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Treatment of edema with Ayurveda

Treatment of edema with Ayurveda
[:bg]Лечение на отоци с Аюрведа[:en]Treatment of edema with Ayurveda[:ru]Лечение отеков аюрведой[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

What is the cause of swellings 

The swelling is caused by fluid accumulation between cells in a particular part of the body, resulting in a change of the size and shape of the particular body part. Swelling can appear anywhere in the body – edematous eyes, legs, hands, nose, often accompanied by itching or pain.

Treatment of swelling with Ayurveda

In general swelling is associated with an imbalance of the body energy Kapha, which is responsible for fluids in the organism. However, the cause of the swellings may be an imbalance of another Dosha. Moreover, the deviations of energy are usually complex and disturbances in one of the energies cause disturbancies in the other two.

Edema can occur, for example, if blood circulation is disturbed, and the blood flow, as well as all body movements, are related to Vata. The swellings can be caused also by Pitta, which is the “fiery” Dosha and if it is highly inceased, it can “burn” somewhere the fine channels for energy movement, and thus stop them to a certain degree.

Swellings are more common for people with Kapha body type, but this energy can cause swellings without being the leading in the energy balance of the particular person. In the edema of the Kapha type, the swelling is stronger, as mark remains for a while on the body part which is pressed, the skin is pale and moist. When there is a swelling of the Vata type the veins are protruding, the skin is dry, it may peel, there are no marks on the body part if pressed.

In edema of the Pitta type there is a sense of burning and the skin gets red. Sometimes the swelling can be due to external factors – such as trauma caused by dislocation or injury, or contusion. It can be caused by an insect bite, or it can be caused also by an allergic reaction to food and so on. The treatment depends on the cause – external or internal, and when there is a Dosha imbalance, the specific deviations of the three energies need to be diagnosed and adequate measures have to be taken in order to return them to the proper balance.

Ayurveda treatment of edema

The methods and measures of Ayurveda for treatment of edema are varied according to the causes of swelling. The excess fluids are successfully removed with Punarnava. The plant is widely used for treatment of edema associated with gastric, cardiac or kidney problems.

Herbs for treating edema

Actually it is applied to a number of other problems – joints, muscles, menstruation and so on, because besides being a very good diuretic, reducing the retained fluid, it also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.    

Punarnava has a cooling, cleansing and firming effect. In order to reduce the swelling, it is very effective to smear the place with a paste of mixed in equal quantities sandalwood powder and turmeric, mixed with water. If the swelling is on the face, you should be very careful with the paste not to enter the eyes area.

If your feet are swollen, essential oils such as eucalyptus, mint, lemon and water can be used. In case of feet edema it is useful to mix rice, water and baking powder – the rice water improves the blood circulation in the capillaries and reduces the swelling. Soothing effect for the feet edema has also the sandalwood oil, as well as the lavender baths accompanied with massages.

If the body part is swollen because it is bitten by an insect, an effective way to reduce the edema and eliminate the itching is to smear it with tea tree oil and neem in equal parts. They will neutralize the venom, the skin irritation will be removed and the edema will disappear. Neem can also be used separately.

In case of intestinal parasites it is possible to get a puffy face. In this case should be used a mixture of equal parts of vidanga, neem and gymnema. The mixture – half the teaspoon should be consumed in the afternoon and after dinner. The main effect is antibacterial and it soothes the inflammations, it improves digestion, which in turn affects the swelling. If there is swelling of the nose, Ghee oil can be used.

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