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How does Ayurveda treat erectile dysfunction?

How does Ayurveda treat erectile dysfunction?
Causes of erectile dysfunction

Normal erection – an indicator of the overall condition of the organism 

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of the man to get an erection. If it is rare, and usually the sexual act is complete, there is no room for concern because there are a number of current physical and mental conditions that can affect male sexual excitement and lead to accidental sexual “weakness“. However, if the cases become more frequent, you should consult with a doctor.  

The final stage in the development of this problem is impotence – a permanent and complete inability to have an erection regardless of the circumstances. The difference between erectile dysfunction and impotence is small, and so in many medical sources the two are considered as identical.

Generally, the inability to have an erection occurs in men 40-50 years of age and the frequency increases in the next age range. Today, however, it is more and more common for younger men. In addition to causing a crisis in the relationship with the partner, this disease seriously undermines the self-confidence of the man, leads to self-blaming, anxiety, depressive states. All this affects his overall behavior, confuses his personal life, hinders his realization on a professional and social level. 

Causes of erectile dysfunction

How does Ayurveda treat erectile dysfunction?

Treatment is complex and can be related to various organs and systems in the body. So, in order to comment on Ayurveda‘s methods and healing remedies for erectile dysfunction, it is good to first outline the place of this disease in the Ayurvedic concepts. In ancient times, they have defined in their medicine the sexuality and reproductive abilities in a special direction – Vrishya Chikitsa. Thus, thousands of years of experience in this field has led to a full study of diseases (both in men and women) that lead to disturbances in sexuality, respectively reproduction, and effective means and treatments have been found

According to Ayurveda, good reproductive health (or full sexual activity in both men and women) affects the energy levels in the body. It is connected with nervous tissue, while sexual energy can activate creativity, influencing in a positive way the mental and spiritual activity. This increases the overall life energy.

The explanation is that for Ayurveda the organism is a unity of the three levels that are connected and interact with each other – physics, psyche, consciousness. Thus, when searching for the causes of erectile dysfunction and other similar reproductive problems, Ayurveda focuses on the physical, spiritual and mental beginnings.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

For Ayurveda, the causes of erectile dysfunction are three types: anatomical, psychological, and mental. As we have already mentioned, these three levels are interdependent and therefore cause are usually complex.

Physical causes can include penis or prostate diseases or various sex diseases; problems with the liver, heart and blood vessels /hardening of the penis is due to blood flow/; hormones or spinal disorders, stroke, cancers, and so on.

Physical diseases are usually caused by problems with digestion and metabolism. The use of alcohol or various medications such as antidepressants, smoking should be added here. 

At the emotional level, the cause may be a common high stress, especially in today’s tense times: financial problems, job insecurity, or mental overload with many and responsible tasks, too much commitment to career development, and so on. Also, it may be the low self-esteem of the man and the fear of “failure” or depressive states if sex attempts have been unsuccessful. The cause may also be in poor communication between partners.

All of this, of course, is also related to the way of thinking that can block sexual impulses. In general, Ayurveda associates erectile dysfunction with disorder of Vata dosha – the energy of movement that controls nerve impulses, muscle functions, blood circulation, and other functions in the body.  

Eating diet for erectile dysfunction

Ayurvedic diet for treatment of erectile dysfunction

When answering the question How does Ayurveda treat erectile dysfunction we can not miss to mention the diet. Nutrition is an integral part of Ayurveda’s treatment of diseases along with toxin cleansing procedures and the intake of herbs, spices, nutritional supplements, pouring with oils and massages, (in some cases, internal intake), yoga practices and meditation.

As already mentioned, the causes of erectile dysfunction may be different and are usually combined with disorders in different systems in the body. This in Ayurveda means that there may be disturbed balances in the three Doshas – Vata, the Pitta, which are responsible for digestion and metabolism, and Kapha, ​​controlling the fluids.

Therefore the Ayurveda specialist has to diagnose and determine what energy disturbances have occurred in the balance of the three Doshas. Then he will come up with a comprehensive healing plan that will also include a diet to balance the deviations of the Doshas. This diet may be aimed at balancing different Doshas, but, as already mentioned, erectile dysfunction is mostly associated with the imbalanced Vata. This means that the diet should be aimed at reducing this energy. 

