Ayurveda detox

In Ayurveda, purification is seen as a set of daily and special practices that aim to maintain the balance of energies in the body..

Below you will find a list of guidelines for a harmonious life that you can apply to prevent and dispose of toxic deposits.

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Advice for a harmonious lifestyle according to Ayurveda

1. Protect yourself from diseases instead of treating them

Many diseases are the result of the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Diet and lifestyle are the key to reducing toxins and their adverse effects on the normal functions of the human body.

2. Get up with the rising sun!

The human body has a biological clock that works in accordance with the energies in the universe: the energy of the sun, moon and other planets.

Proper digestion and metabolism require energy that is influenced by the sun: so it is advisable to wake up between 6:30 and 7:00

3. Drink “morning” water!

Water is the main building block in the human body. It is the basis of all life processes:

  • Dissolves nutrients
  • Removes waste products
  • Ensures metabolism
  • Creates an environment in which all biochemical reactions take place

Drinking “morning” water helps to cleanse the body and stimulate various organs and systems.


4. Drink 500 ml to 1,200 ml of water every morning

The water temperature should not be lower than the body temperature, and should not exceed 45 degrees.

Take it in small sips, adhering to the rule that water should be “eaten” rather than drunk.

5. Never drink water during meals

Drinking water during meals interferes with the proper digestive process, as it disrupts the acid balance in the stomach.

Indigestion results in the formation of many biotoxins.
Drink water 1 hour before meals and 1 hour after meals. Never drink cold water!

6. Drink water divided into doses

Never drink more than 150 ml of water at a time.

Exceptions to this rule are allowed only in two cases:

  • The amount of “morning” water
  • The amount of water that is taken 1 hour after a meal

Remember that water is the main food for the body. When taken properly, the risk of toxins and subsequent health complaints is greatly reduced.


7. Drink water throughout the day

A diet that includes too much or not enough water is the cause of disorders in urination, defecation and sweating.

In a healthy person, the amount of water consumed should be in accordance with body weight and season.

8. Eat regularly

If you mostly eat cooked vegetables and plant products, you should eat more often and in smaller quantities.

If your diet is dominated by meat or protein-rich foods, the nutrition should be at longer intervals, but in slightly larger quantities.

9. Eat less

If you eat small to moderate amounts of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, you will maintain a proper metabolism by which the body does not retain toxins.

Large amounts of food often remain unprocessed and unbalance the body – both metabolically and energetically.

10. Eat at the right time

Dinner should always be before 20:00h.

If the last meal of the day is before this hour, proper and timely digestion is supported.

11. Eat the “right” food

If it is tailored to the needs of the body, food will help maintain balance in the body.

The opposite is also true – “wrong” food will upset this balance, causing a number of problems.

  • Fresh milk should not be consumed in the morning.
  • No fruit should be eaten in the evening.

An exception to the rule can be made for children under 4 years of age or very elderly people

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12. Eat cooked food

A combined diet is recommended, which includes both raw and cooked food, and the imbalance leads to disturbances in normal digestion.

Raw vegetables require a lot of energy to be processed, which makes them unsuitable food for certain times of the year.

A good time to eat raw vegetables is summer, while in winter the regime should include more meat and dairy products.

13. Combine different foods properly

Not all foods can be consumed at the same time.

For example, combinations of milk and fish or fresh milk and fruit are incompatible and lead to the formation of toxins in the body.

14. Always eat warm and fresh food

Whenever possible, you should strive to consume fresh and warm food.

Warm food is a source of less toxins as it is easier to digest.

15. Do not change your diet often

The modern way of life allows us to consume different types of food every day, which is not a good practice.

In order to function properly, the body needs to follow a certain order, so refrain from frequent and unnecessary changes in your food choices.

16. Be careful with alcohol

Alcohol consumption is permissible only for healthy people, and it is recommended to be up to 4 times a week in moderate and approximately equal amounts.

Excessive use or abuse of alcohol leads to the formation of bio toxins that cause serious health problems.

17. Keep your body clean

Brushing your teeth regularly, cleaning your tongue and body are some of the ways to detoxify every day.

Personal hygiene should be carried out only with natural products that do not add a toxic background to the body.

