Skin care

The skin is the largest organ in the human body, and its condition speaks not only to the health of the body, but also to the health of the mind.

According to the Ayurvedic understanding, the skin helps to maintain a balance between the external natural world and the internal environment of the human body..

Through it, the three main types of energy can be balanced: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

аюрведична терапия

The connection between the skin and the balance of energies

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The structure of the skin is influenced by the energy Kapha, and its functional part can be affected by affecting the Pitta and Vata.

This means that the treatment performed through the skin is able to balance all three types of energy.

Understanding this relationship is important as it allows skin care to become a priority.

Skin care in Ayurveda

Anyone who wants to feel good and protect themselves from disease must first take care of their skin.
In Ayurveda, this is achieved through three main types of procedures:

Washing or bathing

Special skin treatment before and after bath

Abhyangam – oil massage

Below we will describe some of the most effective skin care procedures practiced in Ayurvedic medicine.

Ayurveda bath: warm water with special herbs

In Ayurveda, special bathing water is prepared using various herbs.
The most useful for the skin condition are:

  • Triphala
  • Musta
  • Nalpamaradi 
  • White sandalwood
  • Rose oil
  • Nimba
  • Haridra
  • Rakta Chandana
  • Khadira
  • Ushira 

Washing with such water is not only balancing, but also very useful for the treatment of various types of fungal infections.

Milk bath: bathing with milk

In order to be used for bathing and to be as useful as possible for the skin, the milk is prepared in a special way.

Various herbs are added to it, such as sandalwood, rose petals or bale.

People suffering from diseases related to unbalanced Pitta – hypersensitive skin, pimples, acne – can use this milk bath to protect the skin from damage after excessive exposure to sunlight or radiation.

Ayurvedic soap

Soap made from milk fat mixed with turmeric powder is considered the best for cleansing the skin.

Body washing can also be done with different types of powders that are used instead of soap.
These are, for example:

  • Mung bean powder
  • Powders of halo, turmeric or triphala
  • Special soil extract enriched with minerals

The most famous is the powder of triphala and Varnya Gana.

Аюрведични продукти

Another type of dry powder is prepared with Kottamchukkadi Churnam, which is used in the procedure known as Udvartanam.

Applying this powder stimulates the skin, helps remove toxins, has an exfoliating effect and improves complexion.

Products for body care before bath

There are different types of vegetable oils that can be used before the so-called “application bath“.

This action is known as Abhyangam and has many benefits for restoring health and balancing vital functions.

Skin care products after bath

Ayurveda uses various products to protect the skin from the cold during the harsh winter months and from the heat in the summer.

They have a strengthening effect and protect the skin in extreme conditions, which can cause a disease process in the body.

Below you will see a complete list of Ayurvedic skin care products, along with their application and benefits.

Product name
Eladi Churnam
Satadutha Ghritham (Laminate tubes)
Eladi Tailam
Eladi Kera Tailam
Champarutyadi Kera Tailam
Jatyadi Kera Tailam
Triphaladi Tailam
Nalpamaradi Kera Tailam
Pamanthaka Tailam
Valiya Lakshadi Tailam
Lakshadi Kera Tailam
Vajraka Tailam
Vranaropana Tailam
Nimbaharidadi Churnam
Nimbapataradi Churnam
Triphala Churnam
Kolkulathadi Churnam
Jivantyadi Yamakam
Massage powder for cleansing the body
Ointment for application on dry skin after a bath
Oil used to improve skin tone
Oil used to improve the condition of the skin; keeps it soft and moist
Body itching oil; good action in conditions such as jaundice and hepatitis
Oil suitable for application on cracked skin, ulcers and wound dressings
Massage oil of people of energy type Pitta
Massage oil for people of energy type Kapha
After bath oil to retain moisture. All types of eczema are treated by applying this oil
Oil used for cellulite massage
Oil used for cellulite massage
Oil used for cellulite massage
Used to treat skin scars
Powder used in skin diseases, e.g. eczema
Powder used in skin diseases, e.g. eczema
Powder used to cleanse the body during treatment with Udvartanam
Powder used to cleanse the body during treatment with Udvartanam
Massage oil for chapped lips, feet and palms

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