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Pain Syndromes

Pain Syndromes
[:bg]Болкови синдроми[:en]Pain syndromes[:]

When are we dealing with pain syndrome

Although the pain syndrome is painful, it is not a disease. Pain syndromes are not associated with distinct damage to an organ that directs to a particular disease and explains the symptoms.

Pain syndromeThis is actually a condition where several factors coincide, and this causes a disorder in certain activities of the body. If this condition persists for more than three months, it can be identified as syndrome.

Different pain syndromes vary in intensity and duration. They can be strong, sharp or weak and muted, constant, or periodic. They can simultaneously affect different areas that cannot be directly linked – such as leg pain and headache.

Pain can also cause a sensation of a non-existent problem – say a feeling of heat or swelling of the hands that the patient has not actually experienced. Various concomitant symptoms may also occur – changes in skin color, hair growth, nail appearance, etc.

In fact, pain syndromes can be related to any body system – bone, neurological, cardiovascular, urinary, etc., without any alteration or inflammation. Due to the numerous possibilities such as causes and various symptoms, the medics check for possible abuse by the patient with psychotropic substances and medications. Then, a complex approach is applied for each system, specifying the specific complaints: where is the pain, when it occurs, what exactly is its nature – dull, sharp, burning, etc., what relieves it.

The treatment is aimed at restoring the body with its natural functions, which are often interfered by stress, poor nutrition, inadequate physical activity.

Methods and remedies against pain syndromes

Healing Ayurveda massages are particularly effective for removing pain symptoms. Their direct impact on the body is accompanied by the effect of healing oils. These oils penetrate deeply through the skin and have a pain-relieving and antiseptic action.

Kshira Dhara massage | Ayurveda Clinic BanskoOften, the basic natural oils – sesame, sandalwood, corn, coconut, etc. are used to boil herbs in them in order to extract additional essences that have boosting effect.

In addition to these ‘heavy’ oils, essential oils with relaxing effect are used with no deep penetration individual effect. Used separately they are helpful for remedying problems of surface tissues of the body. These include cinnamon, rose, musk, camphor, and other oils.

Ayurveda massages should not be regarded as just a rubbing. The direction, pressure and alternation of movements are especially important for each massage. Depending on the areas and the set aim, it may be similar to touch or slight tapping.

Once the pain is localized, Ayurveda aims at the respective marmani. These are sensitive border areas of the body where different organs meet – joints, bones, blood vessels, nerves.

The main marma centers are 107. There are 22 points for the hands and feet, 14 for the back, 12 for the chest and stomach, 37 for the head and neck area. Some of them are directly related to the seven main chakras. The seven chakras in turn are from the crown to the end of the spine and each is associated with certain organs.

Chakras are not a physiological concept, they are energy wheels that swirl energy in the body. They affect organs and systems in the body similar to emotions. They alter all physiological functions – from pulse, blood pressure, breathing, etc. to metabolism. Thus, Ayurveda massages act on nodal centers in the body and achieve the complex effect.

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