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Treatment of weak immunity with Ayurveda

Treatment of weak immunity with Ayurveda
Weak immunity in children

Symptoms of weak immunity in children

There are a number of symptoms that can indicate the parents that their child has a weak immunity. First of all, these are the frequent respiratory diseases in their acute form – high fever, red and painful throat, runny nose, hoarseness, cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea.

As frequent are considered the diseases that occur more than 4 times a year. Diseases themselves have specific symptoms according to the type of virus – the type of virus that has inflamed the airways, but with weak immunity these ailments are prolonged, often lead to complications, and the recovery takes more time. Significant symptoms are also the frequent allergic reactions of different types.

Among other signs are frequent allergic reactions of any type, chronic diseases associated with any inflammatory processes; low hemoglobin; chronic weakness and fatigue, sleepiness, sudden mood swings, etc.

Weak immunity makes the child’s organism vulnerable to a variety of viral and bacterial diseases, which lead to even more depletion of the defenses. In practice, to increase immunity, it is necessary to generally strengthen the whole organism. This is because for the protective functions of the body “work” different organs and the cells produced by them, counteracting foreign pathogens and cells.

If infections are frequent, if there are repetitive respiratory, intestinal and skin problems, or any allergic reactions, medical advice is required. It should be clarified whether the immune deficiency is of an acquired form – if so, measures will be necessary to increase natural immunity.

In this respect, parents have a great role to play, which, by way of example, build healthy child’s habits for balanced nutrition; as well as a regime of proper balance between wakefulness, sleep, rest; outdoor games, tempering of the body with thermoregulation and more. Of course, the doctor will also prescribe specific tips that may be accompanied by prescriptions that need to be fulfilled.

If a child has a congenital immune deficiency or has developed a condition due to a systemic disease, special immunostimulatory drugs and immunomodulators are used in Western medicine. However, they should only be administered under medical supervision because immunomodulators strengthen immunity but also have different contraindications generally used in rare cases.

Weak immunity in children

The most popular Ayurvedic remedies for weak immunity in children

Ayurveda applies numerous herbs and products to enhance childhood immunity.

Among them there are remedies with a more multifaceted action, with a more specific focus; for longer-term recovery or for immediate use in the presence of certain symptoms. Therefore, they should be selected and prescribed in the appropriate combinations and doses by an Ayurveda doctor. He will perform a detailed diagnosis and will adapt the recipe to the specifics of the particular organism.

The list of Ayurvedic remedies that are being used to boost child immunity is enormous, so we’ll just mention some of the most popular.

One of the traditional Ayurvedic remedies for poor childhood immunity is chavanprash. This is a herbal marmalade that can be given to the child smeared on slices, biscuits, milk, juices, and so on.

Although it is delicious, it is still a healing tool and should not be overdosed. For children over 5 years – half a teaspoon twice a day is recommended, for young people over 16 the recommended dose is a teaspoon twice a day. 

There are some other limitations, such as not being recommended for blood sugar problems. The product contains 46 natural ingredients, which in some variants reach 52. Ayurvedic people call this marmalade the elixir of life because it promotes the renewal of cells. The herbs are dissolved in ghee butter, which extracts their ingredients and preserves their activity. Thus, the jam contains many vitamins and minerals that are really an elixir for restoring and maintaining the body’s defense. With the rich antioxidant content, chavanprash protects the heart, liver, strengthens bones, teeth, hair; useful for the digestive system, the brain, the lungs.

A widely used product is also the Badam Pak, which contains 35 components – plant and mineral, fruits, almonds, seeds, oils. These ingredients have a strong tonic effect, they energize, nourish the muscles, bones, increase the protective forces. With high vitamin E content, the product has a strong antioxidant effect.

It is very useful for the development and growth of children both at the physical level and for their attention, consistency, concentration in learning. The children should consume half a teaspoon in the morning and evening, for example, the remedy can be dissolved in a glass of warmed milk. The list can continue with a triphala, a trishum, and many others.

Treatment of weak childhood immunity

Ayurvedic recommendations for parents

In order for children to have a strong immunity and good health, parents should, from an early age, monitor how their child’s body functions and they have to seek medical help before the condition has turned into an illness. Nutition and digestion are very important. The unhealthy menu leads to impairments and development of ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids. There should be three complete meals a day, if possibe – homemade food, avoiding preservatives in industrially processed foods. 

If a 5-6-year-old child is eating canned foods and fermented dairy products, it will be detrimental to his digestion and metabolism, and hence will be negative for his immunity. The food should contain a lot of protein, but in the case of grown children it should not be limited to milk and the dairy products. There must be whole grains, legumes, a variety of cooked and stewed vegetables. Suitable vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, carrots.

Emptying of the bowels should be daily. It is important for the child to get used to eating the fruit separately – as snacks 3-4 hours before or after lunch. It is recommended for the grains to be soaked for 10-12 hours before they are cooked, the legumes should be soaked for a longer time.

The child has to create a habit of drinking plenty of water, but not cold, especially it should not be from the refrigerator. Drinking plenty of water helps remove toxins from the body. Sweet juices and carbonated beverages should be limited, it is desirable to consume homemade compotes and juices. Food should also be consistent with the seasons – cold food in the winter is contraindicated, it should be cooked and warm.

For Ayurveda it is also very important for the child to be close to nature and to be physically active. This does not mean hard training a few hours once or twice a week, but rather a moderate daily workloads of 30-40 minutes or an hour /the child should not be exhausted because fatigue is just as damaging to immunity as immobilisation/.

The child can have a walk or play with other children, which also helps with their social skills of communication. Of course, long walks during the winter season should not be done. 

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