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How Does Ayurveda Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis?

How Does Ayurveda Cure Rheumatoid Arthritis?
Ayurveda treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

People in industrial areas are more at risk of rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis affects the joints. The disease progresses, starting from the small joints and spreading to the big ones – fingers and legs, wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, ankles .

In addition to being a disease of the musculoskeletal system , rheumatoid arthritis can cause inflammation in the lungs, blood vessels, various internal organs. This leads to problems with breathing, blood supply, etc.

In fact, the types of arthritis are a hundred , with each type having specific peculiarities of distribution and consequences. Children, women, men can be affected by the various forms. According to studies done worldwide, the population suffering from rheumatoid arthritis is between half and one percent, with cases being more common in industrial areas.

The risk of the disease in women is nearly three times higher. It usually occurs between the ages of 35 and 50 , although symptoms can occur and develop at all ages. Most cases have pre-periods with different manifestations, which can last from weeks to one year:

  • fatigue
  • chills
  • fever
  • Easy fatigue
  • muscle pain
  • tendons
  • nervousness, etc.

The actual manifestation of the disease is joint swelling, redness, swelling, stiffness and tenderness , which is generally stronger in the early hours of the morning and on rising. This stiffness and soreness can completely immobilize the limbs. The development of the disease leads to severe deformities , visible curvature of the fingers, contraction of the elbows, without the hands can stretch.

The movement is also blocked by inflammatory lesions on the tissue of the surrounding muscles and tendons. In Western medicine, there is no clear consensus on the causes of arthritis and there is virtually no cure, only relief of symptoms . Some experts define it as autoimmune, others as inflammatory, others as combined. Used anti-inflammatory agents , additional analgesic, but the disease is not removed, but is held in a “silent” form. In contrast, Ayurveda has a clear strategy and methods for successfully treating the disease in its various forms. However, before commenting on how Ayurveda treats rheumatoid arthritis , it is necessary to outline the Ayurvedic view of the disease in order to understand why it is being done.

Ayurveda treatment of rheumatoid arthritis

How Ayurveda understands rheumatoid arthritis

Ayurveda has studied the forms of arthritis and has found ways to treat it naturally in ancient times. There are only two cases in which the disease is incurable even for Ayurveda.

For Ayurvedic patients,   rheumatoid arthritis, like all other diseases, is a matter of disturbed energy balance in the body – any of the three energies / doshi / comes out of the birth equilibrium, causing impaired function of different organs and systems, leading to diseases. .

The group of arthritic diseases in Sanskrit is called the Amavas . The idea is that ama (toxins formed in the body) is transmitted throughout the body by the moving energy of Vata and accumulates on the tissues as a sticky layer, including in the joints. Energy / Dosha / Vata performs all kinds of movements – from blood flow and nerve impulses to blinking.

In this case, blood circulation is essential – the toxins are spread through the blood through the body. When Vata is out of balance, it can even block the movement of the other two doshas – without it they are immobile and the organs and systems that govern it cannot function.

The toxins themselves are formed mainly by poor digestion, which is responsible for the second of the three energies in the body – Pita Dosha . This is the energy of transformations. When it is unbalanced and digestion is poor, the food is not completely degraded to be processed and digested, but to throw away the unnecessary and harmful. Thus, residual food residues remain in the intestines and poisons are released during rotting. Through the blood flow together with the useful nutrients , they are “distributed” in the body, metabolism is impaired, the nourishment of the cells is accompanied by “suffocation” of the poisons, the tissues are damaged.

Over time, the Ama layer becomes larger, in the case of rheumatoid arthritis, it is a build-up in the joints. And here we are touching on the complications that come from the disorders in the third Dosha – Kafa , which is about controlling the fluids in the body . Its “liquid” nature is close to that of Ama – wet, greasy, heavy, cold , and when Kafa is strengthened, instead of nourishing and supporting the joints, it can be mixed with Ama.

Thus, the occurrence and development of rheumatoid arthritis can be contributed by abnormalities in the three doshas . For the leading reason, the disease may be Vata, or Kafa, or Pita. Accurate recognition by an ayurvedic doctor is important, because the answer to the question is how ayurvedic treats rheumatoid arthritis .

Symptoms of types of rheumatoid arthritis according to Ayurveda

The wad type arthritis is accompanied by severe cutting pains in the rooms that are pulsating and “moving”. The pain is reduced by the warming of the sun, in a sauna, with different appliances .

