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Treatment of abnormal breathing with Ayurveda

Treatment of abnormal breathing with Ayurveda
Проблеми с дихателните пътища

Treatment of disturbed breathing with Ayurveda

Respiratory problems and nutrition

Like all health problems, the disturbed breathing is caused by altered energy ratios. Each body has three vital energies called Doshas. Each one of them is responsible for the performance of certain part of the processes in the organism:

  • Vata Dosha is responsible for the movements;
  • Pitta Dosha is responsible for the transformations
  • And Kapha Dosha is responsible for the liquids and consolidation.  

These energies are set by Nature for every person at his birth in a unique proportion. This primordial condition of energy balance is called Prakruti. In this condition, all processes and functions of the organs and systems are working optimally and the body doesn‘t suffer from diseases because there is no foundation for them.  

When any of the energies goes out of balance, disorders of certain functions begin. When such a disturbance in the equilibrium occurs, the other two Doshas also undergo changes. Thus the problems become complex and diseases of different systems occur.

The abnormal breathing can be accelerated and shallow; possible difficulty when taking a breath; the exhalation may take more time than normally; some “whistling”, “rumbling“ of wheezing, cough; it can come as an attack or it can be chronic. In addition, however, there may be severe sweating, chest pain, swelling of the legs, which may be a symptom of cardiac problems.

The problems of the respiratory system are mainly associated with imbalance of Kapha – accumulation in the stomach, from which this energy of fluids “flows” into the trachea, lungs and bronchi. Thus, normal air movement is blocked by mucus.

Kapha‘s accumulation is caused by imbalance of Pitta – a weakened digestive fire, where the food is not digested properly, and the improper nutrition boosts Kapha.

On the other hand, the breathing, like all movements in the body, is directly related to the Vata energy. If the abnormal breathing is accompanied with dry cough, this is a symptom that an imbalance has also occurred in Vata.

By the way, this Dosha is the most susceptible to changes which are mainly caused by foods and the diet regimen that are inconsistent with its specifics. The other two energies depend on it, because their movement is accomplished thanks to Vata. Thus, the beginning of the imbalance may be provoked by every Dosha, and its basis is the poor nutrition.

Ayurveda herbs for breathing problems

The treatment

When the abnormal breathing occurs, the shortage of air is very painful and dangerous. When an attack begins, it is important to quickly relieve and restore the breathing.

Very effective is the Licorice tea with 5-10 drops of Maha Narayan Oil. It is a good idea to prepare the tea as soon as you feel the attack starting. A teaspoon have to be taken from the root, then it should be boiled for 2 minutes and consumed frequently in an intervals of 7-8 minutes. The duration of the effect lasts up to 3 days. If the patient doesn’t have a high blood pressure, he can drink the potion prophylactically.

The comprehensive Ayurveda treatment is complex after diagnosis made by the Ayurveda specialist and determination what imbalances have occured – which energy has to be increased and which should be reduced, because usually problems can be found in all doshas. This requires a certain diet and cleansing, combined with yoga practice, meditation and so on.

After healing, the patient has to eat certain foods and observe a diet regimen consistent with his predominant Dosha, otherwise the energy imbalance will occur again.

Generally speaking, the goal of the treatment is to be reduced the excessive amount of Kapha, returning it from the lungs back to the stomach, and the other two doshas will reach balance again. You have to be aware that the troubled breathing can be caused by allergies – from flowers, foods, animal fur, dust, and colds.

In the treatment are used different combinations of oils, herbs, potions.  Very effective, for example, is the combination of onion juice – less than half a cup, a teaspoon of honey and black pepper on the top of the teaspoon.

You can use a teaspoon of cinnamon and less than a half of teaspoon of trikatu which have to be boiled for ten minutes, and then honey have to be added. You have to consume it twice a day.  

Of the oils, for example, the mustard oil is suitable for chest massage.

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