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Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda

Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda
Еликсирът шатавари в Аюрведа

Shatavari is a herb known under the name “Queen of Herbs”. It is one of the most powerful tools used for rejuvenation in Ayurvedic medicine.


It comes from India and is in the same family as the common garden asparagus Asparagus racemosus.  Shatavari has small, uniform pine needles. Blooms in white and produces black and purple fruits.


What has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, for its many medicinal benefits, is its root. The herb is especially known as adaptogen for women used for:

  • production of breast milk
  • Balancing female hormones
  • Menopausal symptoms and many other ailments


Shatavari is also known as a beauty tonic for women  known to support all stages of the female cycle, even preferred in cases of pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, menopause. But not only that. This super herb can nourish and soothe the nervous system in nervous disorders, dyspepsia and neuropathy.

Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda

Interesting studies from various health institutes have found that Shatavari:

  • Can prevent aging
  • increase longevity
  • Give immunity
  • improve the mental function, the energy of the person
  • restore the vitality of the body


It is also used in tumors, inflammation and hepatopathy. The herb has a special affinity for women’s health but is also very useful for men as it keeps sperm healthy.




More Benefits Of Shatavari For Men:


  • A rejuvenating tonic for the male reproductive system.
  • Increases reproductive fluids.
  • Maintains and increases the number of healthy sperm.
  • Helps reduce sexual problems in men.
  • Reduces inflammation in the male genitalia.
  • Helps correct impotence.


○ Natural Aphrodisiac



Shatavari has been used for centuries to increase the sexual vitality of men. Taken regularly, The herb increases and prolongs sexual arousal and erection. Many men who claim to have various sexual dysfunctions report persistent, positive effects with daily taking Shatavari.


Cases of impotence are dramatically reduced, and sexual health is improved by applying this potent herb to a person’s daily diet. It is traditionally known that the powerful herb raises Sattva, which is the positivity and healing power of the body. When the normal balance in this area is restored the love between the partners increases.

Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda


Men taking Shatavari will notice an increase in their sexual energy due to the herb’s ability to strengthen their genitals and reduce inflammation in their reproductive system. The positive effects on the body also flow into the soul, which can increase sexual energy in men. It is also known that this herb can increase testosterone


Shatavari acts naturally, without any distress and toxicity, to improve libido, vitality and enhance the erotic sensations experienced by men. In addition, Shatavari has been shown to increase sperm count. There’s nothing better than wanting to continue your lineage.


○ Shatavari meaning


The word comes from Amarcosh’s Sanskrit Dictionary – “Shaten avroniti iti”.

Shatavari’s roots are the reason for his name. Shatavari, in particular, comes from the word ‘Shat’, meaning ‘one hundred’, and ‘Avar’ – meaning ‘below’. Literally translated means “a plant with a hundred roots underground.” Shatavari also means * “one who cures innumerable diseases.” *


Other synonyms for the herb are “the woman with the 100 spouses” and Bahusuta,  which means “many children.” Let us emphasize that the plant maintains fertility in both women and men.

Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda


As mentioned in the first paragraph of this material, the botanical name for shatavari is “Asparagus racemosus”. “Racemosus” is derived from the Latin word “racemus” which means clump or heap, since it has roots.


The root is thought to make man more powerful and give more mental and emotional power. As a goddess, she also gives various health benefits to those who accept her.


○ Shatavari seems to have endless healing benefits. Here’s more:


  • Digestive Health – Shatavari contains many useful components such as isoflavones, vegetable glue and alkaloids that play a crucial role in digestion. It has been proven that thanks to components that have a cooling effect on the body, Shatavari soothes the acids in the stomach and helps to relieve the symptoms of colitis. People often take Shatavari in addition to their regular diet to soothe stomach ulcers, and in some cases complete cure has been reported.
  • Shatavari helps with fever by reducing inflammation throughout the body, which can lead to multiple autoimmune disorders. Therefore, regular intake helps to ensure a healthy and non-toxic body for a long time.
  • A natural antibiotic. Shatavari’s powerful healing properties have been proven. It can fight off dangerous diseases such as cholera, dysentery, E-coli and Staphyoloccus. By maintaining balanced healthy bacteria in the body, Shatavari helps strengthen the immune system so that the body can stand strong against bad, and sometimes life-threatening bacteria.

Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda


  • Stress relief. Shatavari gives a positive boost to the immune system, which helps to relieve the harmful effects of stress on the body. In addition, it helps to boost the mood that goes down in episodes of negative stress. People who are struggling with excessive stress in their work or other sources will notice increased ability and coping with it only after a short time of consuming this strong herb.
  • The analgesic properties of Shatavari come from its contents of saponin, triterpene and alkaloids. Studies show that these pain-relieving properties of the herb help to prevent and reduce the intensity of the headache. Instead of reaching for the pills every time there is tension in the head, you can easily cure it, or avoid it by adding 3-6 mg shatavari to your daily diet
  • Cancer prevention. People are often shocked to learn that this common herb can fight such a widespread disease as cancer. Shatavari, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, has repeatedly shown that it stops the frequency of tumors, which in turn prevents cancer.


Animal studies conclude that those who consume Shatavari regularly have a lower incidence of tumors and a lower cancer rate. This leads scientists to believe that people who take the herb regularly significantly reduce the risk of prostate cancer, as well as other cancers


Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda

○ Use of Shatavari


The Shatavari herb is sweet and bitter in taste. Its cooling properties help to balance the three doshas – Pita Dosha, Vata Dosha and Kafa Dosha.


Since ancient times, the root has been used as a reproductive tonic in Ayurveda for both men and women, but it seems to be mostly revered by women. It may be because they, from a young age, pay more attention to their health.


Shatavari is useful in every stage of a woman’s life:

  • Good to use during menstruation, as it helps relieve abdominal pain and cramps.
  • Supports good ovulation and fertility.
  • Provide uterine force and help after pregnancy while breastfeeding
  • Prevents heat waves.
  • Reduces irritability during menopause and thus helps women to easily go through the natural stages of life.


Additionally, the root helps in:


  • Acids in the stomach
  • Gastric disorder
  • Diarrhea
  • Urinary tract inflammation
  • Irritable bowel syndrome


Shatavari can be taken in the form of a powder, tablet, capsule or liquid extract, but generally taken in the form of root powder with warm water (tea) and honey. This increases the absorption and effect of the herb.

Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda

The usual dose is 4.5 to 8.5 ml or 1000 to 2 000 mg of dried root per day. You can find powder shatavari in organic stores or order it online.


○  Chatawara elixir recipe


  • 1 tsp shatavari powder
  • 1- 1 ½ cup almond milk, coconut milk or cow’s milk
  • 2 tsp melted butter
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp ginger powder
  • A pinch of freshly ground black pepper
  • A pinch of sea salt


Additional ingredients (optional):

  • 1 tsp med
  • ½ tsp Hibiscus powder
  • ½ tsp Rosehip dust
  • 2-3 tablespoons of protein powder


Elixir of Shavavari in Ayurveda

Preparation instructions

Combine all the ingredients, including the extra ingredients of your choice, in a blender.  Pass, until ingredients are fully blended. Then pour the mixture into a glass and enjoy.


Replace your daily tea or coffee with Shatavari Elixir for 2 weeks notice the results!


Side Effects


Anyone taking the herb carries certain risks The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States does not  regulate the dosage or instructions for this supplement.


You may not be allergic to Shatavari. Shortly after taking the supplement, a person with allergies may experience:


  • Difficulty breathing
  • Itchy skin or eyes
  • Rash or nettle fever
  • Pulse rate
  • Dizziness


If you experience any of these symptoms after taking shatavari, you should immediately seek medical help and stop taking the herb. Drink more water  whether you are allergic to or tolerated.

Shatavari is believed to have a diuretic effect that reduces the body’s ability to absorb sodium. This means that people taking the supplement may have a higher risk of dehydration. Anyone taking diuretic medicines should avoid shatavari.


The root can also cause low blood sugar. People taking medicines, including herbs, to lower blood sugar should refrain from taking shatavari.


With all this in mind, Shatavari is not a herb to ignore. She is a real gem for any woman of any age she keeps to herself. Add it to your daily ritual, in the company of your loved one!

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