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What is the Ayurvedic lifestyle?

What is the Ayurvedic lifestyle?
[:bg]Аюрведа стил на живот[:en]Ayurveda style of life[:ru]Аюрведический стиль жизни[:]

Your health, soul peace and comfort of life depends on the way you spend you days. If you feel bad and unhappy, then you have to think about whether to change your lifestyle.

And before you say that you can’t change the way your days pass, we will tell you that you are wrong.  

Because this change is entirely in your capabilities, and if you desire, you can simply get rid of all your habits acquired over the years and start „all over again”.

Ayurveda's lifestyle

How to change your lifestyle?

The decision to change your way of life, transitioning to the completely new Ayurvedic lifestyle, must be fully understood and wanted so you can move easily through the change. There is no need to lie to ourselves, if you have had an unhealthy lifestyle up to now, if you spent too much time working, exercised your harmful habits, if you haven’t thought about the consequences of your actions, then the rapid shifting from your familiar way of life to the completely different Ayurvedic approach will seem to be a very difficult task.

What is the Ayurvedic lifestyle?

According to Ayurveda, the best thing people can do for themselves is to live in harmony with nature, balancing their inner nature and adapting to the constantly changing environment.

If you are ready to change your lifestyle and shift to the Ayurvedic lifestyle, the first step on the way is to build new eating habits and daily regimen.  

Following a specific daily regimen is important for maintaining good health and for transforming the mind, body and consciousness in order to move to a higher level of functioning. Performance of daily rituals at the same time every day, creates a balance in the constitution, helps to regulate the biological clock, to increase the efficiency of the digestion processes and food absorbtion, thus increasing the self-esteem, discipline and happiness.

In order to move from the old to the new way of life, you will have to get used to following your daily regimen step by step. In the beginning maybe you will experience some difficulties observing it, but in a few months you will do it without even thinking about it.

What does the daily Ayurvedic regimen include?

Waking up before sunrise

It would be good to wake up at 4.00 – 5.00h in the morning, but if this is absolutely impossible, around 6.00h at the latest you should have gotten up of bed to welcome the sunrise.  

Start your day with a short prayer or a few minute meditation. This will help you meet the challenges of the day with a smile and without tension.

Wash, then rinse your mouth and eyes

Wash the face, eyes and mouth several times with cold water. Massage your eyes by gently rubbing through your eyelids. Then open them and rotate them in all directions several times. (This will help you to feel more fresh and cheerful).

Drink a glass of water at room temperature

It is best if you pour water into a copper vessel the previous night, then leave it to stay during the night in it. Thus in the morning you just drink it and you are ready. If you do not have such a vessel (or you just forgot to pour the water in), just drink a glass of water with room temperature.

Drinking water after getting up stimulates the peristalsis and will help you empty your intestines faster.

Ayurveda cleaning the tongue

Wash your teeth and clean the tongue

Cleaning your tongue is an important part of everyday hygiene because by its appearance, color and smell you can learn a lot about your health. In order to clean the tongue you will need a special device, but if you don’t have it, a spoon will also do the job. It is important to clean it well from the plaque to remove the batcteria accumulated on it.

To strengthen the teeth, gums and oral cavity it is good to rinse your mouth twice a day with warm sesame oil.

Take a morning shower

While you are in the shower or in the tub, you can make a few minute massage of the head and body for better tone.  


After taking care of your morning outfit, it is time for breakfast, which is better to be light in summer, and in winter – more nutritious and warm.


On your way to work try to meditate. If you create this habit you will be able to see your colleagues and boss in a different light and not get angry with them as often as before.

Try not to drink coffee or tea in the office. Instead, drink warm water and fruit juices.  

Lunch break

Take more time for lunch and eat slowly and calmly. Because at lunch people eat the biggest amount of food for the day, eat well (without overdoing it). Choose your food in accordance with your Dosha and don‘t drink water during meals.

A good lunch menu would be a big salad with fresh vegetables, soup and a portion of rice,, but you can vary your menu according to your preferences.

After work, walk home, go to a place where you feel good, let your thoughts fly freely, in order to get rid of the stress.


The last meal should be before sunset (between 18.00 – 19.00h). Don‘t watch TV during the dinner, also don’t read books and don’t pay attention to your phone.

Eat slowly and calmly. Chew the food and enjoy every bite of it. If you have the opportunity it is good to prepare homemade food.

Before sleep (about 22.00h)

Before going to bed, spent few minutes for prayer or spiritual reading. After that drink a glass of warm milk with ginger, turmeric or cardamom. The warm milk will help you to relax and to fall asleep quicker. You can also massage your feet for a few minutes with massage oil.

Finally, try to meditate in bed. Observe the breathing and in the pauses between inhalation and exhalation don’t think about anything.  

The discipline of following the daily regimen will help you to move more easily from the old to the new lifestyle, so you should not get distracted if you really want to change your life.

Along with changing the regimen, you also have to change your eating habits and to follow a healthy diet that Ayurveda adheres to.

Breakfast at Ayurvedic Lifestyle

What does this mean?

If you have been eating every time you felt hungry and you haven’t worried about the foods you eat, then if you really decide to change your lifestyle you have to learn to eat in strictly determined hours, and to consume foods that are right for your dosha.

Breakfast in Ayurveda is the most important meal of the day, so it is obligatory for all doshas. Usually, the first meal of the day includes fresh fruits, oatmeal, dairy products and nuts.

The lunch is much more nutritious and usually includes salad of fresh vegetables, rice, meat, fish, lentil soup, beans, dairy products or other sour and spicy foods.

Dinner should be consumed early and in small portions. The typical Ayurvedic dinner includes a salad of fresh vegetables, soups or stewed vegetables.

Before you seat down to eat, first decorate the table, put some flowers on it, place a beautiful dinner set (even if you are going to eat alone). Do this every time, because according to Ayurveda, the atmosphere which you create is just as important as the food you eat.

The food that you consume should match your constitution, it has be homemade with organic products. Always sit at the table in good mood, with open senses, eat slowly and with delight.

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