What exactly is the diet and the overall plan depends on the specifics of the patient, since everyone has a unique organism. Yet, in general, we can say that the menu of men with potency problems should include garlic, onions, dairy products, crustaceans, mussels, figs, nuts, honey. The almond milk is also useful, which can be easily prepared at home.

A dozen cleaned almonds should be soaked in water and left for the night to soak and swell. In the morning, almonds, which have to be softer to touch, should be removed and rinsed well under running water. Then paste them with a blender with a glass of warm milk and add  a spoon of ghee. Add a spoonful of sugar (unrefined) and a pinch of nutmeg and saffron. It is drunk daily.

Another tasty and curative recipe is apple puree (freshly made) with a pinch of nutmeg and saffron sweetened with honey. Add ground cardamom – at the top of the spoon and rose water about a dozen drops. Consume it at every half an hour and one hour and a half or two after a meal. 

Healing remedies of Ayurveda for erectile dysfunction 

Ayurveda has numerous herbs and herbal combinations to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual function, improve fertility. They act complexly to solve various health problems that can lead to sexual weakness

For example, the Ashwagandha herb is popular in India with the name “stallion strength” – with it the quality of sperm improves, in addition to increasing potency, it also boosts immunity. It reduces stress, helps to normalize hormonal balance, energy balance, cleanses the body of toxins, affects  positively both the physical and mental health.

Another suitable herb for treating erectile dysfunction is Shatavari. It stabilizes reproduction in both men and women; improves blood circulation, calms the nervous system, improves digestion. 

The extract is in different forms – it can be a tincture, it can be a powder. Traditionally, it is combined with Asvaganda to enhance the overall supportive effect on the reproductive functions, immunity, activation of vital energy.

Another Ayurveda remedy against impotence is the extract from the plant Safed Musli. It is in powder or in capsules and activates erectile function, increases the number and mobility of sperm. In practice, this is like Viagra, but a plant based and with no side effects. 

Shilajit is another powerful Ayurvedic medicine to increase male power. With its dozens of ingredients – micro and macroelements, amino acids, vitamins, essential oils, and so on. this mountain resin acts as a biostimulator.

In addition to its beneficial effect on the men’s urinary system, shilajit helps restore tissue, it has anti-inflammatory, antitoxic effect, activates brain function and peripheral nerves, has positive effect iin case of general weakness, improves metabolism, heart activity, digestion. As it turns out, it has beneficial effect and can solve a number of problems that lead to sexual weakness. 

Yoga for erectile dysfunction

Yoga as part of the Ayurvedic treatment of erectile dysfunction

For the treatment of sexual problems, Ayurveda also uses various yoga practices. However, it should not be thought that yoga is just a pose and exercise, a kind of gymnastics. 

Yoga is a philosophy of self-knowledge and self-control at a physical, emotional and mental levels. It helps us to manage our body, balances the emotional stability, directs and clarifies consciousness, awakens the power of intellect and spirituality – Ojas.

Man achieves inner harmony, joy, confidence, spiritual peace. This very essence of Yoga is used by Ayurveda in the treatment. This really includes gymnastic exercises and poses, but also concentration, mediation, complete relaxation

It is beneficial both for the treatment of illnesses in general and specifically for the treatment of sexual weakness. The direct effect of enhancing sexual power is by relieving tension in organs in the pelvic area, improving the blood circulation in the area, strengthening the erection; enhancement of sensations during an intercourse. For example, Ustrasana position is very useful. It affects many organs, including the groin.

Also widely practiced are Cobra, Wide step, Triangular asana and others. In erectile dysfunction caused by high levels of stress, asanas and exercises are combined with meditation. 

At home, you can  also practice activating massages for the prostate and for the genital area. Warm ghee oil may be used. Apply slight circular movements in the prostate and pubis area. The slight massages from the anus up activate the bloodstream. Approximately 2.5 centimeters from the beginning of the penis to the base, there is a special energy point, the slight pressure of which also causes a stimulating effect. 

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