of the body is judged by the medics. In Ayurveda, this is a complex set of procedures, nutrition, meditation, yoga, educational activities, and more.

In Ayurveda Clinic Bansko courses for treatment – and there are treating all the diseases, accompanied by a detox of the organism, last for 10 days, 15, 20 or 25 days. In the advanced stage of the disease, a longer period of treatment may be required. Here is a complete detox of the organism.

Importance of the Purvacarma method

Purvacarma is one of Ayurveda’s two methods of purifying the body from poisons. Generally speaking, Purvakarma is a preparatory stage. Purvakarma’s goal is to let the body and organs move the zones with concentrated toxins to prepare the body for internal purification. In addition, Purvakarma’s procedures embellish, cleanse pores from the upper layers, rejuvenate the skin, make it more elastic.

Nasbi Puranam | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Purvakarma has selected a series of external procedures. There are massages at certain points with rubbing of herbs and curative oils, herbal saunas, bathing. Most important in Purvakarma is the lubrication with herbal oils and the application of thermal procedures.

The first few days of treatment with Purvakarma, and then the Purvakarma procedures begin to combine with the internal cleansing therapies. The overall effect of Purvakarma is to release the accumulated slag to facilitate its further separation from the organs. Certain heated oils have the effect of increasing the metabolism and dissolution of the slag as well as the dissolution of the pores.

Part of the therapies of Purvacarma are aimed at calming the nervous system. This, in addition to being well-suited to combat stress, prepares the body more easily to accept the oncoming changes in the body. Some of the massages and therapies of Purvakarma also have a direct healing effect on certain diseases – joints, multiple sclerosis, facial paralysis, gout, etc.

Cleansing with Panchakarma

Panchakarma is Ayurveda’s second method of cleansing the body. Panchakarma is an internal cleansing and is used in conjunction with the Purvakarma external purification procedures.

The word Panchkarma means five (expressing the 5 basic cleansing methods) and karma, which is “activity”. The curative activities of Panchkarma are cleansing and laxative. These include vomiting, enema, taking nose of medicinal oils, taking laxatives, purifying the blood.

Each of the Pancakarma methods is applied to a particular group of health problems. Vomiting caused by specific healing herbs is recommended for hay fever, vitiligo, increased stomach acidity, chronic obstructed nose, psychological problems, and more.

The weaknesses of Panchkarma are also herbs. They remove poisons from the liver and the intestine as well as from the digestive tract. They are suitable for chronic fever, diabetes, constipation, gynecological problems, and so on.

Panchkarma’s main healing therapy is the drug enema. With her, Panchkarma cleanses the colon at the three Dows. Use oil mixed with a decoction of herbs. In addition to cleansing, Panchkarma increases the muscular tone of the bowel.

Pancreatic medication enema is conducted at physician judgment of varying lengths, according to the general condition and disease of the patient. Pancreatic drug medication is recommended for colitis, discopathy, hemorrhoids, sexual problems, infertility.

Piatramaras Nasamym procedure | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

The introduction of herbal oil through the nose purifies toxins accumulated in the head and neck. It can be given up to 30 days for sinusitis, loss of sense of smell or taste, breathing and vision problems, insomnia, memory problems, etc. Blood purification is performed on very rare occasions.

In addition to the direct curative effect for the disease, the combined application of Purvacarma and Pancakarma has an overall effect to improve overall health. The body releases more than 50% of the harmful substances, the tone rises, the body rejuvenates with new energy.

Eating in Ayurveda

Ayurveda attaches great importance to nutrition. If it is not right, food from a source of life for the body becomes a pest of the organism.

Pantoptoal sveda panchakkizhi therapy | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

In Ayurveda, eating is three times a day. An hour is reserved for breakfast, for lunch – 30 minutes, for dinner – an hour again. Because of the importance of food as a source of life for the body, for Ayurveda eating is like a sacrament.

Nutrition should be done in complete peace of mind and spirit, abstracted from all kinds of problems and external influences consumed in eating food.

Wound preparation itself is like a ritual. Ayurvedic food must be prepared in a clean room, with positive thoughts, with clean clothes. Serving must be beautiful, offered with love.

The food should be fresh and should be consumed for up to 3 hours after it has been cooked. After three hours, it is not useful, even if it is from healthier products prepared in a healthy way. Food is also not useful if it is not delicious. Foods should be tailored to the leading type of dosha or doshi, which are characterized by certain foods and flavors.

For Ayurveda the food is three types according to the energy charge it carries: the kindness, the passion and the ignorance. Charge of goodness brings juicy, fresh fruits and vegetables, corn, walnuts, lentils, cereals and others. Charges of passion carry too hot, salty or bitter foods, or foods with a strong smell. An energy source of passion is also food that is spicy, hot or dry. The food of ignorance includes alcohol, canned foods, pasta, meat, eggs, and more.

According to Ayurveda, one should not lose any of the six tastes – sour, sweet, salty, bitter, bitter, astringent. However, the combination of individual foods is important because they affect specific organs and systems.

Healthy with Ayurveda

The curative course of Ayurvedic will in itself remove the disease and its causes. But if a person continues with the unhealthy lifestyle, the illnesses will return.

That is why Ayurveda courses include lectures on a healthy lifestyle, and an explanation for Ayurvedic essence. Because Ayurveda is also a philosophy of life, a way of behaving. This includes diet, exercise, rest, and rest that need to be maintained.

Our team at Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Self-awareness makes it easy to apply Ayurveda’s way of life. For this ancient science, one holds his fate in his own hands and it is up to him to steer it. That is why Ayurveda teaches a person how to be conscious and live in a qualitative way, to achieve a healthy balance between body and spirit.

Thus, for Ayurveda, the patient plays a very important role in the treatment, as part of Ayurveda’s medical team. Because every person strives for health and longevity, perceiving Ayurveda, he has to give up the harmful habits and create healthy ones.

The power of the mind should be involved in the healing process in order to achieve better results and to remain lasting. And everyone can live on the principles of Ayurveda in order to be healthy, active, fulfilling and long-lived.



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