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Facial palsy

Facial palsy
[:bg]Аюрведа лечение на лицева парализа[:en]Ayurveda treatment of facial paralysis[:ru]Аюрведическое лечение паралича лица[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

Reasons for the facial paralysis 

Facial paralysis has different stages. It may be unilateral, bilateral or to affect the bottom part of the face. It manifests in loss of voluntary movements in the affected area. One cannot perform elementary facial expressions – raising the eyebrow, closing the eye, wrinkling of the forehead.

Ayurveda treatment of facial paralysis | Ayurveda Bansko

In the lower part, in the corner of the mouth, appears deformation; gustation and salivation get affected.

In Ayurveda, the facial palsy in the first place is related to the imbalance of the Vata energy/Dosha in the body. It is the “Air” dosha – constituted of the elements ‘air’ and ‘space’. It is responsible for all movements, for the movements of everything – from the momentary blinking during the movement of the blood, breathing and etc., to the moving forward.

Included here are the energy movements – without Vata, the other two Dosha – Pitta / the energy of the transformations, the metabolism/ and Kapha /of the liquids and the consolidation of the solid matter/ are not likely to flow in the body.

The “Air” Vata energy is the energy which most easily comes out of balance and this leads to neuromuscular disorders. At the same time, its imbalance provokes imbalance of the other two Dosha, at which, the deviations become combined. So, the Vata disorders lie in the base of most of the diseases.

The facial palsy might be due to blocked-with-toxins circulation channels (terms). The terms are microscopic channels in the body tissues, through which, the body energy circulates. They are the most delicate part of the system of the numerous conductive channels, which includes, let’s say, the intestinal tract as well.

Toxins, in turn, are formed from poor nutrition and digestion, where the undigested food residues decay in the digestive tract and release poisons. The blood carries these poisons around and they accumulate all over the body.

At a certain moment, they may cause blockages in the subtle energy channels. These channels can be damaged by an imbalanced Pitta energy. This “fiеry” Dosha, which must burn the unnecessary, if it is too intensified, can cause “burns” in incorrect areas.

Treatment of the facial palsy

Facial palsy can go away spontaneously, same as it has occurred. However, the sensory and motor disorders can continue to various degrees and for different periods of time for the different patients manifesting in speech impairment, eye-watering and etc.

Mukka Lepam therapy | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

In Ayurveda, there are numerous variants for treatment of facial palsy – by herbs, by oils, massages, with specialized work on the ‘marma points’.

Marma therapy is very effective. Through it, different energy points/centers of the body get stimulated. They are 107 and they “manage” different anatomical structures, which are a set of blood vessels, nerves, joints, bones. These centers are sensitive and can easily be damaged both by internal and external factors. Here Ayurveda has developed a special branch of the treatment which is called ‘marma chikitsa’.

There are special hand massages on these points, through which, the blockages that stop the energy flows in the body, are removed. This improves the neuromuscular junctions and treats all forms of neurological disorders, so, the sensitivity is restored.

From the ayurvedic massages, a very useful one, in the treatment of facial palsy, is Shiro Vasti, in which medicated oil is used. It is used for various neurological problems; it nourishes the sense-organs. It is performed in the evening or at night after some cleansing therapies have been carried out.

The patient is in a sitting position; the applied-on-the-head oil should not run down, so, a special leather hat with a specific height is used. The warmed medicated oil is poured in the leather hat in a specific way; the patient must remain still and should not sneeze either.

The duration of the procedure varies according to the various Dosha. For patients with Vata energy it is 30-40 minutes; for Pitta energy, 20-30 minutes are needed, and the least time is necessary for Kapha energy: 15-20 minutes. After the procedure, massages on the neck, shoulders, and back are carried out, and the oil is washed off with a warm bath; after that, a special herbal paste with castor oil is glued on the head, which balances the Vata energy.

As a whole, the treatment is accompanied by special diet and day routines, appointed by the ayurvedic doctor, the principles of which must be observed after the treatment course as well.

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