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What is a Wide Massage Gift?

What is a Wide Massage Gift?
широ дара масаж

In late summer, we often find that our body is filled with fatigue and toxins that make us feel like a wasted battery. It is a good idea to take this situation seriously, because such imbalances can have a negative impact not only on the appearance and freshness of our skin or weight, but also on our health. Therefore, we must take care in a timely manner. let’s clear up these inhibiting factors before the winter season arrives.


The most effective way to achieve this is by devoting ourselves to specialized care that draws inspiration from the East and has passed the Millennium Test. One of the most appropriate massages in Indian Ayurvedic Medical Science is a widespread gift. This therapy is very sparing and at the same time extremely powerful as it directly affects our central nervous system and has a very good effect on the circulation of the head.

Wide Massage


What is a great gift and why is it important?


Shiro dara (or shiro dhara) massage is part of  panchakarma and dhara therapies  in Ayurveda. The term is derived from the ancient Sanskrit roots ‘shir’ and ‘dhara’, which mean respectively ‘head’ and ‘stream, stream’. This is one of the most ancient  ayurvedic methods used for the prevention and treatment of many conditions that are still of interest today and by modern classical medicine in the Western world. It is expressed in a gentle scalp massage. , which is done with the help of  warmed healing oils  poured on the forehead.


The space between the eyes is an extremely strong energy center, on whose good maintenance the balance and well-being of our whole being depend, both physically and spiritually. It is this part of the body that the wise men of ancient India considered to be the area in which the third eye or the so-called Ajna chakra is located, and the outpouring of warmed healing oils also has a role in terms of the vibration that is created under the pressure of the thin stream on the forehead and directed to the sinuses.


After the oil has run out, the rest of the oil has a gentle massage on the patient’s forehead. At the end of the session, the oil that has not been absorbed is wiped with a cotton cloth or napkin and relaxed.


Selection of ingredients for therapy

Wide Massage


All natural ingredients are used in the preparation of the mixture for a wide gift. The mixture includes various herbal oils, coconut milk, danylamam, purified oil (ghee) and more. In this way, the oil is heated to just above body temperature to keep it warm.


An important prerequisite for selecting oils and herbs for therapy is what is the state of the doshas in our body and what is their balanced ratio. Shiro-dara massage is especially useful for people with developed pie or wata dosha as well as those of mixed types of pie cotton and cotton wool. The other types of constitution are well advised to consult a ayurveda therapist before switching to a wide-ranging gift.


Only after the predisposition for the person is determined and the oil is already warmed, does the real part of the massage begin. Generally, a gift can be applied to people of any constitution, but keep in mind that pressure is applied in certain areas of the forehead, depending on which dosha or group of doshas prevail in the particular case. It is of the utmost importance that we undergo a widespread massage by a specialist to ensure that we do not disturb natural harmony.


What is this massage useful for?

Wide Massage


Scientific studies in India confirm the beneficial effects of widespread therapy on diseases such as chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, hearing, vision and sleep problems, vertigo, as well as neurological disorders, migraines, skin diseases such as psoriasis.


Massage has been proven effective in patients with anxiety attacks, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression. As a wonderful side effect of the gift, all our senses are sharpened, our intuition is awakened, and our memory and ability to focus are improved.


Studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of widespread gift-giving in concomitant children with attention-deficit hyperkinetic disorder. The ayurvedic approach to the treatment of this syndrome includes complex therapy including, in addition to widespread gifts and other massage techniques, also yoga and nutritional diet.


Widely donated therapy helps us to get rid of excess toxins and to awaken the internal fire within us that drives the metabolism process. This is as much a cure for many different diseases as it is a good prevention for all of them and many more. It’s also a great way to balance our whole body at the threshold of the new season, or at least once a year.



Wide Massage

The massage is preferably done in the morning and lasts an average of about an hour – an hour and a half. Then we need to be very careful about getting up. At first, it might not be a good idea to rush to get up right away.


It is better to take a short guided relaxation or just rest with our eyes closed while lying down. This phase can last between 15 and 30 minutes.


A warm bath will be great for you, but be careful not to expose yourself to low temperatures or cold air over the next few hours. Most Ayurvedic therapists, after a great deal, do a light massage of the head, neck, shoulders and shoulders.


In Ayurveda, doctors usually prescribe a wide gift to be given in daily sessions for about 7-14 days. However, in some of the more severe cases, a longer course of treatment may be required.

What should we keep in mind when giving a wide gift?


There are certain factors that need to accompany a wide-ranging therapy, especially because otherwise we compromise its quality effect. Before, during, and after undergoing a wide-ranging course of treatment, for example, it is advisable to avoid any caffeine intake, as well as energy and any carbonated beverages. Instead, take copious amounts of freshly squeezed fruit juice. Hot water and hot drinks are generally preferred over cold.


When given a wide gift, we should not forget for a second that this is not just a massage and we certainly should not consider it as another cosmetic procedure despite its visibly beautifying and rejuvenating effect on our appearance. This is first and foremost a comprehensive therapy, so it is important for its effectiveness to observe a certain discipline of life, sleeping, eating, as well as spiritual activities.


Side effects, precautions and contraindications for a wide range of gifts


Before making a broad donation, discuss the ingredients that will be used to make sure that you do not have an allergic reaction to any of them.


This massage almost never produces side effects. However, women should not be subjected to it, as well as any dharma  therapy during the last trimester of pregnancy.


People who have recent and untreated skull injuries should also avoid this type of therapy because of the risk of complications. If you have a fever or have symptoms of fever or dehydration in the last week before the scheduled hour for a widespread massage, it is best to postpone it until your health is back on track.


The same condition applies to most cases of acute illnesses such as flu, colds and complications, gastrointestinal disorders and many others. Consult with your therapist before you start on when is the right time for a wide donation session.

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