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Benefits of Ayurveda and the difference to the traditional western medicine

Benefits of Ayurveda and the difference to the traditional western medicine
[:bg]Аюрведа ползи спрямо западната медицина[:en]Ayurveda benefits to western medicine[:ru]Аюрведа пользуется западной медициной[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

What is Ayurveda medicine? 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine that appeared for the first time around 5000 years ago. It’s in fact some of world’s oldest health systems and it has a proven beneficial effect on many health problems.

Ayurveda benefits to western medicine | Ayurveda Bansko

It has helped many people achieve better physical and mental health and overcome some serious health problems. It’s a type of alternative medicine which is rooted in Hinduism and it includes different procedures, rasayana, massages for the whole body, aromatherapy and other healing methods.  

This medicine originated from ancient medical texts called Vedas part of the Vedic tradition. Its name literally translated from Sanskrit means “knowledge/science of life”. It’s a wide-scope medicine with many branches  that offers many healing therapies for all organ systems of the human body.

But Ayurveda’s beliefs were originally passed by word of mouth. Ayurveda believes that the human body’ s energy is ruled by constitutions that symbolizes the energy of Earth’s elements: vata which symbolizes air and space, pitta – water and fire, kapha –earth and water. These constitutions are also known as doshas and can be determined like life energies. Frail balance exists between these three doshas.

When this frail balance is disrupted and one of the doshas is decreased or increased our body becomes more vulnerable and it is attacked by different diseases. Every person has one dosha that is mainly expressed in their body,  mood and even personal character features are also influenced by their individual dosha. Most people have the characteristics of two doshas.

Ayurveda medicine’s treatment methods are popularized beyond India’s borders and spread around the whole world. Modern medicine utilizes some of Ayurveda’s healing therapies for one main reason – they are effective.

Comparison with Ayurvedic Medicine | Ayurveda Bansko

Let’s check the major differences between Ayurveda and the conventional medicine:

Completely natural

Ayurveda is based solely on natural therapeutic methods and one of the main purposes of Ayurveda is preventing the diseases from appearing in our body. Ayurveda medicine aims for disease prevention and fighting the symptoms of the development of a current disease. It follows the body’s natural cycles. Its healing therapies originate from India while these of the conventional medicine are influenced by the traditional medicine of countries like China and other countries.

Ayurveda uses mainly plant extracts in its herbal oils and medical products.  The natural medicines Ayurveda uses are non-invasive and don’t contain any toxins. They also can be taken safely in combination with other medicines.

Ayurveda therapies include the use of the healing properties of different kinds of plants like herbs, heavy metals (iron, lead, mercury, arsenic), minerals, specific gem stones, etc. This practice of using the medical properties of gem stones  is called Rasa shastra in Ayurveda. Herbal Ayurveda medicines are given in the form of tablets, oils, powders, teas and extracts. Ayurveda uses the healing power of plants like aloe vera, turmeric, ginger, garlic both in its medical therapies and diet plan.  

One important thing we should mention is that unlike the conventional medicine the use of heavy metal exctractions in Ayurveda requires the assistance of a certified Ayurveda doctor or therapist. Ayurveda’s main advantage over conventional medicine is that it has no side negative effects on our health.

Massage treatment

Unlike herbal medicine that doesn’t approve massages, Ayurveda medicine includes massages with herbal oils that focus on specific pressure points of the body. Ayurveda massages ease muscle tension, enhances to joint health and improves skin’s condition. In Ayurveda sesame oil for example is widely preferred in massage therapy.

Treatment and benefits from Ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

Positive influence on mental health

Contrary to the western medicine Ayurveda medicine includes guided meditation, yoga exercise and breathing exercises which has also a proven effect on the mind as they relax the nervous system. Ayurveda meditation techniques lead to a reduction in anxiety and stress symptoms and even helps patients with depression. Ayurveda medicine also has a positive effect on insomnia and its therapies lead to a healthy sleep.

Fights inflammation

Inflammation can be caused by many factors in our daily life: lack of sleep, unhealthy diet, digestive problems, even shallow breathing. In fact inflammation is a main condition for a disease to develop. Because Ayurveda’s treatment methods include herbal ingredients that contain many antioxidants they prevent inflammations from occurring. As a result we feel more energetic and vital throughout the day.

Adds to weight loss

It boosts the metabolism and thus helps us slim down. Because Ayurveda diet includes low-calorie foods that keep us feel full for a long time and probiotic-rich foods that enhances digestion it can help us lose weight. When followed regularly and in the right way Ayurveda diet helps us no only achieve good health and a slim body but also maintain it in the long run which conventional medicine cannot do.

Exercises and benefits from Ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

Improves heart health

Ayurveda therapies effectively fight high blood pressure and decrease the risk of getting a serious heart disease which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. For instance they prevent the thickening of artery walls and plaque accumulation. Ayurveda prevents heart diseases that conventional medicine fails to heal.

Healthy detox

In Ayurveda diet plays an important role for maintaining good health. Even if we are not suffering from a serious disease we can still reap some major health benefits from Ayurveda medicine. This ancient medicine offers a procedure called Panchakarma that cleanses our organism on the inside and removes all harmful toxins from the organs and the tissues.  

Ayurveda diet is also recommended to those people who want to achieve a successful detox in a safe and natural way. It includes natural plant-based foods that are easy to digest and satiate the body with essential nutrients for a long time.

Ayurveda diet includes a variety of vegetables, fruits and legumes that are rich sources of healthy fibres, vitamins and protein, natural herbs and spices, healthy plant fats, fermented foods rich in probiotics and also herbal teas and infusions. This natural detox improves our bodies’ good function and makes us more healthy and energetic.

Herbs and benefits from Ayurveda | Ayurveda Bansko

Individually prescribed methods

Another good thing about Ayurveda is the fact that it doesn’t offer one-size-fits-all healing methods unlike western medicine. When offering healing treatment to a patient Ayurveda doctors always take into consideration their individual dosha, their current overall condition and thеir diseases history. By doing this the doctors can find the most effective therapy to stop the root cause of a patient’s disease.

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