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High body temperature

High body temperature
Болести - висока температура | Lucky Bansko

Types of fever with temperature

High temperature accompanies various diseases. Usually it includes intense pulse, loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, and often there is pain.

Diseases - high temperature | Ayurveda Bansko

In general, high temperature indicates that there is an inflammation in the body, where the organism is struggling with a disease process, for which the cause has to be determined in order the treatment to be prescribed. The inflammation, respectively, the temperature, may be a reaction of the organism to bacteria or viruses, but they may also be caused by accumulated toxins that have blocked the energy channels and have damaged different tissues, causing inflammations. They also may be a result of injuries or damages of cells and tissues due to freezing, burns, etc.

If the inflammation is acute and is not treated as it should be, it can become chronic. The viral infections may be local – for example, conjunctivitis, but they often affect the body systematically –  cough, runny nose, pain in the joints and muscles.

Regardless of what the disease is, the temperature has to be lowered quickly, and Ayurveda has effective means for that. The high temperature is most often associated with the increased energy Pitta /Dosha/. But it also may be caused by deviations in the other two doshas or by complex disturbances of the energy balance. In case of fever type Pitta, the temperature is constant and high, while in Vata, especially in the beginning, it changes from high to low and vice versa.

For the Kapha type, the temperature is relatively low. The fever of the Pitta type includes thirst, burning sensation, sweating, red eyes, the tongue often becomes yellowish, the urine is very yellow, possible diarrhea with bleeding, disturbed sleep. The emotional expression of this condition includes anxiety and irritability.

For the Vata type, the accompanying pain is usually stronger. The other manifestations are anxiety, constipation, stiffness and body pains, ringing in the ears.

The Kapha type is characterized by loss of appetite and taste, increased salivation, heaviness is often felt in the body, cold chills, cough and fatigue.

Lowering the temperature with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has numerous ways to lower the temperature with the help of herbs. They are used separately or combined, ensuring versatile effect for the organism.

Herbs for high temperature | Ayurveda Bansko

They act as natural antibiotics against the agents causing infections, releaving the inflammations. They soothe the nervous system and pain, also they stimulate the digestive fire and the appetite, activating the metabolism. Without side effects, if combined with proper nutrition, they boost the overall immunity. If the temperature is high, usually the appetite is greatly reduced, but if the patient is eating, at least the foods shouldn’t be heavy and oily. Mung bean, kitchari and rice are recommended.

To ease the condition of high fever, is very useful to drink teas of basil or ginger 3-5 times a day. Dry ginger with honey is applied for the Kapha type, sugar may be used for Pitta, and for Vata – with water or milk, as the water should be a tablespoon, and the ginger- quarter.

As liquids have to be drunk, fruit juices with herbs may be consumed, for example, grape juice. The grapes have a cooling effect, which is enhanced if you add to it some dill and cumin. Here we should mention that the liquids are required, but they shouldn’t be cold.

Another good combination is ginger, black pepper and long black pepper, as the combination is called Trikatu.

To lower the temperature, Ayurveda uses also natural diuretics such as tea of coriander, marshmallow, green mint, dill and others. In the early stages of the disease, laxatives shouldn’t be used, because the organism is weakened and this is contraindicated, but at a certain stage they should be included in order the cleansing of the organism to be activated.  

Natural cleansers are the aloe vera juice, bananas, plums and other. To lower the temperature, Ayurveda uses also cooling oils and compresses, as well as yoga.

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