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Treatment of anxiety with Ayurveda

Treatment of anxiety with Ayurveda
Treatment of anxiety with Ayurveda

How to cure increased anxiety with the help of Ayurveda

Even for medical practitioners it is sometimes difficult to make the difference between the regular daily anxieties, the manifestations of excessive anxiety and the various mental states that are associated with these conditions. In fact, anxiety is absolutely normal and often is even a healthy emotion. However, when we notice that we experience excessive levels of anxiety regularly, we should be careful because this may turn into a problem. 

Statistically, anxiety and the anxiety disorder are more common in women than in men. However, statistics show that everyone can fall into this state. Excessive anxiety can occur both due to genetics and as a result of the environment. 

Some people are genetically predisposed to anxiety; but the development of pathological anxiety can be prevented with the help of preventive measures.  

Traumatic experiences during early childhood also can cause intense emotions that can lead to anxiety episodes. During these episodes various feelings may arise sush as fear (even horror), worrying, uncertainty, hypersensitivity, overload, loss of control, a sense of internal conflict, indecision, etc.

Treatment of anxiety with Ayurveda

What is the nature of anxiety disorders?

Anxiety disorders are a category of psychiatric diagnoses that are related to excessive nervousness, fear, imbalances and worries. Excessive anxiety is seen in a number of mental conditions such as panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, (OCD), post-traumatic disorder.  

Typically, these conditions come and go, as they exacerbate at certain moments and get weaker at other times. These disturbances change the way in which we process our emotions and the way we behave, as well as they are associated with a number of physical symptoms. These may include insomnia, stomach upsets, fatigue, sweating, tremor, concentration problems. The lighter cases of anxiety can confuse us, but the severe cases of anxiety disorders can seriously impact our daily life. 

Medical treatment of anxiety

Western medicine almost always uses medications to treat anxiety. Typically, the group of the Prozac” antidepressants is applied, as well as some anticonvulsants, which are mainly used for treatment of epilepsy. Sedatives such as xanax are also prescribed for these conditions. A huge minus of antidepressants is that the treatment should be carried out for a long time of period without any visible effect. In addition, in many cases, the patient builds up a tolerance for the drug, so the dosage needs to be increased regularly. The side effects of these medications are very unpleasant and they cannot be tolerated for too long

People with anxiety often rely on alcohol to release their symptoms. This is very dangerous because it may lead to addition, which in turn may cause complications of the general condition.  

Ayurvedic Cooking for Mental Problems

Ayurvedic methods for treatment of the disease

Ayurveda specialists believe that excessive anxiety is due to an imbalance of Vata dosha. Vata is one of the three doshas – or constitutions that support our homeostasis. Vata dosha embodies the energy of the element air and space, the mental wind.  

If you ever had experienced inspiration or a sense that you have been carried away by a creative process, then you have felt Vata dosha in its best. But Vata dosha is very fine, just like tis balance, so the problems with it may result in a weakening of our nervous system. When Vata goes out of balance, the excessive energy may cause the so-called citta vritti (literally, monkey mind).


Ayurveda applies a holistic approach to the treatment of anxiety and anxiety disorders, trying to calm the mind. For the treatment of the imbalanced Vata dosha, herbal treatment is recommended, as well as a diet that includes relatively fatty, but not heavy foods. The fats contained in the avocado, salmon, olive oil, nuts, coconut, whole milk are a great therapy of our Vata. Also very useful is to eat zucchini, rice, quinoa and red beets. The recommended sweet fruits are: 

  • plums
  • melons
  • red grapes . 

Unlike the general considerations of the West, Ayurveda believes that in case of increased Vata, the raw foods should be avoided, even when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables. Thermal processing, however, should not be overdone. It is considered that in such cases food is particularly very healthy when served warm. Spices that can boost our Pitta (fiery) dosha are used – dill, ginger, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, coriander and cardamom. Warm beverages with honey are a great way to balance Vata dosha. In addition, it is a good idea to eat in certain hours, as this is a part of the general lifestyle change that Ayurveda provides as part of the treatment. 


In order to deal with anxiety, Ayurveda recommends a variety of herbs that warm and rejuvenate our nervous system. Most of these plants have grounding effect for our energetic body. Among the most suitable herbs recommended for this condition are shanpushpi, green tea, aswaganda, brahmi and jatamansi (from the valeriana family), as well as tulsi. If applied in the right doses and combined with the right program, these herbs may help us to balance our Vata dosha. 

Oils in any form are extremely effective in the treatment of imbalanced Vata. All kinds of massages with essential oils are recommended, and before going to bed you can massage your feet with these oils. This helps to improve the quality of our sleep, which is essential for dealing with anxiety. 

Although it is very useful to combine the dietary and herbal regime of Ayurveda with physical activity, you really should not overdo it in terms of intensity. The energy of increased Vata manifests in unexpected tides, therefore you should be careful not to waste it all at once. Vata dosha does not respond well to overload and fatigue.  

Ayurvedic methods for treatment of anxiety disorders can be used in combination with the treatment prescribed by modern medicine, with regard to medications, psychotherapy or a combination of both. It is important to know that these disorders can be treated with a high levels of success. Although anxiety usually does not disappear completely, there is a chance that it can be managed in a way, so the person can live a happy and healthy life. 

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