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Thyroid gland treatment with Ayurveda

Thyroid gland treatment with Ayurveda
Thyroid gland treatment with Ayurveda

Thyroid disorders are the conditions which effect the thyroid gland anatomically and its metabolic functions. The thyroid has important roles to regulate numerous metabolic processes throughout the body. Many harmones are regulated by it.

There are two kinds of thyroid conditions seen – Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
Treatment of thyroid gland


Symptoms that occur in hypothyroidism are tiredness, weight gain, cold intolerance, dry skin, puffiness of face, minimal sweating, depression, aches and body pain, muscle cramp and stiffness, constipation, hoarseness of voice, irregular menstruation cycle, recurrent infection, sluggish ness of body functions.


The clinical condition resulting from increase level of t3 and t4 and decreased level of tsh which indicates thyroid gland hyper activity.

Symptoms of hyper thyroid

Fever, anxiety, restlessness, weight loss, fatigue, sweating, heat intolerance, frequent bowl moments , hand tremors, nervousness, irritability,  Rapid heart rate, Frequent bowel movements, Palpitation, Excessive fatigue, Shallow respiration, Menstrual disturbances

Foods that trigger the hormones must be avoided, like meat alcohol, some dairy products, and salt

Thyroid can be correlated to some of the ayurvedic disease mentioned. Pitta is responsible for all the metabolic actions by the thyroid gland. While treating thyroid we should choose either the organ or the function depending on the problem. Location or function either the sthana or the dosha sthans wise it is in kapha sthana, Pandu (anaemia), shoth (swelling), grahani (ibs) etc..

According to ayurvedic the cause of this dysfunction is kapha and vata and pitta doshas – Rasa and medha dhatu, and sweda mala.

Ayurvedic nidan that can be correlated to hypothyroidism are symptoms related to kaphaj pandu symptoms ref (charak), guruta(heaviness), tandra, chardi(vomit), skin going pale, fainting, giddiness’s, tiredness, breathlesness, hoarseness of voice.

Vataj pandu symptoms

Dryness, redness of skin, fever, priking pain, shivering, constipation, dryness of mouth,

Kaphaja shota(swelling due to kapha)

  • Heaviness, steady, heavy sleep, reduced hunger, swelling.
  • Vataj shoth
  • Dry skin and pain full
  • Kosta gata vata
  • Constipation, gulma, arsha
  • Kaphaja grahani
  • Hrullas, chardi,arochak,kasa,pinas,daurbalya.

Medhavrutta vata

Painfull,heavy ,pain

Ama vata

Angamarda, aruchi, trushna, alasya, heaviness in body, jwar, apachan, swelling, pain in joints and swelling, agnimandya, kastaartav, hridgraha, constipation,


Pittaj pandu


Pittaja grahani

  • ajirna
  • amayukta mala
  • hrid kant dah
  • aruchi
  • thirst
  • jwara
  • Avaran  of pitta.
  • Hetu and samprapti

Thyroid disorder is caused by change in lifestyle, physical and mental stress.In thyroid kapha,pitta and vata dusti happens.

Treatment via Ayurveda chicitsa



  • Lifestyle and food habits should be corrected, try to avoid heavy foods and liquids.
  • Reason for agnimandya (like impaired digestion) and ajirna should be avoided.
  • Rasadhatu pachan should be done.
  • Leckhan chikitsa for medha should be done.
  • Swedan can be given.
  • Panchakarma like vaman ,virechan ,basti Head massage, Nasya, Udvartanam, Shirodhara are helpful.

Herbal drugs that can be given.

  • Varunadi kashay ,punarnavadi kashay,
  • Kanchanar guggul,manasmitra,
  • Musta,triphala guggul,saraswatha grutha,bruhat vat Chintamani, punarnvadi gugul are the main drugs used .

Hyperthyroidism medicine

Vidaryadi Kashaya, drakshadi Kashaya, kalyanak gritham, mahatiktaka gritham, praval pisti, ksirabala tailam, for hyper thyroidism


  • Add iodized salt for hypothyroid
  • Garlic, onion, trikatu, sigru(moringa),yava ,kullatha,kakamachi, for hypothyroidism.
  • Old rice,Barley,Moong dal, Bengal gram,Heavy food is to be avoided
  • It is found that coconut oil offers much help in hypothyroidism
  • Apathyam(diet to avoid) for hypothyroid
  • Curd, heavy food, nonveg in abundance, masha, day sleep.

For hyperthyroidism – Patya,(diet)

Old ghee, barley,mugda,sweet food, milk products,sweets,sugarcane.

Apathyam(wrong food)

Citrus prosucts,excesses spicy, salty, saur,alcohol, smoking .

Yoga for thyroid

Along with medicine yoga plays a important role in keeping the thyroid function in equilibrium.

  • Ujjani pranayama is effective
  • Sarvanga asan isone of the best yoga for thyroid
  • Ujjani acts on the throat area and is relaxing and stimulanting effects
  • Nadi shodan pranayama is useful in re balancing metabolism
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