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Treatment of Crohn’s disease with Ayurveda

Treatment of Crohn’s disease with Ayurveda
Pain from the Crohn’s disease

Pain from the Crohn’s disease

The disease of Crohn and Grahani 

In Western medicine, the Crohn‘s disease was formulated in 1932 as intestinal inflammations and this condition is considered chronic. This means that it is incurable, only supportive treatment is possible, which helps to relieve symptoms that appear periodically and exacerbate.

Ayurveda, however, has found a cure thousands of years ago for the complete elimination of all manifestations that nowadays are defined by the Western medicine as symptoms of Crohn’s disease. These are:

  • Stomach pain around the navel
  • Diarrhea with mucus or blood in the stools
  • Pain during bowel movement or a feeling of incomplete bowel movement
  • General fatigue, high fever, etc.

In ancient times the Ayurveda people have defined the disease with the name Grahani. It generally specifies the small intestine, but the treatment of Ayurveda is such that “covers” the entire digestion tract, all places in it where the inflammations can occur. This is not accidental – for Ayurveda, the digestive system is of key importance for the health, because poor digestion is the basis of the diseases – muscles, bones, nerves, blood, all they become susceptible to diseases.

When Agni – the fire of digestion – is weak, there is incomplete degradation of food. Then toxins are formed by the rotting of residues that remain. They spread with the blood and damage the nourishment of the cells, they also block the fine channels through which the three vital body energies flow, and they cause disturbances to the vital processes.

In fact, the disturbances affect the balance of the three energies in the body through which the organism lives and develops. They carry out all processes in the organism. The movements are performed through Vata; Pitta manages the transformations, and the condition of the liquids depends on Kapha. These forces are in a unique balance in each one of us, and each one of them has a certain “share” in it, as the leading energy determines the Dosha type of the person.

Every time one of the Doshas goes out of balance, it can cause symptoms similar to Cronh’s disease anywhere in the digestive system. Usually the imbalance in one of the vital energies leads to imbalance in the other two. The type and extent of manifestation of the symptoms depend on the Dosha type of the person and they also depend on which energies have deviated and how much.

Treatment of Crohn’s disease

The treatment

Ayurveda uses many and varied herbs in order to reduce inflammation of the digestive system and possible pain. It also affects the whole organism in order for it to restore its optimal functions as a self-regulating and controlling system that prevents illnesses.  

The emphasis is on restoring the proper digestion and the balance of the Doshas. That is why the factors that suppress Agni should be eliminated – unhealthy food, which does not conform to the Dosha of the person; improper combination of incompatible foods, or inappropriate diet, or eating in inappropriate hours, inadequate to Agni’s biological activity.

At the same time, the accumulated toxins must be cleansed from the body, and useful habits shall be created in terms of everyday life, feelings and thoughts. This is required because for Ayurveda the physical health is inextricably linked to the mental and psychological health. Therefore Ayurveda’s treatment includes a strictly individual complex of diet, detoxification, meditation, healing yoga, as all these are determined by the Ayurveda doctor.

In the initial stage, eating is highly limited, and a short period of fasting might be practiced. Small portions of light porridges, soups, fruits should be consumed, as the diet gradually passes to the regimen of the respective Dosha. At the same time are applied laxatives and cleansing oils, as well as herbs, internally and externally, and healing vomiting and enema also can be used in the process.  Plants, oils, minerals and combinations are also applied.

The traditionally used ones are

  • ginger
  • cardamom
  • guduchi
  • aswaganda
  • turmeric
  • liquorice
  • wacke
  • nagara
  • ativisa
  • musta and many others.

The pouring oils are also intended to reduce the Doshas that are out of balance. After elimination of the inflammation, the lifestyle must comply with the principles of Ayurveda with regard to the three Doshas, because otherwise the disease will come back.

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