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Overeating – Can We Deal With Ayurvedic Practices?

Overeating – Can We Deal With Ayurvedic Practices?
Преяждането - можем ли да се справи с аюрведични практики?

Nutrition is a key life process . Thanks to it we get the necessary energy for our body. It can also be a great pleasure. However, in order to be healthy, we need to listen carefully to the signals of the body and set some limits in terms of eating.

Overeating - can we to deal with Ayurvedic practices?

In all people the food they eat has an impact in more -small or greater. Very often, when we do not have enough time to cook something quality, we often eat fast or junk food. Another problem is the prices of food products, because quality is necessarily priced high.

In addition, low-grade foods include many harmful ingredients, which provoke even more appetite and make us eat more than we need.

That is why overeating can be considered one of the most common problems in modern society. How can we overcome it if it has already become a systemic problem? 

Overeating - can we to deal with Ayurvedic practices?

To overcome overeating, we do not need to switch to a strict restrictive regime. On the one hand, too fanatical abstinence from food can lead to mineral deficiency in our body and seriously harm us in long-term aspect.

In addition, we should not underestimate the risk of developing a more serious and dangerous eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia.

Why do we have a tendency to overeat?

The affinity for overeating is inherent in a very large percentage of people . There are many reasons for this.

When we take a bite of our favorite dish, some basic life processes begin to develop in our body . The very fact that we like this food triggers the secretion in our endocrine system of higher than normal dopamine levels.

In addition, some products have the ability to cause even more active production of this hormone. it stimulates our glands to secrete violently.

Under the influence of hormones our mental state changes and we literally feel happier . That’s why most of us are so addicted to it.

So – eating is a great pleasure! Okay, so why don’t all people overeat?

For some, this is due to irregular eating . About a third of people say they eat only once a day. This invariably leads to excessive food intake.

Others admit that they sometimes resort to large amounts of food as a means of dealing with boredom and anxiety . This is probably one of the most harmful ways to eat. You need to work on yourself, if that’s the case.

The digestive system is the first and most directly affected by systemic overeating. Therefore, its first accompanying symptoms are pain and swelling in the abdomen, as well as heartburn and gas, and it is possible to experience nausea.

With the deepening of uncontrolled eating irreversible changes occur such as enlargement of the stomach cavity and others. In some cases, it even leads to surgery.

In the long run, they can also develop other far more serious conditions such as elevated levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar, increased blood pressure, obesity, which in turn can be a prerequisite for many dangerous diseases.

There is a lot of talk about all kinds of drugs and supplements that are proven to be effective in suppressing appetite . However, drug therapy can be no less dangerous than overeating itself. Especially when taken without a doctor’s supervision, unpredictable health consequences can occur.

The key to boosting metabolism is balancing our doshas. When they are at their natural rest, our glands, hormones and enzymes are in harmony and also work in the best way.

How can Ayurveda help us?

Indian medicine has found many ways to overcome spontaneous desire , which encourages us to overeat . Therapies are non-invasive and have no side effects.


Meditation practices are widely used in Ayurveda to treat eating disorders. Especially if you are prone to overeating nerves, you must work on your emotional balance.

Regression therapy is recommended to make us aware of our behavior and to start controlling it better. That way, we can build the self-control we need to change our lives.


Ayurvedic herbs that can help dull the urge to eat include ajvine, punarnava, long pepper, aloe vera. Decoctions of garlic in combination with ginger are also widely used.

Overeating - can we to deal with Ayurvedic practices?

Some healthy eating habits

Count calories, but not fanatically

It’s not the portion size that directly affects how much we can gain from it. Not everything is black and white even in diets.

If you are not so thorough as to estimate your caloric intake every day, at least focus on the ratio of nutrients in your plate and try to keep it balanced.

If you’ve really calculated how much food you need, pour just that much and don’t reach for extra . If you don’t count calories, just eat what you’ve poured, and you can get some more in snack time . More frequent but small portions are thought to have a better effect on weight.

Ayurveda dictates that our ration for eating should be no more than we can hold in our hands.

Don’t demonize sugar!

Don’t think that in order to fight overeating, you need to you completely exclude your favorite foods from your diet. After all, no one wants superhuman manifestations of stoicism from us!

Eliminating sugar from your diet is not as easy as sounds at first glance, not as useful as some influencers make it look.

First, be careful what sweeteners you replace it with – some are even more harmful than it. On the other hand, if we starve constantly, the mind becomes obsessed with the thought of food.

Overeating - can we to deal with Ayurvedic practices?

Eat slowly

You’ve probably heard this many times since you were little. This is actually a scientifically proven fact. However, in practice it is not as easy as it sounds. We must emphasize that this means not slowly, but long chewing each bite.

Eat yourself

According to Indian traditional medicine, it is also proper to eat in solitude. If it is not possible to separate, it is enough to refrain from talking until we are done. The same goes for the use of electronic and digital devices while eating such as laptops, computers, smartphones and TVs.

They distract us from the process and sometimes our brain just forgets to send a message to stop eating. It is also not recommended to listen to songs and music or to eat while dancing.

Some little tricks

If you still happen to overeat, make tea with aromatic herbs and enjoy it. At least at first it will definitely make you feel better.

In order to eat healthy and moderate , it is not necessary to we become fanatics in this regard. Even if we sometimes “sin” with a piece of pasta, something fried or a small cake, it doesn’t matter – as long as, of course, we don’t overdo it.

It is of paramount importance to ask ourselves what processes are triggered in our body when eating build a well-balanced, regular and healthy lifestyle.

Photos: Unsplash.com

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