It is enhanced by cold water, windy and rainy weather. The joints are hard, the movement is very difficult. In Vata type arthritis were prepared as strong deformations. The joints are cartilaginous and creaky , when touched they are cold, dry. The pain is mostly when moving. Joint problems are usually accompanied by other painful symptoms of unbalanced wat a – anxiety that leads to fear, insomnia and nervousness, gas, constipation, bloating, sometimes back pain.

Pita arthritis pain is acute and burning, more severe than other types. Inflammation of the joints causes redness of the skin, chills. The pain increases with warmth and subsides with cold and cold. The joints are swollen, painful even at rest, when touched they are warm. Pita’s sweating, diarrhea, and irritability also appear .

In Kafa-type arthritis , there is swelling in the joints and the area around them, as they become tight, feel cold and damp, and itch. The pain is severe and dull. The heat relieves it, and the cold intensifies it. Movement relieves the condition that is most painful in the morning and gradually decreases with movement. There are respiratory problems, increased secretion of mucous secretions, oily skin.

Ayurveda herbs for rheumatoid arthritis

General ayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis

Ayurveda cures rheumatoid arthritis by clearing toxins from the body and restoring the doshas to their balance. Purification is done using combined procedures of the two ancient Purvakarma and Panchakarma methods . Particularly important is colon cleansing. Procedures and natural remedies are used with a laxative and purifying effect . Energy is restored to their balance through diet and daily regimen, yoga poses, healing exercises, meditation.

The treatment is always individual – according to what the condition of the body, the presence of diseases, age, etc., as well as the type of arthritis. The personal approach makes the treatment very diverse, so that not all options can be enumerated, but only the basic ones.

The main difference in the treatment of different types of arthritis is in the diet and daily regimen as well as in the medicines used. It should be made clear that if the disease is caused by deviations in one or two doshas, ​​it is treated, but if on “all three” doshas , the disease is considered incurable, and if there is a combined inflammation of the joints of the limbs, waist and head .

Ayurveda treatment of types of rheumatoid arthritis

A Vata-type arthritis diet is used to soothe Vata – no digestible food, easily digestible, cold drinks and foods, including salads , should be avoided. Legumes, dried grains of corn and barley, potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants are not recommended .

Traditionally, resin and extract of the gugulu plant are used as medicine , with the forms and dosages to be determined by the Ayurvedic doctor . Gugulu has a multifaceted effect – anti-inflammatory, expels gases and has a laxative and detoxifying effect, and many others. In addition, it lubricates and rejuvenates the joints, relieves movement. 

There are different formulas for google, for balancing watts it is advisable to google yogaraj. Use of haritaki is also useful. Mahanarayan oil is also used to correct the imbalance in Vata. It contains 30 medicinal herbs , cooked for months, boil over low heat and add ingredients gradually. It is especially useful in arthritis, it is also used in rheumatism, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout , etc. This oil restores joint mobility and keeps them healthy. Apply to the affected joints, then wet warm up.

Pita Arthritis is a diet to soothe Pita. Spicy and hot foods, yogurt, spinach, tomatoes , etc. are eliminated . Used Kayshore Guggul and Sudarshan / also contains dozens of ingredients / hot water. Amalaki is especially useful.

Cold coconut or castor oil on affected joints is also recommended . A paste made with sandalwood water and dust , which is rubbed in diseased areas, has a soothing effect . In hot and inflamed joints, cooling compresses can be used to prevent inflammation and pain.

Kafa Arthritis uses a diet to balance Kafa – without cold drinks, such as avoiding dairy products. Punarnava Guggul, Bibitaki, etc. are recommended for this type .

If the patient does not know and cannot determine what type of rheumatoid arthritis he has, and for some reason cannot seek the help of an ayurvedic doctor, it is advisable to take a spoonful of trifal with half to one glass of warm water at night. Trifala is an effective treatment for all types of arthritis. In rheumatoid arthritis, the chavanprash supplement , which contains 50 herbs and minerals, has a very good healing effect .

Of course, the aforementioned is just a touch of the whole ayurvedic treatment of rheumatoid arthritis – in ayurvedic diets , procedures, medicines, for the purification, elimination of pain, etc. As mentioned, the full healing course is individual and is appointed by an Ayurvedic doctor .

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