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What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?
Какво е такра дара аюрведа масаж?

Takra Dara is an amazing, unique therapy for the body from the ancient natural Ayurveda medical system . Takra dara has a profound effect on the nervous system, which means that healing directly and immediately soothes, relaxes and has a cleansing effect on the mind and nerves.


The word Takra means ‘buttermilk’, and Dara means ‘watering’. Together, the word means medicinal milk – Thakra Dara. Massage can be done either only on the head (sirodara) or on the whole body (sarvandara).


Thakra Dara is a kind of another Ayurvedic massage called Shirodara, in which a medicinal herb butter is poured into a continuous flow over the forehead in a certain way.

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

The use of specially formulated buttermilk infused with 10 potent ayurvedic herbs is intended to purify toxins, stimulate the endocrine system and enhance blood circulation in the brain.

This massage prevents graying and falling of hair and reduces headache. Takra dara is thought to have a balancing effect on the deepest recesses of our brain, stimulating the endocrine system, pituitary and pituitary glands (to help with hormonal imbalances) and neurotransmitters (used for depression or emotional insecurity). It also improves blood circulation in the brain, improving clarity and releasing deep-seated Aama or toxins.


This treatment is often recommended for those suffering from:


  • Insomnia
  • Skin disorders
  • Stress and nervous tension
  • Digestive problems

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

Treatment begins with a soothing soak of the feet in warm water, while the ayurvedic therapist massages the head, shoulders and neck. Then you lie down on a beautiful wooden treatment bed where you will enjoy a full body massage using warm herbal oils that penetrate deep into the skin into tissues and muscles.


During this time, the traditional Indian music of Gandharva softly sounds in the background. Takra Dara treatment will begin with a continuous stream of warm, herbal buttermilk poured over his forehead.


The treatment ends in a specially designed meditation area where patients can drink freshly brewed tea and rest easy.


Benefits of this therapy:


  • Helps to overcome stress and calm the nervous system
  • Helps fight insomnia, anxiety and chronic headaches
  • Re-ignites mental creativity
  • Strengthens body and mind
  • Improves memory and mental clarity
  • Rejuvenates the face and softens wrinkles
  • Opens the third eye
  • Increases spiritual awareness


How To Prepare For A Tacara Dara Massage


There is no particular need for over-preparation before treatment.


The only things you can do are:


  • Eat light foods before massage because Takra Dara has an effect on the digestive system and a full stomach is not recommended during therapy.
  • Dress appropriately and comfortably. Wear an old shirt or something you don’t mind getting dirty.


Tips for post-Thakra gifts


What to do next?


  • Become slow

After your massage, rest for about half an hour, then do not get up from the bed.

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

  • Avoid caffeine for several days

Caffeine creates disharmony in the body. It distorts all doshas and creates an immediate negative effect on the nervous system, especially after a soothing treatment such as taka dara.


  • Take a shower

A warm water bath or shower should be taken after the tacra offering.


  • How to wash your hair?

The easiest way to remove buttermilk is to put shampoo in your hair before wetting it. The shampoo will trap the fat in the milk and so it can be easily removed. Rinse 2-3 times to remove any debris.


Who can benefit from taka dara?


Thakra donation can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, fatigue and hypertension. It relieves tension, anxiety, fear and headache, as well as depression. Adjusts mood and gives you a feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

What to Avoid after Tacara Dara Massage?


If treatment has been performed for seven days, the restrictions should be respected for at least the next seven days.


  • Excessive exposure to sunlight (use an umbrella or hat)
  • Exposure to cold or cold food intake
  • Late sleep
  • Very low or very high pillows
  • Exposure to high winds or dusty environments
  • Tiring exercise
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Smoking
  • Emotions such as grief or anger
  • Calling
  • Speak loudly
  • Excessive use of appliances with electronics
  • Driving for the next 24 hours


Procedure time and duration:


Usually the treatment is performed in the morning hours between 7-10 hours. If needed, it can be done between 4-6pm.

The process should be performed daily for 7 to 21 days. The duration of treatment, as well as the length of time, depend on the nature of the disease and the physical condition of the patient. It is usually made for a fixed time of 45 minutes to one hour.

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

Side Effects

Thakra Dara is completely safe. The only precautions to take are to make sure that the buttermilk does not get into your eyes or nose. Therefore, it is advisable to go to a professional Ayuvedic clinic and have the procedure performed by experienced Ayurvedic therapists.


Follow-up care tips


Some people may not immediately feel the effects of the tacra dara therapy they have undergone with aces. So continue to take care of yourself and you will notice a change over time.


Follow the three tips below:


  • Meditation

Meditation is a good cleanser for the body and mind and provides similar mental benefits as tacra dar.


  • Maintain a proper healthy diet and lifestyle

Eat well. A diet high in sugar, caffeine, and refined foods will have a negative effect on your body and mind. Choose only whole grains such as rice, oats, and whole wheat. Enjoy fresh fruit for breakfast and eat vegetables every day.


  • Avoid caffeine

Keep a regular schedule for eating and sleeping. Keep the health of doshas (Vata, Pita, Kafa) daily. Wake up to sunrise and go to bed with it.

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?

In conclusion

Thakra Dara is a well-known therapy specifically used to treat fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness and psoriasis. It is a form of Shirodara massage in which lukewarm healing milk (buttermilk) is constantly poured on the forehead through the opening. in a clay pot. The constant stream (Dara) of a clay pot (Patra) is called Darapatra.


This constant flow of healing buttermilk helps not only to relax the nerves and relieve them, but also to cure skin diseases. Takra Dara therapy is used to treat illnesses caused by excess Wata Dosha.


Preparation during therapy consists of a complete body massage using herbal oils. The patient then rests on a wooden table / bed (Tyla-Droni) in such a way that his head is raised and a clay or copper vessel hangs over it.

What is Tacara Dara Ayurveda Massage?


A cloth dipped in herbal oil is placed on the human forehead. The healing buttermilk is then poured slowly on the patient’s forehead for one hour each day by a practicing Ayurvedic therapist. The patient is then allowed to rest or meditate for a while.


Buttermilk is prepared by boiling milk with special herbs such as Amalaki (fruit), Mustha (Cyperus rotundus, herb), Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra, sweet root) and others. Then a little cottage cheese is added to it and allowed to stand overnight, after which the mixture is ready for use.


Tacra Dara is also the best therapy for treating sun stroke.


It can also help with:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Improving the digestive power
  • Cure anorexia
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Gray hair
  • Psoriasis
  • Insomnia and many other conditions in which the human body suffers.
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