Face care

The face is compared to the radiance of the moon – it should shine bright, just like her.
In Ayurvedic practice, facial skin care can be done in two ways:

1. With a face mask
2. With facial massage oils

Below we describe the methods and products used to maintain smooth, radiant and healthy facial skin in Ayurveda.

аюрведична терапия

Ayurvedic face mask

Ayurvedic texts describe herbs called varnya, which are used only to improve the condition of facial skin.These are:





Indian sarsaparilla

Saffron and others.

The face mask is prepared with plain or rose water, milk or milk fat.

Conditions in which Ayurvedic face masks help

The powder of the above herbs is used to make face masks that help:

  • Prevention and treatment of acne
  • Very dry or very oily skin
  • Presence of pigmentation
  • Pale, thin and exhausted skin
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Different types of eczema
  • Common skin diseases that affect the skin of the face

Fresh herbal paste can also be used as a mask to rejuvenate facial skin.

Facial massage oils

Various oils or creams are used for facial massage.

They are combined with powders of medicinal plants, which are used for massage, exfoliation and peeling.

Powder massage also helps to improve blood circulation in the facial area.

Ayurvedic facial care products

Some of the most popular Indian and Ayurvedic products used for perfect facial skin are:

Product name
Eladi Churnam (mask)
Kunkumadi Tailam
Nalpamaradi Kera Thailam
Vranaropana Tailam
Kolakulathadi Churnam
Sataduta Ghrita
General application
Mask prepared in buttermilk oil, rose water or coconut oil; It is most commonly used for pigmentation problems associated with Eladi Churnam
For facial massage, which aims to improve skin tone
Oil used for facial massage
For the treatment of facial scars
Used as an exfoliant
For use as a cream in many dermatological conditions, e.g. sunburn

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