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What is an abiang massage?

What is an abiang massage?
Какво е абянга масаж?

Sanskrit abyanga (or abhyang) literally means oil massage. It is found as part of the punchakarma therapies in ayurveda, and can also be considered as one of the daily dinara rituals prescribed by  ancient Indian medicine. Initially, the practice was used to irrigate the body with healing oils using  Ayurvedic massage.


There are many variations of the abiang, but all pursue the same goals. This Ayurvedic procedure heals all organs and systems, acts on different muscle groups, relaxes the body, relieves the mind of obsessive thoughts and vanities and helps to get rid of psycho-emotional stress. Ayurvedic massages remove blockages and thus enable the smooth transport of nutrients. It is also believed that deep oiling prevents contaminants from entering the body.abiang massage



How does it work?


Abyanga is a very popular type Indian massage in Ayurveda.  With the right choice of massage, abiang massage can play a very big role in restoring the balance of doshas in our body. The Ayurvedic abiang massage * is of invaluable benefit not only to the physical but also to the subtle body, which is confirmed by  traditional Ayurvedic texts. The effect of the massage is astounding. The body acquires a healthy tone.


Toxins and other harmful substances are actively extracted, which are often the cause of various diseases. The body becomes strong and flexible due to its deep effect on the muscles. The blood supply to all organs is improved, which is why they receive much more oxygen and the nutrients they need to function properly. The feeling of constant fatigue goes away.


Every day, when performing a massage ritual, a person is charged with energy, so that his efficiency and endurance during the day are high. During the abiang, incredible feelings and emotions arise. All anxieties leave the mind, peace and quiet come, resistance to stress increases. Sleep is normalized. Improves joint and tendon condition, eliminates pain of different nature.


The aging process slows down considerably so that one looks and feels young for as long as possible. Visual acuity is increasing. The work of the mind is speeding up, Attention and memory are improving.


Skin becomes toned and supple One of the most enjoyable “side effects” of therapy, for example, is the wonderful appearance that our skin gets as a result of this therapy. This is due to the moisturizing and nourishing action of the ingredients. Wrinkles are smoothed, healthy skin color is back, its dryness is eliminated.

abiang massage

Head massage deserves special attention. This is incredible bliss! The scalp, face, neck and shoulder girdle are carefully treated. Thanks to the abiang  of the head neurological disorders, migraines and insomnia are effectively eliminated.

Also, a separate procedure should include foot and arm massage in which many vital reflex points are concentrated. If you take into account the reviews of those who regularly practice the abiang massage, they testify to its unconditional benefit.


Who is it for and why?


Abiang is an extremely suitable therapy for people who have elevated body wax levels. Massage actually has three-dimensional properties – that is, it is good  for balancing every person.


However, the composition of the oils to be used varies. It is for this reason, when we are about to undergo massage, it is especially important to determine what our constitution is, that is, what dosha or doshas that prevail in us respectively at rest and at the moment of the established imbalance.

abiang massage

What are the indications for the abiang?

Massage is recommended:

  • when the patient has dry skin;
  • when the patient is of cotton wool (constitution) or wool cloth (diseases caused by broken cotton wool) such as amava (rheumatoid arthritis) and sciatica;
  • in muscle weakness and muscular dystrophy;
  • in nervous and neuromuscular disorders.

Abiang helps with polycystic ovarian disease, as well as to tone the abdomen of women after birth and to remove scars.

Like most Ayurvedic treatments, abiang is unlikely to affect us in any way. However, attention to massage should be appropriate for elderly patients as well as those who suffer or have experienced serious illnesses such as myocardial infarction, stroke, diabetes, kidney failure, rapid heart rate or high blood pressure.


It is best if you have any of these or other serious illnesses, consult your doctor before undergoing this or other panchakarma rituals.

It is not appropriate to undergo abing also if we currently have  fever , or we suffer from fever, during pregnancy or menstrual bleeding, and also in cases where our values ​​are increased as well, so on coffee dosha  at the same time as after we have undergone vasti / basti therapy. It is crucial that all of this is  coordinated with your Ayurveda therapist when designing the individual program.



When is it good to do and how often?


A good time for an abiang massage is after getting up in the morning. It will help to eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the body at night. Massage works well also if done in the evening just before bedtime. In this way, we can achieve  the most profound effect of therapy and improve sleep.


Even if it is not accurate every day, it is a good idea to use the abiang regularly – for example, a series of several massages over a week or two. It is best to discuss with an ayurvedic specialist in advance what would be the most appropriate schedule for yourself.

abiang massage



What is going on?


Indian abiang massage is necessarily performed with the help of various warm herbal oils, which greatly enhances the effect of the procedure. These can be vegetable oils (eg sesame or olive), massage oils with plant extracts or aromatic essential oils. Ayurveda attaches great importance to medicinal herbs. It is believed that if you add herbal extracts to massage oil, you can have a double or even triple effect.


Each plant is known to have certain properties. The choice of oils has an impact on the dosha, the condition, and also depends on the season. Depending on which  dosha is not balanced, different compositions are suggested.


For example, coconut oil has a cooling effect. If we add essences for a relaxing effect (mint, navel, lavender), then thanks to the Indian massage with such components one will get physical and emotional relaxation. But if it is necessary to achieve the opposite effect, that is, to cheer and to tone the body, basil and rosemary oil are very suitable.


Geranium butter and sweet orange are the ‘golden medium’ as they give exactly what is missing by adjusting the balance of the dosha. In addition, they emit a “delicious” aroma that evokes imagination and creativity.

abiang massage

Don’t limit yourself. You can create an oil composition that is right for you. You can use jojoba, olive or almond oil as a base to which you should add 5-10 drops of the fragrant oil of your choice.



Preparation before the abyss and what to do afterwards?



We have already figured out which oils can be used for Ayurvedic massages. Before you start such a program, it is good to do some things beforehand. It is advisable to undergo a diet that excludes meat and dairy products to facilitate bowel cleansing.


Well-cleansed intestines guarantee a better result for Panchakarma detoxification. It is advisable to start drinking warm water (40 degrees Celsius) in the morning before you brush your teeth. Two large glasses – a total of about 600 grams of water is enough.


After an abiang massage, you should allow your body to stay calm for another 10-15 minutes.  After that a shower or bath should be taken, but it is advisable not to use detergents. Finally, dry with a towel. It should continue with the diet, avoiding fried and pasta foods, alcohol and tobacco. Remember to drink plenty of water.

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