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What is authentic Ayurveda?

What is authentic Ayurveda?
Какво е автентична Аюрведа?

Ayurveda – such a foreign and unknown word that is becoming increasingly popular and used. People often use it with a great deal of positivism and hope. They share common principles and advice and show that they feel good, and also pass it on to others around them. But what do they actually tell us?

Ayurveda is one of the first origins and known sciences in the world. India is considered her homeland. This ancient science has been evolving for 5,000 years and has been passed down by word of mouth for generations. It has been preserved to this day and continues to be applied.

What is authentic Ayurveda?

How does authentic Ayurveda originate and what is its purpose?

With the development of the world, feelings such as fatigue, nervousness and anxiety have accumulated on people on a daily basis. They began to look for an option to deal with them and feel better. They wanted to find a way to preserve themselves and enjoy a long and positive life. This marks the beginning of the science of life.

One of the goals of humanity from time immemorial is to prolong human life so that man can fulfill his dreams and desires to achieve the set goals while on Earth. Time and fear press on them, so they have always looked for a way to change that. Achieving certain things brings health and happiness to the performer. The combination of these two things is a guarantee of longevity.

Through Ayupveda, one does not simply heal oneself. It is a vital philosophy – one that not so much eliminates the symptoms, but more importantly – discovers and eradicates the causes of the disease.

It is one of the oldest documented sciences. It is written in Sanskrit – an ancient language through which the inhabitants of present-day India communicated. To get to the heart of Ayurveda, we have to read this ancient language, which is an almost impossible task for a person who has not studied it.

The texts are written in verse and rhyme in such a way that the reader only accumulates knowledge without repeating what is written. All this is combined in books called grants. Grants are short and must be considered in full. Only in this way will their message be conveyed accurately and clearly. Their goal is to preserve the accumulated knowledge and pass it on through the centuries.

What is authentic Ayurveda?

These writings provide an answer to the question “How to live a long life and be healthy?” They describe the methods by which we can lead a life devoid of mental or physical illness. They also contain medical advice. Their goal is to help people understand the meaning of their existence and to achieve health and longevity, to be at peace with themselves and the world around them.

Everyone has a different point of view that influences their behavior throughout their lives. If he manages to follow her, he will enjoy his life in the best way and according to his personal idea. People are different, have different goals and have different goals, so everyone’s idea of ​​happiness is strictly individual to their understanding of the world.

There are also modern books that are inspired by the main ancient texts. They are most often written in English to be publicly available. These new books are divided according to their main theme. The main topics covered are for different types of people, or diseases and their treatment, special diets, yoga practice and much more.

What is authentic Ayurveda?

The deity and his presence in Ayurveda

The healers worshiped the deity Danvantari, who received knowledge from the god Indra. He later passed it on to a sage named Sushruta, who divided Ayurveda into an autumn branch:

  • Kaya – general medicine – all diseases from which the human body can suffer;
  • Bala – pediatrics (treatment of children up to 16 years of age);
  • Peas – psychiatry. As a result of everything a person encounters, he falls into various states on an emotional basis. The way of thinking is of great importance for good health;
  • Urdwanga – diseases of the throat, nose, ears and eyes;
  • Shala – surgery;
  • Damshrta – the action of toxic substances in the field of toxicology;
  • Heat – geriatrics (aging process)
  • Vrushya – reproductive medicine and the problems in it.

Ancient history

The beginning of this principle is the following thinking: to make a combination that guarantees balance. Balance between mind and body. This is also monitored through the direct connection between man and nature. They are mirrored to each other – what happens in the body is the influence of the environment.

It can act both positively and negatively. Examples are the different seasons, home furnishings, food. All of these things are factors that play an important role in the well-being of human beings and can imbalance them.

It is a practical science of life that contains universal principles. They are easy to apply daily. Ayurveda tells about every aspect of human life and offers methods that have been tested and refined over the centuries thanks to those that have aimed to achieve harmony and inner peace.

Ayurveda is based on two things:

 The five elements:

  • Space – represents the free, empty space;
  • Air – these are the characteristics of movement and activity;
  • Fire – expresses the transformation from one form to another;
  • Water – a combination of connectivity, humidity and softness in one;
  • Earth – an expression of solidity, density and the formation of some form.

What is authentic Ayurveda?

The three doshas:

  • Cotton wool – composed of air and space. It is light, cool, mobile, responsible for our motor activities. The people she dominates are talkative, enthusiastic and energetic.
  • Pita – warm and passive energy, which is responsible for the transforming processes in all organs and tissues. Examples of people carrying mainly this energy are focused and ambitious ones.
  • Coffee – moist, cold, completely passive energy. Conservative people who do not like change.

They are the expression of the balance of our energy. This balance is the basis of everything. Our constitution describes what attracts and repels us in a natural way, what is inherent in our individual nature and what can and does throw us off balance, that is, what makes us ill. According to this ancient science, the path to health is individual for each person and depends on his dosha. This is due to the difference in the balance of inner energy of each person.

This basis is made in order to explain the other phenomena and processes by means of the already accepted facts.

What is authentic Ayurveda?

Every human being carries within him these energies that represent the five eternal elements. They manifest to varying degrees in each (maybe one or two prevail), but they are always there. It is an expression of a person’s condition throughout his life. Manifests singing the examination of various physical signs – body shape or skin type, eye and hair color, physiological processes, emotional state. It can even be a prerequisite for the development of certain diseases.

When the energies of Vata, Pita and Kapha are in balance, one feels light. He is happy and energetic. Therefore, he is in good health. If one, two or even all three energies fall out of good balance, then the body does not feel well and a disease occurs.

Ayurveda explains all aspects of health, as well as the causes of disease, using a combination of the teachings of the five elements and the three doshas.

Hinduism defines four key goals in human life. However, everyone chooses them and comes true to the extent that is provoked by their own worldview. They are:

  • Dharma – a leading goal for people for whom the main values ​​are debt and justice. These are the military units that must protect society during a conflict. These are also the rulers in peacetime.
  • Art – for people who are fighting for economic prosperity. This goal covers all entrepreneurs and traders (doing business or finance).
  • Kama – deeply sensitive people who are romantic, indulge in emotional experiences and pleasures.
  • Moksha – all seeking spiritual aspects and manifestations of life. These include those who are engaged in scientific activities.

No matter which direction people have followed in the past or you choose, they refer you to longevity and a full life.

Another side of Ayurveda is the one that considers people to be mini universes and determines that the processes that take place in and around them are of great importance for their well-being.

The path to mastering all the principles that make up Ayurveda is not short, but it is worth it. We need to be aware of everything contained in science, such as the Cosmic Consciousness factor. This is a part embedded in every human being. It contains the divine, is separated from everything earthly, and appears only when the soul is purified and ascended to superconsciousness. The way people have done this is by showing pure and unselfish love.

What is authentic Ayurveda?

Methods in Ancient Ayurveda

In the treatment of Ayurveda, the presence or absence of a disease can be determined in advance before the appearance of obvious signs of such, no matter what it is.

Ayurveda includes various therapies suitable for all types of diseases, which are performed at different times, determined by specialists. It is also a way of life and can be treated by choosing the right foods, furnishing the home, practicing yoga and more.


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