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Trust the authentic Ayurveda and a dedicated Indian team!

Trust the authentic Ayurveda and a dedicated Indian team!
[:bg]Махаснеха Дара терапия[:en]Mahasneha Dara Therapy[:ru]Махаснеха Дара терапия[:] | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

Ayurveda has not only entered the country in recent years but has already gained popularity. This ancient Indian medicine, born more than five thousand years ago, heals all diseases, and Bulgarians are increasingly looking for help.

Махаснеха Дара

Ayurveda clinic in Bansko is the place in Bulgaria, where authentic Ayurveda treatment provides a licensed and highly qualified Indian medical team. In fact, the clinic is the first Indian specialized center for Ayurveda.

In this Center is applied the natural treatment of canons of ancient medicine, combined with a complete detox of the organism. Body cleansing is done by the methods of Purvacarma and Panchakarma, which are today recognized by the World Health Organization.

This cleansing of the body is an important moment in Ayurveda. From the harmful diet and the unhealthy daily regime, many poisons, heavy mobsters, free radicals, pesticides accumulate in the body. They suppress and confuse the natural functions of the body, disrupt the natural balance in it and lead to diseases.

The procedures and therapies used, in addition to treating the illness, have a beneficial effect on improving overall health, rejuvenating and beautifying, toning.

The healing courses take place from April 1 to June 3 and from September 23 to November 25. They are of different duration – a week, 10 days, two weeks, 21 days.

The clinic recommends shorter courses for symptoms or mild illness, the 21-day course is for more advanced illnesses, and some may require longer treatment.

Наби Пуранам

The Indian team at Ayurveda clinic in Bansko has a rich practical experience. His supervisor is Ayurveda Dr. Mahesh Garzhe. He has been practicing for more than 14 years, working as an Ayurvedic Guru and licensed by the Indian Government. He was among the medical consultants of the Indian President and Prime Minister. When not in Bulgaria, Dr. Garzhe directly runs his Ayurvedic Clinic in the Indian city of Pune, where he graduated from Ayurvedic University of Medicine and Surgery.

His wife, Dr Mohini Garzhe, is the second Ayurvedic doctor in the team. She is an expert in all intense and specific Panchakarma procedures. A specialist is also on the preparation of Ayurvedic food principles, which is an important moment in the treatment and maintenance of good health.

The experience of the therapists in the team is between the ages of 12 and 16, among them an Ayurveda lecturer and also a specialist who works for orthopedic surgeons in Pune.

Ayurveda treatment combines external and internal cleansing of the body (Purvakarma and Panchakarma) with ayurveda diet, yoga and meditation.

Purvakarma is a complex of massages, saunas, various thermal treatments with medicinal oils and herbs. They move the areas of toxins and prepare the body for internal cleansing – Pancaharma, which is done through laxatives and cleansing therapies.

The overall process follows a strictly individual plan for each patient the ayurvedic physician draws up after examination and diagnosis of the disease, its degree, general condition, and type of body.

However, Ayurveda does not treat only the disease itself, but also focuses on the causes that led to it. Therefore, from Ayurveda, your doctor will also receive advice on how to continue the dietary and dietary regimen in order not to cause the disease again or another.

So with Ayurveda Clinic Bansko you will be able to reach the ideal health. Do you not want it?

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