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Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids with Ayurveda

Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids with Ayurveda
[:bg]Лечение на кървящи хемороиди[:en]Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids[:ru]Лечение кровотечения геморроем[:] | Ayurveda Bansko

Types of hemorrhoids and their causes

Hemorrhoids are caused by a Dysseal imbalance , and each of these three energies can contribute to the disorder. Usually this disease has a weak digestive fire in which food is not broken down well.

Treatment of bleeding hemorrhoids | Ayurveda Bansko

The disease is mainly associated with Vata’s equilibrium. In particular, it is Apana Vata , a subspecies of Vata, responsible for the movement and separation of urine, stools and sexual activity . If Apana Vata gets out of balance, unborn waste begins to accumulate in the body and varicose veins are formed in the colon. They may appear on the inside of the anal tract, and may be external – around the anus, subcutaneously located.

Internal may bleed sometimes, but usually do not cause pain. However, they can be increased by the pressure that causes the stools. If they are torn apart by this pressure, pain may also appear in addition to bleeding .

External hemorrhoids are painful, and blood clots are often found in the stomach, especially in constipation . Formations are like lumps that can easily be broken and blood drawn.

Hemorrhoids caused by Vata – imbalance are rough, hard, dark. They are painful and often accompanied by constipation. Haemorrhoids caused by Peta’s disbalance are reddish, inflamed and bleeding. Concomitant symptoms include fever and diarrhea.

If the hemorrhoids are caused by Khaf’s equilibrium, they are large, whitish, soft, with mucus. The disease may also be caused by a simultaneous increase in the three Dows, without the symptoms appearing all at once.

It is also possible that the pathological hemorrhoids are inherited. The disease is manifested with the same frequency in both sexes. There are, however, groups that are more often observed – overweight people, adults, or whose work is related to long standing standing or sitting without changing the same posture. It is desirable to avoid long sitting firmly .

Treatment with Ayurveda

Nabi Puranam therapy | Ayurveda Clinic Bansko

In the treatment of hemorrhoids , as in principle and for any disease, Ayurveda’s primary goal is to restore the energy balance that nature has put on the person. With recovery, the body re-starts to function optimally and becomes a system that self-regulates, self-purifies and develops . So there can be no basis for disease.

The restoration of the balance of the three energies in the body takes place in several combined ways. Nutrition is particularly important, digestive fire has to be optimized . For each Dossa, there are soothing and activating foods that are suitable and inappropriate – greasy or leaner, more spicy or more neutral, warm or lukewarm in consumption, etc.

Separately, the disease may require a more specific menu, as with hemorrhoids – this disease should avoid spicy and fatty foods, exclude coffee and alcohol.

According to the doctor’s established Doha and the established imbalances, he is appointed Ayurvedic diet . The physician will also assign a range of activities – physical, mental, rest, sleep. The designated diet and daily diet should become part of the lifestyle to restore and maintain the energy balance .

Different treatments are used in the treatment herbs and spices, as well as oils and ointments for direct hemorrhoid, laxative or cleansing ointments. This is again in line with Dosha and the removal of energy deviations.

Apart from the specialized regimens that the ayurvedic physician will appoint and which are personal to each patient, there are common rules. They must be respected by everyone, regardless of their specific energy balance.

Cereals | Ayurveda Bansko

It is important to have adequate intake of liquids – daily 8-10 cups, which are drunk less, without “pouring”. Food should also include fiber, be freshly prepared – consumed for up to 3 hours after it is cooked.

The menu should have leafy vegetables, peas, chickpeas. Suitable vegetables are carrots, radishes, spinach, sweet potatoes.

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