Welcome for 10/15/20 or 25 days at Lucky Bansko Aparthotel for purifying the body, treatment, rejuvenation and embellishment.

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Dr. Mahesh and our Indian therapists will take care for your alternative treatment using only original products – over 30 kinds of oils and 120 environmentally therapeutic products


  •  Identification documents: ID card or passport
  •  Sneakers or comfortable shoes for gymnastics / yoga asanas
  •  Flip-flops
  •  Lightweight clothes for yoga and other activities at the hotel
  •  Everyday clothes made of natural materials
  •  A warm upper garment made of polar or wool
  •  Swimwear / Swimsuit
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Socks and underwear
  •  Toiletries
  •  Medications prescribed by your doctor
  •  An interesting book.


  • Treatments at The Ayurveda Clinic Bansko involve the application of various healing oils on the skin. Ideally, those should not be washed off completely so it is likely that your clothing might get stained. We recommend that you wear clothes made of fabrics that are easy to wash, for example organic cotton.
  • Wearing a bathrobe in the restaurant is not acceptable.
  • The hotel provides mats for the yoga classes.

Хотелът осигурява постелки за йога упражненията.

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За да разберете какво е Вашето здраве според Аюрведа, моля, попълнете теста.


To find out what your health is according to Ayurveda, please complete the test..

Чтобы выяснить, что ваше здоровье согласно Аюрведе, пожалуйста, заполните тест.