18. Exercise regularly

Physical activity helps to get rid of toxins and keep the body in good health and physical condition.

Regular exercise stimulates the normal functioning of various organs and systems, recharges and tones.

19. Respect the body’s natural urges

Under no circumstances you should suppress the natural urge to urinate or defecate, as this leads to the retention of toxins inside the body.

This rule applies at all ages and at all stages of life.

20. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is the time when the body has the maximum opportunity to clear all kinds of toxins.

Take enough time to sleep to allow your body to successfully cope with this vital task.

21. Think positive

Try to be open, compassionate and understanding to other people – this way you will keep your mind “clean”.

Before you go to sleep, try to calm your mind with good thoughts, so that the next day you wake up full of positive energy, with a “pure” mind and a clean body.

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Tips for removing toxins from the body

1. A day without water

You can choose one day of the week in which you do not drink water at all. A regimen that includes a day without water is very helpful for:

  • Weight loss
  • Improving metabolism
  • Correction of digestive disorders
  • Improving the functions of the excretory system

2. Sunbathe

Sunbathing is one of the ways to burn toxins in the body.

Exposure to direct sunlight should not exceed 20 minutes to avoid the side effects of solar radiation.

3. Steam bath and dry sauna

Using a dry sauna or steam bath helps the body expel toxins through the largest organ – the skin.

The two practices can be alternated routinely according to preferences and health status.

4. Laxative teas

Regular use of laxative teas helps the process of cleansing the body.

Herbal teas containing hay, triphala or castor oil that keep the colon free of toxins. It is also appropriate to use aloe crystals.

5. Different massages

Different types of massages support blood circulation and help get rid of toxins.

A qualified Ayurvedic therapist can help you choose the right oils for your body type.

6. Breathing exercises

Deep breathing is a very good method of opening the energy channels in the body that are blocked by toxins.

Daily practice of breathing exercises favors clearing the system.

Beneficial practices for long and full life

1. Take care of your head

Never wash your head with hot water! It is recommended that the water temperature be around 25 degrees.

Warmer water can adversely affect the normal functioning of the sensory organs: eyes, ears, nose and tongue.

2. Use natural cosmetics

Ayurvedic cosmetics are a good choice.

If you want to take care of your eye health, we recommend using “Ayurvedic Eye Liner” with honey once a week.

It helps to remove secretions from the eye and to clean the tear ducts.

3. Do not look directly at the sun or any other source of bright light

Such practices are detrimental to eyesight.

Pay special attention to the time you spend in front of the computer, as this can lead to serious eye damage.

4. Limit the use of shampoos and soaps

It is recommended to reduce the use of soap, shower gel or shampoo to no more than once a week.

Constant use of soaps removes fat from the skin, which leads to its damage.

5. Do gargle (mouthwash)

Gargling is a good practice for:

  • Cleaning the throat
  • Detoxification of the upper esophagus
  • Maintain healthy gums
  • Stimulating the brain
  • Stomach cleansing

It is recommended to gargle once a week, using salted warm water or special herbal mixtures, such as Jethamada.

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6. Oil massage or Ayangam Ayurvedic therapy

Abyangam is a therapy with different types of oil.

Regular use helps maintain proper body and mind function and good health.

7. Be careful with seasonal changes

Be adaptable to temperature changes and always dress appropriately for the season.

Learn to adapt your diet and daily rhythm of life to the objective dynamics in the world around you.

8. Eat at a normal pace – neither too slow nor too fast

Each of the three mandatory meals of the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner – should be placed within no more than 48 minutes.

Do not stay around the table too long so as not to be tempted to eat too much.

Also – do not take a bath after eating!

9. Do not sleep during the day

Never sleep during the day unless your work rhythm or a recommendation from a specialist requires it.

Your biological clock requires you to get up at sunrise, be active during the day and rest at night.

10. And other

Other useful practices according to Ayurveda are:

  • Do not take medicines without a doctor’s prescription.
  • Follow your doctor’s advice and follow his instructions.
  • Show patience and courage in every life situation.
  • Follow the moral precepts (dharma).
  • Try to help others.
  • Show understanding and respect for differences instead of condemning them.

These practices lay the best possible foundation for a harmonious life – with respect for your own body and mind.

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