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What Is Sweat Therapy?

What Is Sweat Therapy?
потли терапия

Sweat is a long-lasting massage technique among the most popular practiced in India. It uses warmed bags that contain herbs and massages the whole body, or only part of it. This relieves the pain caused by spondolitis, osteoarthritis, and many other diseases. The method has a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect as well as a relaxing one.

What Is Sweat Therapy?

The cotton bags are called pindas and filled with selected herbs, and the oil is heated with a special candle lamp to keep it warm, almost hot. The flame maintains the temperature until the procedure is complete. The oil absorbed in the medicinal plants pulls out an extract of their active ingredients and the massage spreads it over the skin and helps it penetrate deeper. Thus both herbs and oil both cure inflammation. They affect pain, improve circulation, reduce stiffness and tone the skin. The effect of therapy is opening the pores of the skin and thus relieving tense muscles, which slowly and effectively acts on the mind and body.

If you have chronic type pain in your shoulders and neck, back, joints, or throughout the body, as well as stiffness in your shoulders then sweat therapy is for you. Herbal bag massage manages to relieve pain, cure inflammation and work on chronic problems.

The drug is absorbed deep into the tissues and it works very well on spinal problems, dyscopy, muscle soreness or overcoming fatigue. Sweat therapy also helps boost immune defenses, improve concentration and sleep and reduce tension and stress.

What Is Sweat Therapy?

The bags used for the sweaty massage are filled with dried herbs.

These are most often calendula, chanterelle, navel, thyme, mint, thyme and more. Other combinations can be made. Through specific massage movements the whole body is processed, starting from the feet, legs and gradually moving to the back, neck, arms and shoulders. Warmed bags can also be placed on certain parts of the body for the purpose of relaxing the muscles, stimulating metabolism and refreshing the skin.

Urea is involved in medicine for many of the ancient peoples of southern Europe. It soothes the nervous system and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In massages, mint is used mainly because of its tonic effect, and it also increases blood circulation. It also has a healing and relaxing effect on the body’s musculoskeletal system and muscles.

Thyme is also known for its proven healing properties. It is mainly used externally to relieve rheumatism. Herbal calendula acts on the skin soothing, nourishing and protective. A magic camomile, besides internally, helps a lot on the skin. It has antibacterial properties and treats both skin inflammation and joint pain.

The effect of sweat therapy is threefold

It is achieved on the one hand by the pressure of the massage, and on the other – by the warm essential oils of the herbs themselves, which both warm the place and breathe. This combination of touch and smell fills with new forces, vitality and energy and all anxieties remain in the background.

Herbal bag therapy is offered by many massage studios in Bulgaria. Its average duration is about 60 minutes, depending on whether it is on the whole body or only certain parts of it. The price of the massage varies from 50 to 60 levs, and for only one part of the body – about 30 levs.


What Is Sweat Therapy?

Potley massage belongs to the ancient science of health, practiced more than 5000 years ago BC. – Ayurveda

In Sanskrit, its name means “life science” or “longevity practice.” It gives you a comprehensive knowledge of a healthy lifestyle, including  yoga, meditation and breathing. Science offers a holistic approach to natural health and helps to find inner peace, joy and love. Ayurvedic therapies are a tool to protect against various diseases and balance the body, mind and spirit.

Through oils, Ayurveda affects the skin and on all organs, tissues and bones in the human body. The touch and movements in the massage are aligned with the muscles, the lymph and the nervous system so that the movements of the massage help them to function well.

In addition to sweat therapy, the bags can also be used for other massages, depending on what they are full of. Specialists of kinesitherapists explain that before starting a massage, one must understand what type of person he is in order to know the method that will influence him.

For example, a bag can contain a mixture of corn flour, gum, chamomile or rosemary. In addition, various essential oils are added. As the base oil is made of sandalwood, others are added to it, according to  what a person’s dosha is. This also achieves the desired effect of balance, relaxation or toning.

Herbal bags can also be filled with aloe, orange, lavender, sage, black sesame, lemon and many other useful ingredients. A very well known Ayurveda massage is also Navarakishi. In it, the bags are filled with rice, milk and an herbal infusion of herbs. It bears the name of the rice variety popular for this procedure – Navarra. This massage is usually done by two massage therapists, but can also be successfully done at home.

Navarakishi is considered one of the best rejuvenating therapies. It is good to have a massage in a warm room. It balances the energies in the body and keeps the body and psyche in good shape. The experience of each of the Ayurvedic therapies enriches and refreshes, giving a unique opportunity to reconnect with nature.

However, caution should be exercised, as some types of herbal bag massages also have contraindications. Prior consultation with a physician for people with cancer, venereal and skin diseases, severe heart disease, high blood pressure, varicose veins and psychiatric disorders is imperative. The presence of prostheses, artificial heart pacemaker, diabetes, pregnancy, exacerbation of infectious diseases, are also reasons to refuse the procedure.

It is good to know that on the day of the procedure you should not drink alcohol and eat at least an hour before. Also, before a person goes for a massage with Ayurvedic oils, they should not wear their best clothes, because the skin may not completely absorb the oils and thus stain the clothing.

It is not advisable to exercise after a massage, but it is best to free up time after therapy and use it for a rest at home. Only at rest the body can extract the maximum from the healing procedure. If the weather outside is cold, it is advisable to wear a hat or cloth to protect the head from wind and cold after the procedure.

One to three hours after the treatment, the oil remaining on the body should be washed with soap and lukewarm water. This is very important for the skin to ‘breathe’ properly again. So the oil is not ‘lost’ and what was needed by the body has absorbed into the skin and is already acting internally on the body. The absorbed oil helps to restore its structure and elasticity. This makes it healthy and with a natural glow. Pimples, unwanted pigmentation, wrinkles are removed and sensitivity is restored. After some massages, it is even advisable to take a relaxing sauna. This way the oils penetrate deeper into the skin and the toxins are cleansed by sweating.

It will have a positive effect if hot water with ginger is drunk after a massage. In this way, the body’s natural purifying abilities are promoted, experts advise.

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