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Paralysis of the body

Paralysis of the body
[:bg]Лечение на парализа с Аюрведа[:en]Treatment of paralysis with Ayurveda[:ru]Лечение паралича аюрведой[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

Causes of paralysis 

Like all other diseases, paralysis occurs when there is an energy imbalance in the body. Every person has three types of energies/Doshas.

Treatment of paralysis with Ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

One of them is Vata and it is responsible for all movements – from blinking to breathing and blood circulation. The involuntary reactions, called tics, are also included here.

In the philosophy of Ayurveda, Vata is associated with Air. It is one of the five elements of the creation of the Universe and embodies the movement. The Pitta energy is associated with the other basic element – Fire. It is responsible for the body’s transformations – digestion, absorption of substances and also body temperature.

Kapha Dosha is the energy responsible for immunity and growth. It is associated with two elements – Water and Earth. It is responsible for the fluids in the body – the hydration of the organs, as well as the bone system, immune system and growth.

The three Doshas are in unique proportions for each person and are in a certain balance which is set at birth. In this state, one or two predominate, and this determines the basic body type or the Dosha of the person. Deviations from this equilibrium lead to illnesses.

Paralysis is mostly caused by an imbalance in the “air” Vata which is associated with movement and dominates the brain and nerves. This disease results in damage to the fine channels which serve as conductors of the nerve impulses as part of the flow of the vital energy called Prana.

Problems with them, however, could be triggered by the other two Doshaos – out of balance, the “fiery” Pitta can even interrupt the channels and Kapha can block them. The specific reasons should determined by an Ayurveda physician, all the more that the energy imbalance may involve combined deviations in two or all three doshas. The treatment is by regaining the energy balance.

Dosha balancing is done through diet and daily regimes, healing oils and herbs from nature, specialized massages on energy points and centers and yoga practices. This is accompanied by combined nature-friendly procedures and detoxification therapies.

Treatment of paralysis

The treatment of paralysis in each patient is strictly individual – both because of the unique body type/Dosha of everyone, and because of a number of additional factors – living and working conditions, age, gender, specific general condition. But there are also basic principles in balancing of the Doshas.

Paralysis treatment through Ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

For Vata, nutrition should include warm food rich in protein and carbohydrates, raw food as well as cold drinks should be avoided.  Unlike the other two doshas, for which lunch is a main meal, people with Vata should have light meals for lunch – soups, noodles, macaroni.

However, their breakfast must be abundant and early – at dawn. Dinner should include a lot of proteins. It is important for Vata to strictly adhere to the daily regimen prescribed by the physician because they are generally incoherent, impulsive, with mood swings.

They often experience unreasonable fear, tend to exaggerate the problems, so it is not good for them to stay alone for a long time. Apart from the diet and daily regimen, Vata is balanced by oils and herbs. Very good for sedating Vata is the Ashwaganda herb. It is also known as Indian ginseng, although unlike ginseng, it is not as stimulating as it is soothing and beneficial in case of nervous exhaustion.

The roots are used; the taste is a mixture of bitter, tart and sweet. It is taken with sweetened warm milk. Daily dosages should be consulted with an Ayurveda doctor, because in some cases Ashwaganda may increase Pitta. And when properly ingested, it can be used for a long time, balancing all Doshas in the human body.

A cup of ginger tea in the morning, as well as turmeric milk before going to bed, is also soothing for Vata. For the balancing of Vata, the herb triphla is used, which is a combination of amalaki – small grapelike berries similar to gooseberries, bibhitaki – extracts of a type of an Indian tree and haritaki – a type of almond.

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