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What Is Basty Massage?

What Is Basty Massage?
басти масаж

Basti (also called vasti) is a large class of massages in traditional Indian medicine called Ayurveda.  In general, these therapies consist of  treatment with essential oils and infusions of various herbs and other medicinal substances on specific points.


These procedures are intended to stimulate our body, both physically and at the energy level, by balancing the balance between doshas  in our country – the specific energy flows from which we are created.

What Is Basty Massage?


In basti massages the special blend of oils is warmed to a certain temperature and placed on a specific part of the patient’s body, while staying on it for the time prescribed by the healer. in large quantities and as a result have caused an imbalance. If we leave things off and do not take action, this condition may lead to the development of various diseases.


Whether for the prevention, prevention, or treatment of diseases, if properly planned, these therapies can do wonders for the health and well-being of patients. Basti massages help with detox and whole body relaxation and can make us feel a surge of new forces , especially when applying a complete Ayurvedic regimen.


The word “basti” is derived from the language of Ancient India, Sanskrit , and means “vessel, container” – generally speaking, it is a vessel in which something can be placed. Since they are completely painless and non-invasive and at the same time have a number of useful actions and good results, bast therapies are becoming more preferred and sought after today. There are hundreds of clinics in contemporary India  offering specialist bastas massages by specialists in the field, and their usefulness is being studied at universities and institutes across the country.

Ayurveda has developed several different types of basti therapy depending on the areas of the body that it focuses on.

What Is Basty Massage?

Shiro basti (from the Sanskrit word “shiro” meaning “head”)


This is a massage in which a  hat with a cylindrical shape and no bottom  is placed on the head so that a certain amount (about a liter – 1.5 l) of medicinal oils can be retained on the parietal region. This mixture must be warmed to a certain temperature. Broad-bast has a positive effect on many conditions.


These include:

  • migraines
  • irregular monthly cycle
  • insomnia
  • Obesity
  • rhinitis and sinusitis, including allergic
  • This therapy is also known to improve the tone and all functions of the brain  and clarify thought
  • Wide busty rejuvenated
  • In many cases, it has a positive effect on the  neurological and mental symptoms of critical age

What Is Basty Massage?


Subso basti (in Sanskrit, “subsoil” means “eyes”)


This is called the massage  that we apply to the eyes of the patient. It is prescribed for vision problems, increased eye pressure and retinal diseases. Subsoil stools are performed by applying pre-prepared healing oils to the eyes, using dough wells to locate them.


Netra basti is an extremely suitable massage for people who, although healthy, spend a long time staring at monitors as this is a serious risk factor  that can have a serious negative impact on the eyes in the future .


What Is Basty Massage?

Kati Basti (from Sanskrit “kati” – “cross”)


This is a busty therapy applied in the lumbosacral area – back of the waist. Again and here we use a well of dough to locate the butter. The well should be prepared from ground grains of black chickpeas  (from Latin – Vigna mungo).


Katie Basti is particularly beneficial for patients with lower back and knee pain, including:

  • sciatica
  • Lumbago
  • disc herniation
  • back bifida and many. and others
  • Diseases and discomfort of the neck, shoulders, upper back


In the case of acute conditions and more profound problems, it is advisable to consult a specialist to develop a treatment plan.


What Is Basty Massage?


Busty mane


In conditions associated with the upper torso, it may be more appropriate to apply a mane to the mane, which is a massage in the area of ​​the upper torso. It is administered alone or most often in combination with kati basti and other Ayurvedic therapies. The name of this subspecies comes from the Sanskrit word “mane”, which means “neck”. A synonym for basti mane is “mania basti”.


This massage significantly improves the blood circulation of the neck, which is why it is also recommended for people whose profession has nailed them to the computer. Mania or mane basti also helps to hydrate the joints and strengthen the muscles in this area. Therefore, therapy for the recovery of various traumas, including those that have led to different degrees of immobilization, is very appropriate.

However, before starting such a course of treatment, a detailed plan must be drawn up in accordance with the goals and the various factors. Ayurvedic massages should not be started if the wounds from the trauma are not yet fully healed.


Mania basti and kati basti are especially recommended for  professional strength athletes who suffer from cramping or worry about not catching up with workouts with enough stretching exercises. Bastard mane drink  can be prepared from black chickpeas or whole wheat flour.

Dude basti


This procedure cleanses the colon. Helps clear of toxins and can help with conditions such as gastritis, even severe ulcers and colitis. As a rule, however, it applies after consultation with a healthcare professional and only during periods when the condition is not in its acute phase.


It should be borne in mind that basty therapies should not be administered  in the case of open wounds in the area where the oil is to be placed, or injuries that may be irritated during the massage. Pregnant and lactating women * As a rule, they should not be subjected to procedures. Although some of them are harmless even to children and the elderly, in such cases it is imperative to undergo a pre-medical examination before embarking on a busty massage.


It is advisable that the oil content  be carefully discussed with an ayurvedic specialist who will guide the therapy to ensure that we are not allergic to any of the ingredients. If necessary, certain ingredients can be replaced or removed from the content.


Most often, therapists determine the duration of basti therapy based on what the patient’s constitution is, or in other words, which dosha or doshi complex is prevalent in it. Which time will be most appropriate for applying the appropriate massage does depend on the predominant dosha or dosha in the respective area of ​​the body.


 Katie Basti, for example, is best applied in the morning, if coffee dosha is prevalent in the lower spine. However, if pita dosha prevails there, therapy should be given at noon, and if wata dosha is increased in the lumbar region, therapy should be scheduled for the evening. All this is done in order for the treatment to have the best effect.


Basti therapies very rarely produce side and side effects but in any case it is good to consult with an ayurvedic specialist and doctor in advance.


After some type of basti therapy has been given to us, it is time for the patient to be cleaned of oils and take a refreshing shower. However, it is not a good idea to get up immediately and return abruptly to reality, as this can lead to to dizziness.


It is advisable to first fully adapt to the environment and then gradually open our eyes. This is the reason why the ayurveda therapists usually take the time for the so-called ‘relaxation’, which helps the patient smoothly return to their skin after being relaxed.

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