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Cured, fresh and active – find out how

Cured, fresh and active – find out how
[:bg]Аюрведа клиник Банско маслена терапия[:en]Ayurveda Clinique Bansko oil therapy[:ru]Аюрведическая клиника Банско маслотерапия[:]

It is no accident that Ayurveda heals all kinds of diseases. If a person sticks to Ayurveda’s principles, then they won’t suffer from premature aging and early death.

This is because Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old and it is not just a medicine, but it is a whole philosophical system about man’s place in nature, his communication with nature and his way of life.

The origin of this system is India, which is amongst the countries with the highest life expectancy.  In general, this system is all about a fullfilled healthy lifestyle. It includes both diet, work and rest schedule, techniques for a healthy mind, inner peace and calm.

The Ayurveda treatment is also natural and does not use chemical medicines. It includes the use of herbs, oils, thermal, laxative and other procedures that cleanse the body from the toxins. Amongst the 8 types of treatment there are also surgical techniques, medical treatment with poison antidotes, besides this the treatment of body diseases, children’s medical treatment, etc.

The Ayurveda methods – Purvakarma, Panchakarma are officially world-wide approved. The treatment course is prescribed by the Ayurvedic doctor strictly individually after the diagnostics of your overall condition, particular disease, its stage, etc. is made. Everything is carried out in an exactly set order under the control of the Ayurvedic doctor and therapist.

It is of vital importance that during the diagnostics, on the basis of the discovered energy disbalance, the Ayurvedic doctor can foresee an approaching disease. This helps with the prevention of the disease before it reaches its advanced stage.

A successful Ayurvedic treatment  in Bulgaria is done in Ayurveda Clinic in Bansko. The clinic already has traditions – it is the first Indian center in our country with a full detox with Purvakarma and Panchakarma. A part of the effect is rejuvenation and beautification.

The medical treatment courses in the clinic are mainly four. The 7-day course is for preventive maintenance – toxins and heavy metals cleanse or the symptoms treatment of a given disease. The 10-day and the 14-day period treatment are recommended for a considerably mild stage of a disease.

Аюрведа клиник Банско маслена процедура

For the treatment of more serious illnesses the 21-day healing course is recommended. And for diseases at an advanced stage a more prolonged healing period may be needed.

The staff in Ayurveda clinic Bansko consist of highly qualified Indian specialists. The Ayurveda doctor is licensed for Guru degree and has over 14 years of practical experience. He is specialized in phytotherapy and uses around 400 kinds of herbs. He personally selects the original Indian materials for the treatment. The therapysts have also rich experience – from 12 to 16 years.

Eating is very important in Ayurveda, it is like a ritual. And it is very much different from the eating on the go, which is a mass phenomenon amongst many of us. The food preparation have to be done with clear thoughts, and the clothes and the room have to be clean too.

Freshly prepared products have to be used and food has to be eaten up to 3 hours after the  preparation with care and relaxed mind. Besides, the food has to be tasty, otherwise it won’t be healthy. The food portions are 3 times per day.

This diet is combined with Purvacarma and Panchakarma for body cleanse. Purvakarma is a complex of external procedures – massages with oils and herbs, special saunas and other, which prepare the body for inner cleanse with the method Panchakarma.

This is combined with yoga. There are lectures about longitude with Ayurveda terms and individual consultations with the Ayurvedic doctor about how to take care of your health in the future.

Cure yourself with Aurveda, be fresh and active!


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